so i’ve been sliding steadily further into hq!! hell, as you do, and found not alone by saigennaku and needed to try drawing out this scene because it’s absolutely amazing. (and kageyama with tattoos?? yes please)


Happy Birthday Charles Laughton 1st July 1899 - 15th December 1962

Rembrandt is his great part, his matriculation; full of the intimate moments that test an actor’s integrity to the highest…probably the finest acting performance ever recorded on celluloid. - C A Lejeune

Charles was both inteligent and gifted, with an instinctive genius for acting. - Jean Renoir

Apart from ‘Ambersons’, the most exciting experience I have had in the cinema was with Charles Laughton on 'Night of the Hunter’…every day I considered something new about light, that incredible thing that can’t be described. Of the directors I’ve worked with, only two ever understood it, Orson Welles and Charles Laughton. - Stanley Cortez

I have become a teller of stories. I would like to become the man who knows all the stories…When I go into a good book-store or library, I often feel sad when I see the shelves of books that I will never be able to enjoy. I think of all the wonderful tales I will never know, and I wish I could live to be a thousand years old. - Charles Laughton


okay so it was author’s appreciation day and lot of ppl were kinda bummed about it so I had an idea!! 

List below fics  you think are underrated and deserve a little bit of love :))

I’ll start:

Across Time and Space by ciitadel (it’s really interesting)

A Spot Of Tea by poppicok (so good, you guys don’t get it what a plot)

Smoke & Mirrors by  creeshtar (alya knows!) 

Chocolate Cake &  Birthday Cake by burningbaconwrites (so fluffy!)

Gasoline and The Innocent by Lyoko_Native (dark but so good)

also you could check out one of mines, just saying (?) LilaacStars on AO3 ;)

it’s not the color i came in series by nezstorm | bxdcubes

Stiles is a bit of an anomaly among the Omegas he knows, or everyone on the spectrum really.

For him, heats are about comfort and safety, and not at all about sex.

[do you have any idea how much I love it when people explore different possibilities and variations of a/b/o tropes? this is omegaverse steter au, with ace omega stiles. you should go read it here. it’s adorable, it’s heartwarming, it has healthy relationship building and families of choice. it’s absolutely wonderful, and it never fails to make me smile.]  

be my dar(jee)ling by takeitbacktothestars (M, 5k)

‘You alright there? Need any help?’ someone from behind him says, and Derek startles badly from where he’s been judging the tea (Cardamom with ginger for Sherlock Holmes? And almonds for Jack Harkness? Really?). The person laughs when he knocks over a few tins, and Derek knows that laugh. Sure enough, he looks up as he puts Moriartea back on the shelf and it’s Stiles fucking Stilinski, #24 on the lacrosse team and captain of Derek’s heart since he dropped Cora off at a game once, the cutest, hottest thing on the planet since – since – since ever, if Derek’s honest with himself.


A tea shop AU in which Derek is an editor, Stiles works in a tea shop, both are dumb, and there is tea.

tea-diva  asked:

Would it be possible for an update of the abominable snowman Stiles tag?

its become a tiny bit more popular. but not a lot D:

abominable snowman stiles

It’s a Seasonal Thing by Onlymystory (6/6 | 8,783 | PG13)

Okay, so Stiles lied about the whole abominable snowman alter-ego. But he didn’t lie about the seasonal part. Stiles could have kept his secret too. Until he had to go and become best friends with Derek Hale. And well, cats might be curious and all, but they’ve got nothing on a werewolf.

Cold Natured by BeniMaiko (1/1 | 3,939 | NC17)

Stiles is a Yeti. Just pure fluff.

Cunning Hats and Other Knit Goods by BeniMaiko (1/1 | 2,285 | NC17)

Knitting is very important to Yeti.

This Is Halloween by Swing Set in December (1/1 | 4,557 | G)

In this town, don’t we love it now?

Young & Beautiful - Velvetoscar

Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.

Sad/Ambiguous Endings Fic List

+more fics

if you’re a hedgehog!kaner fan, you should go read altri-ucelli’s new k/t fic - find out what it means to me !

dean/cas fic rec: coffee shop AU

Oh, look, one my favourite tropes ever. There are so many coffee shop AUs out there, I wish I could read them all, really. Here are a few that I really like!

An Exercise In ‘Worthless’ by beastofthesky || rated M, 27k

tags/warnings: tattooed Dean

“I mean, you’re–” He gestures at Cas, in his neat oxford shirt and nice pants. “–and I’m a high school dropout who tattoos for a living.”

Wherein Dean makes a hefty living as a tattoo artist who owns the space next to Gabriel’s cafe. Sam attends the local university. When Gabe’s cousin comes to live with him while starting grad school at Sam’s university, Dean thinks for sure that all his negative karma’s coming to bite him in the ass because Cas clearly has a thing for Sam. No one would ever choose him over Sam. That’s just logic.

