tea with tentacles


Hey so if anyone is interested I’m now selling these very cool tentacle mugs that I made in my senior ceramics class on etsy! The tentacles are hand constructed and were made with lots of love and care on my part..

Please check some of them out, if you’d like! My etsy shop is OceanicCeramic, and I’ll be adding some bowls and other  items to my shop later this week as well.

2p Italy contact names
  • 2p Germany: Mi amore (the reason why nobody is allowed to touch his phone)
  • 2p Japan: Tentacle's tea
  • 2p South Italy: Don't answer
  • 2p Spain: Will ask me to pick him up in the bar
  • 2p Austria: Hot topic
  • 2p Prussia: White Tangled
  • 2p America: Less meat more bitching
  • 2p England: Poison supplier
  • 2p France: Princess and the frog
  • 2p China: Probably high
  • 2p Russia: Cold af
  • 2p Canada: France: Hipster mode

SpongeBob SquarePants - Help Wanted, Reef Blower, and Tea at the Treedome - May 1, 1999