tea with mother

❧There is an old legend a fairy story, of the reindeer mother who brought light back to earth by flying through the air. Much older than any other winter tale, the deer mother was a source of birth, fertility and feminine magick for people of the far northern lands where much of the winter year was shrouded in dark. Female shamans connected with her by wearing antlered headdresses and drinking a sacred tea made with the amanita muscaria mushrooms. ❧



‘Araya Flamefist hails from a monastery deep within jagged and forbidding Spine of the World mountains, where discipline and attaining balance of all four elements is valued above all else. Her eagerness to prove herself in battle and tendency to seek out combat whenever she could was what ultimately saw her sent out into the world to recruit new acolytes for the monastery. Together with her raven Tenzin, her elvenphant Kyoshi and a group of adventurers that are almost family to her, she now battles the Cult of the Dragon… or Dragon Club, as she has taken to calling them.’  

~ This engaging fire genasi Monk was commissioned by the gratuitous Charredlore, for one of his adventurers.

‘Located within the North Ward of Waterdeep, just off to the side of the High Road, lies Lingrim’s Lustrous Loot – a shop that sells magical weaponry, armor and trinkets. It is owned by Grimhildur Goldenshield and Aralinathra Syolkiir: an incredibly enthusiastic Dwarven lass with the most marvelous of crimson beards and her long-suffering, tall and graceful moon Elven wife, respectively. They were all too glad to finally find a group of adventurers that they could sponsor in return for a hefty increase to their revenue. Contracts were signed, garbs and armor enchanted with their insignia, and off into the world Araya and her friends went to foister faintly sparkling pamphlets onto just about everyone.’   

 ~ This fancy shield belongs to the OC’s of Charredlore. A crest design in the distinctive golden ‘Dwarf-Deco’ style in combination with a stylish purple ‘Elf-nouveau’ (or ‘Elvendstil’ if you like) eye, if I may be so bold to label the styles myself ;)…

Discworld x Mob Psycho 100

Courtesy of @ofpaintedflowers​ and @happikattwuzheere

There has been some general progress in the development of this AU. In particular concerning Mob and Swamp Dragons, who he feels an inexplicable kinship towards. 

Mob’s introduction to the Swamp Dragons is when his classmate, Sammy, ‘hires’ Reigen and Mob to investigate the haunting of the his manor and stables. The details of that particular adventure are yet to be worked out, but it basically ends with Reigen and Mob sitting down to tea with Sammy and his mother, a gracious noblewoman, Lady Ramkin, who takes a liking to Mob immediately. (Reigen is less pleased when the Captain of the City Watch, Sam Vimes, walks in and demands to know “what the bloody hell is that overblown con artist doing at my dining table”). 

After things settle down though, Mob makes frequent trip to the shelters to help care for the dragons. (Reigen too. Although never when Captain Vimes could be coming home.)

(I totally stole ofpaintedflowers’s costume designs for these. If you guys go bother her enough, maybe she’ll post the rest of her gorgeous designs for this crossover.)


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au + 5 hc focusing on the Fire Nation royal family where everyone's gender is reversed, so daddy's girl Zuko and momma's boy Azula

Side note, I always have this debate with myself when I write genderswapped Zuko, because “ko” is a feminine ending in Japanese names.

1. Firelord Azula takes her younger daughter Oza with her to ask for the hand of Avatar Roka’s grandson.  Poor Ursulon was uh, kind of engaged at the time, to another guy, and yes, his wife at their wedding still tells him she and the royal family own him now, and really this was not how Ursulon ever expected his life to go.

2. Firelord Soza and his daughter Azula have between them ruled the country for more than a hundred years when Azula orders her younger daughter to murder her daughter Zura.  Azula was a warrior Firelord who led armies in the field, and her daughter Ilah is leading an army against Ba Sing Se.  How dare her younger daughter Oza dishonor the memory of her niece, another warrior princess, when Oza has never spent a single day on campaign?

