The incredible, welcoming way that Adagio Teas has reacted to their Fandom Invasion makes me want to buy tea from nowhere else ever again.

And I know it’s no skin off their nose - they earn goodwill, they sell more tea, they grow their own damn fanbase - but so many people and businesses look at fans with disdain, or with grudging tolerance, or as a group to be used without consideration for what makes them a group in the first place. 

And in contrast Adagio threw open their doors.  They learned enough (or already knew enough) about some of the individual fandoms to make in jokes - to “ship” the different tea blends and allow fanart labels and put 4 oz of tea in the 3oz TARDIS tea tin (BECAUSE IT’S BIGGER ON THE INSIDE, GUYS, THERE WAS ROOM FOR MORE TEA) and even set aside a whole huge section of their website purely dedicated to this new customer base.

And you know what? The smartest bit is: it works.  And now, among my other fandoms, I am also an Adagio Fan.