Women of Sherlock

teaandtags just completed a nice series of photosets featuring the women of Sherlock. Rather than choosing a favorite and just reblogging one, I’m going to link you to all of them.

  1. Irene Adler
  2. Molly Hooper
  3. Mrs. Hudson
  4. Sally Donovan
  5. Anthea
  6. Sarah Sawyer
  7. Kitty Riley
  8. Dr. Stapleton
  9. Soo Lin Yao
  10. Amanda
  11. Miss Wenceslas
  12. Miscellaneous, Part I
  13. Miscellaneous, Part II

chharliedayarchive  asked:

Why do you feel the need to make an entire blog (on tumblr, nonetheless, which is known to be very accepting of the queer community) dedicated to hating on the trans* community? If you absolutely must be a horrible bigot, keep it to yourself, live and let live. We don't want to hear about it. Not only that, it's called transPHOBIA for a reason. You're only going to get hate for creating this blog, and rightly so.

Yeah, tumblr, so accepting of the “queers” but fuck you if you’re an actual homosexual and/or female. I’ll leave tumblr trans alone when they stop imposing their woman hating, homophobia, and general mental illness on others.