3. Little Zura wakes up after a strange conversation with her father in the middle of the night to find her father gone, and her mother the new Firelord.  Her face is still burned, and she is still cast out to hunt for the Avatar, with an all female crew, lest she muddy the succession with a pregnancy.  Little Azulon is still favored and still a protege.  One glaring difference however is that he meets Mai and Ty Lee through somewhat different channels, as he doesn’t go to the Royal Fire Academy for girls.  Zura brings them over as friends, and Azulon sets out to steal them instead.

4. The really interesting thing about this AU for me is two things, after more than a hundred years of powerful warrior women Firelords, the Fire Nation martial tradition is gender neutral, and for many if not most Fire Nation people, the image of a fearsome warrior is female.

5. The other is how other people in other nations react to Zura.  Sokka for example makes the terrible mistake of laughing at her, and loses a tooth and gets his nose broken as well as being dumped in the snow for his pains.

your mother is tired - 
she puts you to sleep,
your mother is sick - 
she makes you tea,
your mother is hungry - 
she makes your favourite meal,
your mother is sad - 
she hugs you so you feel better,
your mother is afraid,
she checks for monsters under your bed,
your mother is lost -
she helps you find your way;
your mother has always been there - 
she deserves love for more than a day.
—  marina v., every day you are alive is a day to thank your mom.
I asked the librarian if they had any books on How to Sleep Forever.

You see, my heart
broke one rainy night
when Grief knocked

On my door and I let
him in for a cup of tea
and some company.

You see, the poets lie
when they say
Time heals all wounds

Because Grief did leave,
but his muddy footprints
stained the welcome mat.

And the birds laid
their eggs. And the worms
burrowed deeper into the earth.

But the sun is a cruel lover
and so the grass grows
and the worms die.

They say Time heals all wounds
but every night I lie still
and feel my heart breaking.

It’s the clock ticking,
my Dream whispers
and every morning

I wake to the equator
pulling me closer
into its embrace.

You see, my cruel lover,
we were children once
and we know it is a mother’s kiss

That heals all wounds.
From here, we only grow older
and our wounds run deeper.


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the "let me kiss it better" one, please!

Tina Goldstein takes care of everyone. She can’t entirely help it, after basically raising Queenie, being head girl at the Pukwudgie house at Ilvermony, one of the oldest of the new group of Aurors in training. Tina Goldstein is the one who you go to when you need a spare charmed handkerchief, a nickel for a cup of coffee, an extra warming spell, a willing shoulder to listen to or tea and sympathy. 

“You mother everyone,” says Queenie, not without a certain gentle sisterly exasperation. “How’re you ever gonna get a fella if you keep acting like everyone’s older sister?”

“I don’t need a fella,” says Tina with all the dignity she can muster. “Anyways, it’s against regulations to date a fellow Auror, you know that.” 

“There’s a lot more fellas out there than just Aurors, you know,” Queenie retorts.

“Yeah, like house elves,” says Tina cynically. “Maybe one of those goblins I arrested last week.”

Queenie sighs, rolls her eyes, lifts her hands in the air dramatically. “What’s going to happen to you when I’m gone?” she asks the ceiling theatrically, an alarmingly good imitation of Tina herself, to which Tina responds by spelling a cushion to hit her ridiculous little sister in the face. 


Newt Scamander needs a damn leash, also possibly a knock over the head, though in the muddle after the Barebones and Graves affair (as it’s being referred to now), he looks he’s already gotten several of those.

Tina, being now a newly restored Auror (she hopes?), assumes control of over the situation, once she gets a nod of confirmation from Madame Seraphina. She sets Aurors to restore damage to the buildings, others to mend the streets where the Obscurial (Credence, that was Credence, she must not forget) tore them apart, she sends for healers to tend to Newt, who looks more battered than any one person should and wishes hopelessly, uselessly, for something to mend that shattered look on her little sister’s face.

