Free Tea Leaf & Bibliomancy Readings!

Hi guys! I’m broke again (and bored), so I’m opening free readings until 9:00pm on 9/5/15!

Types of readings available:

  • Tasseomancy (Tea Leaf)
  • Bibliomancy 

Books available:

-Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
-The Hunger Games or Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
-Ulysses by James Joyce
-The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien

Anons accepted! Please tell me if you want your reading to be private or not! (All anon readings must be published publicly, seeing as you can’t privately reply to one.)
If you don’t specify which type of reading you would like, I’ll chose the best for you.
Tips are optional, but certainly accepted! Especially because I’m really broke. If you do tip, I’ll go more in-depth with your reading, and usually I’ll do multiple readings just to make sure your question is answered as best as it can be! :) Make sure to tell me if you tip or not!

Signal boost if you can/want!

Edit: Forgot to mention that I’m fine with doing past life readings and love readings, as long as the love readings aren’t like “Do they like me back?” or “Will we get married?”


The art of tea leaf reading is knowing as Tasseography. It is a popular form of divination that comes from many different cultures. Originally China was the first region where tea was grown commercially, and is also said to be where the form of divination started.

  1. Use a simple loose leaf tea to begin
  2. Pour the tea into a simple white cup to read the tea leaves
  3. While drinking the tea, concentrate on a question or on your future
  4. When only a small amount of tea remains, use your left hand to rotate the cup anticlockwise three times. Carefully flip the cup upside down and allow it to drain.
  5. Start reading! The leaves closes to the rim represent events in the near future, the sides of the cup represent the not-so-distant-future and the bottom represent the distant future.
  6. Make note of the symbols and patterns and look up the meanings.

Improbable Apothecary Shop Giveaway

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Good luck everyone,  and I will be tagging updates with improbablegiveaway, so keep a look out.


These pages serve a double purpose: they’re an entry in my commonplace book, as well as an informational slip I can print out to be sold along with my divination tea cups. That is, if I ever get my act together on those tea cups. Le heave, le sigh.

My hand-lettering/calligraphy is perceptibly improving, which means I might not need to perfect my handwriting fonts for the Omnomnomicon and Unholy Imbible (my cookbook projects– when completed i.e. never they shall form a rather punk rawk DIY skills trilogy with the commonplace book. Lul.) which is *great* because I’m really, really tired of trying to make my own fonts that look like the calligraphy tags at Fort Worden and failing. This sort of script would look way cool, even if it’s not quite illuminated manuscript material…hmmm.

Tasseomancy: An Unofficial Guide  

Fineline and calligraphy markers.

Pages by Gin Grímsdóttir, 2015. Please do not remove credit.

Tea Leaf Reading

(Requested by apatheticallyjaded)

By: Anna Yamamaya

Sometimes when I drink my daily cup of genmaicha, a type of Japanese green tea with brown rice, I catch myself looking at the loose contents floating inside the cup. They hypnotize me at times, and I see certain images and patterns forming. What I was unconsciously almost doing was called tea leaf reading—a type of divination using tea leaves. It is also called tasseomancy, tasseography, or tassology which includes reading with coffee grounds and sediments of wine. 

Tea reading has been practiced throughout the world and probably has its ancient roots in China. Today, there are many different methods to approach tea leaf reading.    

An important factor, that might affect the outcome of the reading, is the type of cup you have. A plain white cup, that’s shallow and wide, should be good because the lack of decorations don’t interfere with your concentration. Shallow wide cups also allow you to read the leaves clearer and easily. However, it’s not necessary to use one if you don’t have one and are fine reading with the cup you already have.

Loose tea is also preferred, but if you don’t have any, an open teabag should be fine.

