Smut for the Amazing Kyuu~
vampireiggy submitted:

“Will you just hold still for a moment?!” Britannia complained, on top of Arthur, his hands holding both of Arthur’s wrists on the ground as the vampire struggled underneath him. After a few more struggles, Arthur finally gave up.


“What is it you want from me?” he asked, clearly annoyed by the fact the other was on top of him. At this question, Britannia only smirked before making a kissy face to Arthur, eliciting a blush from the vampire beneath him.


“An anon said you weren’t allowed to drink blood until you’ve had sex, wasn’t it? I’m only trying to help you out, my little vampire,” Britannia taunted. Arthur didn’t believe him. If anything, Britannia was only trying to prevent Arthur from having sex with anyone by staying on top of him, wanting to see Arthur suffer hunger pains, or that’s how it played out in Arthur’s mind anyways. He could never really understand the angel’s motives for anything.


“If you want to help me so badly, then why don’t you already shag me, or let me shag you, so we can be on with our lives,” Arthur said in irritation. Britannia chuckled.


“I’m offended that you don’t want draw this out longer. After all, you were so eager to kiss me before.” Britannia moved both of Arthur’s wrists up over his head, trapping both of the vampire’s wrists in one hand, as the other lazily dragged down to Arthur’s shirt, acting as if he would unbutton and open it to get started already, but just run it over the buttons, hardly doing anything to take it off.


“I-I wasn’t eager! I only kissed you because-!” Arthur cut himself off there, trying to think of a reason. Could he say that he kissed the other because the other looked like he wanted a kiss? But they already had that argument before… It wasn’t the total truth either, considering that he wanted to try kissing the angel once.


“Because?” Britannia repeated, wanting to know what Arthur was going to say, his lips having a bit of a wider smirk on them.


“Because nothing… Just hurry up already,” Arthur complained, though Britannia made no move to do anything.


“I want to know what you were going to say, vampire.”


“I told you before, it was because you were making a face like that…” Arthur grumbled out. “Now hurry up and just start,” he demanded of the other.


“Tsk tsk. Are you really so eager to have sex with me?” Britannia taunted again.


“And if I said I was?” Arthur challenged, trying to get rid of the other’s cocky attitude, but his challenge was faced with a wider smirk from Britannia.


“Then I suppose I should give you what you want~”  Britannia said, and without a moment to spare, quickly started to take off the vampire’s top.


“W-Wait!” Arthur found himself protesting, as if he didn’t want it to go so quickly.


“You don’t really want me to wait, do you, Vampire,” Britannia murmured, getting Arthur’s shirt off enough to start licking and sucking at Arthur’s neck, making the vampire squirm lightly underneath him, his face flushing lightly.


“All I’ve done is at your neck, and you’re already like this? This is going to be one of the fastest shags I’ve ever had,” Britannia taunted.


Arthur fell for the taunt, flipping them over so that Arthur was on top of Britannia. “I’ll show you. I’ll last for longer than you, even,” Arthur challenged once more.


“Oh really. I’d like to see you try, little vampire.” With that, Britannia slipped a hand into Arthur’s shirt, rubbing his chest, making Arthur unconsciously arch in the other’s touch. The vampire cursed the angel, before starting to kiss, nip, and suck on Britannia’s neck, as Britannia did to him.


“Is that really all you can do?” Britannia teased. To this, Arthur bit down hard, making Britannia curse in pain as he felt blood fall in little streaks down his neck.


“Isn’t patience a virtue, Angel?” Arthur teased before lapping up at the blood, his arm moving to Britannia’s legs, stroking the other’s thigh lightly, steadily moving his hand towards the other’s inner thigh.


“You forget that I’m not like the stereotype of angels,” Britannia reminded. “There’s a reason I’m doing this with you, when other angels would turn a blind eye to your predicament.” Britannia somewhat arched when Arthur teased his inner thighs, and it didn’t escape Arthur’s notice.


“Yes, an angel doing something like this with a demonic being. God must be so angry with you,” he murmured against the other’s neck, knowing full well that Britannia was already doing this sort of stuff with Fay.


Arthur’s nips and sucks trailed down to the other’s collarbone, then to his chest, easily pushing aside the angelic robe the other wore with his free hand, looking up at the other to see his expression as he took one of Britannia’s nipples in his mouth and started to lightly bite around it. Britannia met his look with one that said ‘You really are inexperienced’, even if a light flush was on his face. It quickly changed, however, as Arthur’s hand snaked its way between Britannia’s legs, lightly palming and rubbing there, making Britannia flush a bit more and turn his head aside as if to keep a small moan from escaping his throat, and keep Arthur from having a full satisfaction with his reaction.