Benny Doesn’t Partake In Audience Participation by Niitza || rated T, 2.5k

tags/warnings: none, really

In which Benny owns a coffee shop and has a pie addict as well as a weirdo in a trench-coat among his regulars.

Christmas, Coffee and Kisses. by Deanial || rated G, 4k

tags/warnings: Christmas-themed

Castiel Novak is painfully oblivious to every Christmas tradition, but he’s even more oblivious of the effect he’s having on Starbucks’ latest customer.

Coffee & Donuts by betty days (sadrobots) || rated M, 11k

tags/warnings: tattooed Cas, hipster Cas, some angst

“It’s not competition, Sam. That place sells overpriced coffee and tea, and calls it something fancy to justify the price. And they probably serve shitty, gluten-free, vegan-happy pastries that taste like sod, too. We sell doughnuts. That’s all there is to it.”

But that wasn’t all there was to it.


Wherein Dean and Sam Winchester inherit their father’s donut shop, some tattooed hipster named Cas opens up a coffee joint across the street, and chaos ensues in the form of too many pastry-related puns.

Coffeeshop au by Anythingtoasted and outpastthemoat || rated G, 7k

tags/warnings: angst, pining

It starts over coffee.

Easy Now, With My Heart by casfallsinlove || rated E, 50k

tags/warnings: teacher Dean, writer Cas, smut

Dean Winchester is a kindergarten teacher. Castiel Milton is a writer slash works-in-a-coffee-shop. He also happens to be the extremely hot one-night stand that Dean never intended to see again other than in his own fantasies (he’s classy like that). But suddenly Cas is everywhere and Dean is convinced that Fate is out to get him. And maybe they do this thing backwards, but that doesn’t have to mean they can’t make it in the end, right?

Grounds Hero by lastknownwriter || rated G, 3k

tags/warnings: FLUFF

In which the only thing Dean Winchester is in love with is a good cup of coffee and a cheese Danish…until it’s totally not.

I Like You (Like Me) by Carmexgirl || rated E, 11k

tags/warnings: sick Cas, misunderstandings, also: Cas loves tea!

Dean’s the owner of his own pretty successful coffee shop, and he’s absolutely, totally not in love with the hot accountant guy who comes in every day. He’s way out of his league. Isn’t he?

Rude by teacass || rated T, 4.5k

tags/warnings: misunderstandings, very brief mention of Dean/Lisa, also uhhh this one’s mine? I feel a bit weird putting it here but it’s my most popular fic so I think people like it :)

Dean can manage rude customers, even if they’re that good-looking. Or, well, he thinks he can.

Sugar Me Sweet by shellyknack || rated T, 9.5k

tags/warnings: none

Dean hates Starbucks. Luckily, the Saint’s Café is both delicious and reasonably priced. Even if the cashier is super weird and stares at him, like, all the freakin’ time.

NOTES: the story is no longer available, but I have a pdf file if anyone’s interested!

Today, your barista ‘verse by orange_crushed || rated T, 14k

tags/warnings: so much fluff and humour

"Is that-”

“My number,” says Dean, because he’s a fucking champion, he’s cool, he’s collected, he’s Captain Smooth of the USS Smoothtania, that’s right. He is definitely not leaning against the counter for moral support. Cas doesn’t looked seduced or impressed, though. He does not look like a dude who just met Captain Smooth and wants to ride the loveboat. He looks puzzled.

♡  White Winter Hymnal by newbluemoon || rated E, 25k

tags/warnings: writer Dean, Christmas

Dean hates Christmas, which is why he’s hiding away in a café late at night on Christmas Eve. He never expected to find Castiel there. 


Astrophysics and Tea ‘Verse by casfallsinlove || rated T and E, 10k

tags/warnings: I wouldn’t be teacass if I didn’t rec a fic about tea, now would I?

Wherein Dean (who owns a bookstore) and Cas (an astrophysicist grad student) have been best friends since they were kids, NASA nearly screws things up, and tea is mentioned far too often.



Jardin Bleu | Blue Garden — Dammann Frères

Mélange de thés de Chine et de Ceylan parfumé aux arômes rhubarbe et fraise des bois. Parsemé de pétales de bleuet et d’hélianthe ce thé délicieux et fruité se prête merveilleusement à une préparation chaude ou glacée.

Mix of non-smoked teas from China and Ceylon, perfumed black teas with aromas of rhubarb and wild strawberry. Dotted with corn-flower and sunflower petals, this delicious and fruity tea lends itself to either cold or hot brewing perfectly.

I’m enjoying it cold, the rhubarb is bright and the strawberry softens it gently. The flowery aftertaste helps with giving body to a tea that could be watery but isn’t after all.

A good pick for the summer.

Writing Enchanted Forest adventures is the exact thing to sip it with.

It’s my father’s birthday, right after my step family’s matriarch funeral. Strange but so far away. Nature runs its course.

Sunday kind of day, I’m glad I’m alone.


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