Method #1 (Video Link)

Pour loose tea leaves or contents of an opened tea bag inside the bottom of the cup. Then add hot water and let the loose leaves settle to the bottom of the cup. While you drink the tea, relax and concentrate on the question you will ask. Leave some tea in the bottom of cup and pour the leftover liquid onto a saucer, plate, or napkin. Now, hold the cup with the handle facing toward you and rotate it three times. Place the cup back down on the saucer or place and turn it counterclockwise three times until the handle reaches you. Last, tap the cup three times telling the spirit or deity that you’re ready to divine. Turn the cup over and study your result.

Method #2 (Video Link)

This interesting method is used by Amber McCarroll for teabags.

There are three shapes that teabags come into.

Square-shaped teabags are the most common types that represent the Earth.

Circular-shaped teabags represent the moon and continuous cycle of seasons.

Triangular-shaped teabag represent the sun.

Choose or use whatever teabag you have and brew it with hot water. After it’s finished brewing, take the teabag out from the string or with a spoon and leave it on your plate or saucer. Drink your tea and concentrate on the question you’ll ask. After you’re done drinking, squeeze the excess liquid out of the teabag into the cup and tear the bag into the direction depending on the shape of your teabag.

For a square-shaped teabag, tear it into a cross shape to symbolize the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water.

For a circular-shaped teabag, tear it into a crescent shape. 

For a triangular-shaped teabag, tear it from the top point.

Pour just the first amount of leaves that fall inside your cup. Place the teabag aside and spin the cup counterclockwise. Turn the cup over onto the saucer or plate and let all the liquid drip out. Begin reading from the handle and then clockwise.

The leaves on the handle’s side represent you and close people. As you go clockwise, the leaves tell you events that are happening in your life, and events that are going away from you as you go farther from the handle. Once you reach the opposite of the handle, the leaves represent non-close people that you’ve met or haven’t met before. As you return toward the handle, the leaves represent events that will take place in the upcoming future. 

The leaves near and in the bottom of the cup represent your deeper emotions, thoughts, or experiences. Closer to the surface of your cup represent your “surfacing” emotions, thoughts, or experiences that are much pleasant. 

Things That May Happen With the Tea

If you stir or rotate the cup and the leaves accidentally spill, it’s a good sign.

If there are bubbles, there will be good finance and money in the upcoming future.

Visitors will arrive at your home if leaves or stalks float on the surface. How many of them floating will foretell the amount of days they’ll visit.

Strong tea indicates an upcoming new friendship while weak tea represents the end of a friendship. 

Other Interpretations

Leaves that are close to the surface of the cup represent events that will occur soon.

Beneath the handle represent events that are happening now.

Leaves on the side represent events that will occur later in the future.

The bottom leaves represent the furthest future.

List of Symbols: http://www.crystalinks.com/tealeaves.html

List of Symbols II: http://www.learn-about-tea.com/tea-leaf-reading.html

Alphabetical List of Symbols with their Significations: http://www.readingtealeaves.info/symbols_significations.html

Combination of Symbols: http://www.readingtealeaves.info/combination_of_symbols.html


“Tea Leaf Reading with Amber McCarroll.” Video Clip. Youtube. 16 Feb 2008. 30 Jan 2011 <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9F11rPQ3Ez0>.

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FILMMAKERS: Make a 15 - 20 second video of Future Telling Devices.

VISUAL ARTISTS: Draw Visuals for this collab.

ANIMATORS: Animate visuals for this collab.

VIDEO EDITORS: Edit together these elements into a 15 - 20 second piece.

MUSICIANS: RECord a Song for this collab.

EVERYONE: Contribute a Text RECord with Ideas and Examples for the Future Telling Cold Open.

I’m doing Tea Leaf Readings now for $2 dollars!

What you’ll be getting-

Full reading with your choice of tea (peach, green or regular black)

Pictures of reading along with symbols and shapes circled and their definitions.

What I need from you-

Your first name and date of birth - I need to focus on you while doing the reading so a little info helps.

Your question- Make it as direct & clear as possible. I will not take questions about health or death.

Message me here to request a reading. Payments will be via Paypal USD - links here

I’m so excited to work with you! If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

Blessed be!