We’re getting some REALLY shitty lightning in the area and my internet is being sketchy. So alas no posts for tonight either -cri- I’ll try to reblog gifs though, so if they go through you can at least have those!

Here is another pic of the little gal I am getting that her foster mommy sent me… I have to wait 3 weeks as she needs to be spayed. She is so teeny, tiny. They are pretty sure she is a yorkie chihuahua mix!

I have decided to call her Iris… like the flower and the eye of a silent film camera!

Now I am off to enjoy the suddenly very balmy LA weather! Happy Friday! xo xo

i can has fic recs plz?

Dear kylux fandom, I find myself struck with a sudden hankering for legal AUs… If any kind souls out there could rec me some lawyer!AU Kylux, I would be very grateful :3

Preferably with both of them as lawyers, but I don’t mind if it’s just one of the pair. (It’s probably gonna be Hux, lbr.) I will also gladly read any college AUs where one or both of them are in law school. 

P.S If I get enough fic recs, I’ll put a compilation list up for everyone else to enjoy! Please don’t be afraid to self-rec!! Rec me your own stuff, your friends’ stuff, your faves, whatever, I don’t care as long as there’s some lawyering in there somewhere.

P.P.S I haven’t been able to find any dedicated kylux fic rec blogs… Have I just not been searching hard enough, or do they not exist?? (I was hoping for something like this, but for kylux.)