Arthur started to rub a bit harder there, groping lightly and fondling here and there, anything to get Britannia’s cock up before his own, though Britannia was hardly one to let the other do as he pleased like this. Britannia’s knee went up to Arthur’s juncture, rubbing his knee lightly there. Arthur couldn’t hold back a small moan, dipping his head down as if to muffle it just a bit from the other’s hearing. Britannia smirked at this, continuing to use small movements of his leg to start driving Arthur insane, while Arthur made jerky hand movements against the other’s juncture.


Soon enough, Britannia could feel Arthur become hard from his rubs and stopped, earning himself a small whine from the vampire.


“You’re too easy,” the angel taunted as Arthur stopped rubbing and palming the other, his face mostly flushed.


“Shut up,” Arthur countered, moving up to the other’s eye level. Britannia smirked, before pecking Arthur’s lips to taunt him, and once again, Arthur took the bait.


It suddenly became a blur as clothes were ripped off, touches, nips, kisses, and sucks were exchanged on skin, touched this way by only those who had such privilege to see underneath the cloth of the two. The two would try to assert dominance on each other, everything from rolling each other over, to placing touches as certain places to show who wanted dominance, and their favorite one playing fairly, open mouth kisses. Their tongues would push and try to dance around each other, each trying to get into the other’s mouth, their eyes half lidded from lust, their bodies moving to get the upper hand on the other.


Soon enough, their kiss was broken from other teases, ones that had the other too busy moaning to even keep track of the kisses, and it wasn’t until Arthur found himself bowed before the other, rear up, and Britannia’s touches more bruising than before that Arthur’s mind cleared a bit, going back to their dominance issue, figuring out what was going to happen if they stay in this position.


“Who died and made you automatically the one who penetrates?”


“You’re the one who needs the sex, and I’m the one able to conjure up the lube,” Britannia countered, holding his wand up to do such, but not actually making either one lubed until the vampire knew who was going to play bottom and who was going to be top.


“Does that mean I can go in dry?” Arthur teased, knowing the other wouldn’t allow him to top and lube himself up.


“Very funny, now move closer, or else I’ll be the one going in dry,” Britannia said, his voice threatening.


Arthur rolled his eyes, as if to act like he still had some sort of control over the situation, but nonetheless, moved closer to the other, exposing himself to the other and waiting for Britannia to finish his little spell. He then felt a thin stream of liquid slide down his leg once Britannia finished the spell, and knew he had been slicked up by the magic, a bit too much by the way the lube was sliding out.


“Being generous, Britannia?” Arthur teased, though he couldn’t help feel uncomfortable by this feeling.


“Of course. If I hurt you too much and make you bleed, you’ll take it as an excuse to take my blood. I’d rather not have that, Vampire,” Britannia retorted, wasting no time as he put one finger in, then two, scissoring the hole, and easily stretching Arthur.


Arthur had made no sound through the first part of the prepping stage, almost unable to feel the other’s fingers slide in due to the amount of lube in him, though he bit his lip a bit as the other started to scissor inside him after the second finger. Soon enough, though, Britannia entered a third finger, spreading them out just a bit, but mostly rubbing the vampire’s walls, curling them a bit for the drag to be more easily felt, and to this, Arthur sighed and moaned lightly, his face buried in his arms to try to keep the sounds from straying too far from his mouth, and to Britannia’s ears. Of course, it didn’t work, and Britannia continued to tease him like this, bending over the other’s back in order to whisper in the vampire’s ear.


“Beg for me to take you.” He said, the smirk evident even in his voice.


Arthur didn’t want to beg. But what could he do? The other teased him relentlessly, and he wanted more, craved more, needed more.


“Please, Britannia…” He found himself whispering, his face red in embarrassment and want.


“Please what?”


“Don’t ask me to completely- ah!” Arthur was cut off, a shudder running through him as the other thrust his fingers in and out, faster and harder.


“I asked you to beg for me.” Britannia whispered once again in Arthur’s red ear, biting it lightly at the top. Arthur tried to bite back his moans and send a glare Britannia’s way, but his look didn’t hold much, considering how turned on he was. Still, Arthur didn’t say a thing, and Britannia didn’t want to waste too much time on that.


“You’ll be begging soon enough.” Britannia warned, bringing his fingers out and quickly replacing them with his cock, making Arthur cry out just a bit, since Britannia wasn’t waiting.


“W-Wait! Hurts!” he shouted at the other, trying to move his hips away from the other, though Britannia had a tight hold on them, moving himself deeper into the other. Arthur couldn’t relax at this, tightening himself around the other subconsciously, making it hurt even more.


“Stop!” Arthur commanded, though nothing was breaking, only stretching, the lube and prepping beforehand helping quite a lot to keep any skin from breaking, even if Arthur did tighten around the other.


