My sister set a keyboard shortcut so that each time I typed “Sherlock” it autocorrected me to “TROLOLOLO”. It took three accidental googlings of “TROLOLOLO wiki” for me to realise.

I have now set a keyboard shortcut that changes Vy’s name to “cuntmuffin”.

I love my sister.

“You know, if there really are some Klainers rejoicing that Max might not come back, that means they feel threatened by our ship. They’re glad to possibly not have competition. This disproves their whole ‘it’s neva gonna happen’ thing.”

Today my sibling Vy is participating in Day Of Silence. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still find it very imperative that I know exactly what she’s talking about. She was trying to communicate “U jelly” to me, but for the jelly part, she made weird grabby hands. This is me trying to get her to show me how grabby hands means jelly.

Also you should watch because she’s adorbs. And because she does this weird ass grudge thing at the end idk