I think we need to acknowledge Ms. Hudson more in this episode. She completely blew everyone away. That scene where she is acting like Sherlock, doing finger guns and pointing, basically smacking Mycroft in the face. That was Mrs. Freaking Hudson right there, badass and slaying. Such sass.

That scene with Sherlock where she drops the tea (on purpose!!!) so that she can take Sherlock’s gun.

Heavens bless this woman. She’s learned so much from watching the boys, and they didn’t even notice.


Hey everyone, I have some facts to spew, as you can see above, there are pictures of Nia and her male friends, and Calum and his female friends. Now I can guarantee most people who read this are going to say “that’s different, Nia is just friends with all of them when cal dated all of them!” But really, Cal only dated Maddie out of the 3 girls pictured with him and the photo Above was taken way AFTER they broke up. Cal never dated Stella and he never dated Jenn and the only reason why we think he did is because HE’S FAMOUS SO EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT IT AND MEDIA HYPES IT ALL FOR POPULARITY PURPOSES. There was even a time where I myself believed he had dated Jenn and Stella until I looked into it and there is NO proof of anything other than a friendship between the two.
Now, the pics Cal has are super similar to the pics of Nia with her male friends… yet there aren’t any rumors that she is dating them?
Cal and Nia are both very close with their friends of the opposite sex, a majority of Nia’s friends are male (yes she has said that before).
So before you go assuming they are dating because they hang out and hug, realize that they both do that same exact thing with several other people. So their relationship isn’t special in anyway, it’s just another friendship.
I personally don’t like Nia nor do I support her band but it is total bs that people tell her she’s dating one of her friends 24/7 and same for cal. Like she posts a pic, and he likes it.
So everyone comments “hey calum 😏” or “nalum forever” and it’s like what? Where the fuck did you get that from this?
Or he posts a pic and she likes it and the same thing happens. She is constantly interacting with @boyerweather on Instagram (just one example) and no one looks twice, but if cal makes a post supporting the band signed to HIS OWN RECORD LABEL, it’s obviously because he’s fucking the drummer, right?
It’s just really stupid.
So if you are a fan that this confuses, or if this helps you and gives you any insight, let me know. I love talking to the rest of the 5sos fam and all of that. So any questions at all feel free to ask!!!
Kisses 😘😘😘

The amis as theatre kids

Courfeyrac: The cute funny guy that gets most of the leads and everyone has had a crush on at some point

Grantaire: he likes to act but always ends up on tech because no one is as good as him and the drama teacher totally depends on his tech skill

Marius: only signed up because his friends made him but ended up really liking it

Feuilly: thinks acting is really cool but doesn’t have enough time because of all his jobs so he always asks to be a small part

Bahorel: wanted to join since forever but always chose sports over theatre, but decided to finally do a show senior year

Combeferre: The best stage manager anyone could ask for. The cast will circle him and chant “combeferre’s in charge” before every performance and write #combeferreisincharge on everything

Bossuet: always gets the character roles and needs extra supervision with his props because he will probably break them

Joly: hes the kid who always has tea and cough drops and he makes sure everyone is drinking lots of water

Jehan: plans the cast parties and also helps out with costumes

Enjolras: turns out to be an amazing dancer and is dance captain and helps out the teacher with choreo. At first everyone thinks he’s full of himself and then they realize nope he’s just confident- he really is better than all of us

Cosette: has the voice of an angel and gets most of the lead roles but she’s so nice that no one can be too jealous

Eponine: started doing tech because of grantaire, stayed because she has a huge crush on cosette

Musichetta: does all the hair and makeup designs

Read To Me

Kurt Wagner x Reader

Prompt : “You are ridiculously comfortable…”

A/N : Part of my writing challenge! Enjoy! 

Warning : Fluff. and lots of it! 

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You were exhausted from training today with Jean. And all you wanted to do was run to your room and sleep. But as you walked passed the living room, you saw Kurt laying on the couch, alone. 

“Hey blue.” You muttered, walking over to him. 

He glanced up at you, his mind flustering, creating him to drop the tea he held with his tail. But before it could fall over him, creating a mess, you froze it with your powers. 

He flashed you a nervous grin, sitting straight, and placed his cup down onto the table. “T-Thank you.” He exhaled.

You shrugged your shoulders, and plopped down beside him. “No problem. So, what’re you reading?” 

By being so close, Kurt’s heart began to pound profusely. “T-The O-outsiders.” He hesitated. “P-Professor Xavier thought I-I Vould like it.”

“Oh! I love that book. Pony boy and Soda Pop. Right?” You chuckled. Making yourself comfortable, you decided to lay on him. Your head pressed against his chest. 

Kurt fell still, his breath shaking in the back of his throat. He wasn’t sure what to do or how to react. Especially around you. 

“You are ridiculously comfortable…” You exhaled, feeling your eyes grow heavy. 

Your words made him smile, knowing that you saw him for him and not some creature. It made him feel wanted. 

“Read to me.” You whispered. 

Kurt glanced down at you, a smile playing on his lips as he watched your head slightly move up every time he breathed. “O-Okay.” He muttered. 

As he began to read, you felt yourself give in to sleep. Your arm draped over him. Being with him, you felt safe. And hearing him soothed you. 

But before drifting into complete slumber, you whispered one last thing. 

“You’re pretty amazing.” You mumbled. 

In that moment, Kurt felt everything fall into place. As he looked down at you, his heart was now whole. And every bad thing that had happened, ceased to exist when he looked at you. 