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3 days of kaisoo special - by timefortea

The legendary Mother Tea has worked very hard on these three special fics for the 3 special days so check them out you if you haven’t - it’s a must! (Even though it’s a little bit overdue, January is a kaisoo month so these still count ;)

I Like It (When You Watch Me)

Genre: Smut, Romance, Fluff, Established rls 
Length: 8.1k
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Warnings: Praise kink, Jongin in lingerie, Frottage/Lapdance
Summary: In which Jongin wants to wear lingerie, and Kyungsoo is in for a birthday treat


Next To Your Heartbeat (Where I Should Be)

Genre: Fluff, Romance, Family!AU
Length: 3.6k
Rating: PG-13
Summary: You can tell a story with photographs. 

Do Taehyun finds his father’s old collection, and finds a love story along the way. 



Genre: Romance, angstyish (?), but also fluff/happy ending lets all remember who wrote this i am Not™️going to repeat my cold hands mistakes
Length: 862 w
Rating: PG-13
Summary: “Don’t you ever worry that we’re… playing God?”


“I can’t believe you still have this.” Sofia laughed holding up a crumpled picture she drew when she was little. 

 Callie’s hands shook as she took the yellowing picture from her daughter’s hands. “I still can’t figure out which is which.” she shook her head with a smile. She looked at the juvenile scrawls and many different shades of color before tucking a gray hair behind her ear. 

 Sofia took the picture back and turned it trying to figure out for herself. “I think this one is the jellyfish, and this one is the mermaid.” 

 “Mmm.” Callie sighed and took a sip of her now cool tea. “Your mother gave that to me.” 

 Folding the picture and carefully putting it back in it’s resting place, Sofia curiously tilted her head to the side. “Really?” 

 “I was having…problems at work. I had to go to court and something led to another and she found me crying in a bathroom.” 

 “Wait, isn’t that how you met?” 

 “No, no, we met because I was crying in a bar bathroom.” 

 Sofia shook her head and waved her hand. “Never mind, keep going.” the younger Torres wouldn’t admit it out loud, but hearing stories about her mothers together always made her giddy. 

 “She saw me upset so…she gave me a picture you drew in the car. This picture,” she said holding up the folded piece of paper. “She gave it to me so I would feel better, so when I was angry or upset, I could look at what you made and feel better.” 

 A long, reminiscent look filled Callie’s eyes, the brown orbs shimmering as they looked off somewhere Sofia could only imagine. “You miss her, don’t you?” 

 Callie stood up and walked over to the back of the living room, a picture of her and the blonde when they were much younger on one of their first dates. She smiled at the memory. “Yeah.” 

 “Do you still love her?” Sofia whispered. 

 Callie was about to open her mouth to answer when the subject at hand entered the room. “Dinner’s ready! I think we better eat soon before little Timmy has another fit. You excited to have some turkey?” she cooed to the chubby, dark haired baby in her arms. “Sofia, come get this cutie, grandma’s getting a little tired holding this tiny one.” she tickled her grandson’s tummy and her fading blue eyes shone at her grandson’s laughter. 

 Sofia got up to take her son in her arms and kissed his cheeks. “Come on, big boy, lets eat!” she squealed. 

 Arizona watched the two most important people in her life leave the room, a piece of hair, the lightest of blondes, falling into her wrinkling face catching Callie’s attention. “You ready to eat?” she asked. 

 Through the years, through the pain and loss and tragedies, Arizona still managed to contain some joy, some happiness that Callie loved to see every chance she got. 

 Shakily getting to her feet and walking up to her old lover, Callie couldn’t help but tuck the stray piece of hair behind Arizona’s ear. “Yeah.”

 “Calliope,” Arizona blushed avoiding Callie’s eyes. “Let’s go eat.” she took Callie’s hand and led her to the dining room. 

 Yeah, Callie thought. She did still love her.