“You won’t be saying that in a little while. Now relax, else this will be more painful than it has to be,” Britannia said, pushing himself all the way in and stopping a bit for Arthur to relax. After all, being in such a tight space didn’t exactly feel the best, considering it felt like he was just being constricted at this point.


“E-Easier said than done, thanks to you!” Arthur spat out at the other at the comment for relaxing. He was infuriated with the other, tightening just a bit more to make it uncomfortable for the angel, eliciting a grunt from said angel, before Arthur took a deep breath, knowing the other was right.


“That’s a good vampire~” Britannia teased after Arthur started taking deep breaths to relax, as if Arthur was some sort of pet being obedient for him.


“Shut it. It’s in both our best interests if I’m not tight, after all, it hurts you as much as it hurts me. I’m just being reasonable in the fact that I don’t want feel pain through this ordeal,” Arthur countered.


“You know that I’m just right about it. Don’t try to cover your actions with an obvious lie,” Britannia said, feeling the other looser around him and pulling out a bit, before pushing back in.


“I’m not ly-Ah!” Arthur was cut off with a small moan, his face heating again as the other continued this slow pace. His eyes closed, heightening his sense of touch as he let out small mewls and sighs of pleasure.


“You’re already enjoying this too much,” Britannia tched, before quickening his pace, letting out small groans, his body flushing a light red as his eyelids dropped to half lidded, Britannia concentrating mostly on his thrusts, making them faster and deeper in the other to get the most friction he could from the other.


At the quickened pace, Arthur’s arms that had been keeping him up on all fours shook. His back arched, keeping his ass in the air as the other thrust into him, and his upper body down, his face burying into his forearms that were now on the ground, his fingers curling to small fists, as if the feeling of nails digging lightly into his palms would keep him from loosing grasp with reality. His mouth open in an ‘o’ shape, as he let out louder moans, more drawn out than the small ones he had given before, staying like that, as the moans became continuous.


Arthur rocked his hips in time with the other’s thrusts, making the other go deeper. Britannia chuckled at the other’s help, and Arthur couldn’t help feel as if he was doing something really worth laughing about. He stopped with a bite of his lips, feeling completely embarrassed, keeping his moans quiet in his throat from his embarrassment


At Arthur’s stop, Britannia frowned, before somewhat taking matters into his own hands of pulling and pushing the other’s hips, the motion that Arthur was rocking his hips, sending a silent message of ‘Why did you stop?’. Of course, Arthur got the message but didn’t respond verbally, his body heating up in embarrassment answering for him, before he started rocking his hips a bit again, allowing moans to pass through once more.


Arthur’s embarrassment passed quickly as grunts, moans, groans, cries, and gasps filled the room, much louder than before, and somehow in the heat of passion, Arthur had been flipped over on his back, his arms around the angel’s neck as Britannia thrust into him. He had pulled the other down for a kiss, which quickly became open mouth and sloppy between them, moans pouring out of their own mouths into the other’s, heavy breaths passed between them, their tongues distractedly dancing with one another, their eyes half lidded or shut to focus more on their senses, both of them feeling a tightening in their stomachs, a need for more of each other, an urge to go faster, harder, to do anything but stop.


Of the two of them, Arthur was the first to cum with a cry, shooting cum upwards to Britannia’s chest, gravity bringing it back down onto Arthur’s torso, spots here and there. His orgasm caused him to tighten around the angel’s cock, Britannia giving a few more thrusts as Arthur started to pant and come down from his orgasm, before coming deep in the vampire, making Arthur let out a small noise from how weird it felt.


Britannia soon pulled out, and the two were exhausted after such an activity. Britannia lied on top of Arthur, having the sticky cum squelch against their torsos for a moment, before Arthur murmured something about cleaning themselves up a bit. Not wanting to really get up, Britannia conjured up his wand, saying a quick spell in an irritated tone to clean the cum away.


“Now stop talking. It doesn’t suit you when your voice is so hoarse from your moans and cries. I didn’t realize you were so loud,” Britannia teased in a tired tone, making Arthur’s face heat up.


“I-It’s because of the magic anon! I swear!” Arthur countered in a hoarse voice, though Britannia pulled back to show a smirk.


“I know what you’re thinking, and it’s not that. You’re hardly good at this sort of thing. It’s completely the magic anon’s fault that I was… so loud. Just go to sleep, stupid angel,” Arthur said, to try to halt the conversation.


“I wasn’t the one stupid enough to get caught by a greyface~” Britannia countered, rolling on his side next to Arthur, yawning and soon letting sleep overtake him, curling himself up, and covering himself with his wings.


“But you were stupid enough to volunteer yourself,” Arthur countered once more in a whisper, long after Britannia had fallen asleep. He curled up a bit next to the angel, using the other’s wing as a blanket for himself, and for a bit of cover, before falling asleep as well, knowing full well that the next day, they would both pretend as if this never happened, and go their separate ways once more.