As you lost the battle, and you were now lost in slumber, Kurt pushed the strand of hair out of your face, and smiled. 

“And you are the most beautiful girl in the world.” He whispered.

Destruction from habits (End)

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Jungkook x reader x Jimin
Word count: 10.2k
Angst, romance, smut
For @inktae


The next few days, Jungkook is in his same outfit, declining Jin’s offer of wearing his clothes while he sleeps, and all Jungkook asks for is a hot cup of coffee. Milk, one cube of sugar, no cream. He didn’t say word to Jin about last night other than ‘don’t wanna talk about it’ and ends the conversation. Until today, Jin is sitting across him with a cup of peach and lemon tea with a drop of honey. Jin has his balled up hand placed on top of the table, watching Jungkook sit down with his hands under the table and only shows them when he picks the cup by the handle.

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Cool Down Coconut Glitter  Stick.

Beware: You’re going to want to kiss me more than you already do now.

Here is what you need.

  • Coconut oil
  • small Jar
  • Tea tree oil
  • spoon
  • freezer

You’re going to spoon the coconut oil in the small jar, then microwave it for 20 seconds. When the oil melts, add 4 drops of tea tree oil. 

After it’s mixed up throw it in the freezer for a hour or so.

After it freezes you should be able to take the coconut oil out

Like so,

And you can apply generously to your glitter attack.

This is like a coconut oil/ ice pack combo. It will feel soothing as fuck, and the tea tree oil will help cut down your breakout time.

(be sure to put it back in the freezer when you’re done)

This is great for

  1. Breakouts
  2. After shaving
  3. After vigorous sex
  4. During vigorous sex
  5. and It’s also great for sunburns

Taking you pussy from drab to fab in no time.

Let me know how you like it!



Ginger Tea

Summary: After bitching about your herbal tea for years, Dean finally decides to give it a try. Only there’s one catch in order for him to try it.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Reader

Pairing: Dean X Reader

Word Count: 723

Warnings: Making out, fluff, none really

Prompt: Hello Kas! Could you do 26 (nsfw), 2 (dean), or 34 (nsfw) with Sam if possible? I’m so excited to see all of these dribbles play out! -@mint-and-pastel-pink  2.  “It’s bad enough having all this rabbit food around, and now I gotta deal with your herbal teas?”

A/N: Herbal teas are my weakness. I love my ginger tea. I hope you enjoyed!

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How EXO would react to you being ill

Since I am ill at the moment, I thought I would do a reaction to this. I know I have some in my request box but I tend to write better when I am in the mood. 


Xiumin - You didn’t mind Xiumin being over, but you were worried about him setting sick, so when he started cuddling you or giving you a massage you kept asking him if he would be okay. All he did was laugh and say “Your the ill one and I rarely get sick.”

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Suho - Sadly Suho was away on tour when you got ill, but when he found out that you were ill, he sent you a care package. It was filled with soup, tea, tissues, cough drops, vapor rub, honey and gloves.

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Lay - Lay really wanted you to do something special and make you feel better, so when he walked into your apartment and saw your dog lying on the floor; he got the best idea. He decided to walk your dog in the mornings before he started for work, this helped the dog calm down for the day and not disturb you.

Originally posted by soofflay

Baekhyun - Baekhyun would send you small letters and text messages through out the week, making sure you were okay. When you felt better, he said he would take you out for dinner and a movie.

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Chen -  Just being in Chen’s presence made you feel 17% better, he would stay with you all day, cook you meals and go out if you needed anything. By the end of the day, when you started to fall asleep, he would tuck you back into your bed.

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Chanyeol - There was a knock on your door and you grumbled as you got up and moved to the door. Outside was Chanyeol holding a massive Teddy Bear with a balloon attached to the bear saying, “Get Well Soon.”

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Kyungsoo - Kyungsoo would come over and make you either lunch or dinner, you did fall asleep often on the sofa but he wouldn’t mind; as long as he could spend in your company he would be happy.

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Kai -  Kai would surprise you with plenty of movies and TV seasons for you to watch, since he would have to leave soon due to the schedule. However these movies and TV programs kept you entertained for the week that you were off work.

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Sehun - Like Suho, Sehun would be out of the country due to filming, but he thought of you when he saw a sweatshirt as he walked down the street. Smiling when he bought it, he sent it off to you the week you got ill, so it was a lovely surprise.

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Thank you for all the kind messages I have received, wishing me well xxx 

Happy 1st Anniversary “FILAMENT”!

(source) (raw image credit: losowecos)

Happy 1st Anniversary “FILAMENT”!, November 13, 2016

It wasn’t actually a part of the Shinbuns, but it is a day in the life of the Licorice General Hospital. In order to celebrate the first anniversary of FILAMENT, let’s all see a normal day at the merry hospital! More Benibara, more Saitou/Suigin sass, yes please!! Enjoy! (Okay but why do I feel like Saitou and Suigin are parents fighting for the favoritism of their son Matsumoto?!)

Anyways, the rest is in the undercut!

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Don’t think about Nico getting sick and stumbling around saying he’s not sick and will insisting that he goes to the infirmity and pushing nicos hair up to feel his forehead, which of course is burning up. Don’t imagine will kind of freaking out and bringing nico tea and cough drops and don’t imagine Nico insisting that he’s completely fine. Don’t imagine Nico trying to get up to prove his point but almost falls to the ground and Will catches him. Don’t imagine it.