tea with a spider

*Insert Spider Dance song* Remember when I asked if I should animate that muffet drawing? Well, I did. This is probably the most challenging cut-out animation I have done yet! 

Spiders and Tea

From this request: I LOVED that Moriarty fic, could you possible make another one? Like she is working with Sherlock, but falls for Moriarty. She tries to stay away from him, but he figures out her love for him so he makes it were she has to confront it and give in.



Moriarty loved spying on Sherlock. It gave him an unlimited high that he was able to ‘pull one over’ on the detective. Sometimes, when he was extremely bored, Moriarty would make it incredibly obvious that he was spying, just to see how long it took the detective to figure it out.

Ever since you’d fallen in with Sherlock, Moriarty had taken to spying on you. You were a peculiar thing, and not just because you were seemingly close to the detective. Moriarty found himself smiling or chuckling to himself whenever you danced around the flat or told a dry joke, trying to lighten the mood at a crime scene. Sherlock rarely expressed any sort of emotion towards you. He merely did his work, sometimes allowing you to contribute your two cents.

“Sherlock,” you asked one day. “Would you tell me about Moriarty?”

“What do you mean?”

“What’s he like?”

“He’s a pest.”

‘Now, Sherlock,’ Moriarty chastised to himself. ‘It’s not nice to call others names.’

“But what’s he like? He must be incredibly smart if he’s the only one who’s ever really been a… challenge for you.”

“His skill set could be seen as impressive if measured the proper way,” Sherlock said.

“And what way is that?”

“Compared to a toddler’s. Or John’s.”

Moriarty sniffed at the insult. He knew he was better, smarter than Sherlock. And he knew that Sherlock knew that, too.

“Why are you wasting brain cells thinking about him?” Sherlock asked, which was the closest thing to a personal question he’d ever asked you (usually, he just deduced everything).

“Is it really a waste to consider and contemplate your enemy?”

“To become an enemy, one needs to be a threat.”

“You don’t see him as one?”

“No more than a spider sees a fly as a threat.”

“What about a spider and another spider?”

Sherlock spared a disdainful glance in your direction.

You shrugged, carrying on. “Well, if you’re a Brown Recluse, he’d be…”


“A Black Widow.”

Was that… adoration in your voice? Could you possibly find Moriarty’s talents and skills awe-inspiring? Was there a hint of kindness in your voice upon baptizing him with that nickname?

‘I need to get to her,’ Moriarty thought to himself. ‘Fully assess the situation.’


You poked your head into the abandoned laboratory. Only a few dim lights were on, bathing the machines, tubes, and vials in shadow. You stepped around the room, studying the chemicals and equipment.

“You’re a brave one, aren’t you?”

You didn’t turn but froze in your spot. Moriarty saw the way you were holding your shoulders as if trying to give off an air of strength and comfort. “What do you mean?”

“Coming to an abandoned place in the middle of the night because an anonymous letter requested your presence,” Moriarty said, taking a step closer. “That’s not something most people would do.”

“I’m not most people.”

“Indeed not.” Moriarty studied you for a moment. “Most people would also turn to face the person who lured them here.”

“As much as I like looking at you, I know who you are, Moriarty.”

This sent a small chill down Moriarty’s spine. “How?”

You finally turned, pegging Moriarty with an intense stare. “I noticed you, or rather, someone spying on Sherlock and I the other day. He’s told me of the times he’s caught you and the battles of wits you’ve had. I assumed you sent the brilliantly worded letter.”

“So you didn’t really know.”

“Call it a hunch.”

“And did you get a hunch as to the reason I called you here?”

Your self-sure attitude wavered at that moment. “I can rarely understand Sherlock on a good day. What makes you think I could understand you?”

‘A hidden compliment,’ Moriarty thought. His heart softened slightly. “You should give yourself more credit. You understand more than you realize when it comes to that buffoon.” Moriarty noticed the light blush cross your cheeks. “Why do you think I’ve asked you here?”

You shook your head once, but your eyes were trailing around the room, down his form, searching for a hint, a clue of any sort. “Well, unless you’ve got a slow-acting aerosol poison or a sniper, I don’t think you brought me here to kill me.”

Moriarty nodded.

“You know I work with Sherlock… but you could just as easily go after him. And you must realize that Sherlock’s attachment to me is barely there, meaning I wouldn’t be a strong enough of a reason to get him out of bed to look for me.”

You took a step forward, peering into Moriarty’s eyes. For once, Moriarty felt vulnerable, as if you could see parts of him that no one had ever seen. Yet he stood his ground, peering down his nose at you.

“It’s almost as if you simply wanted conversation.”

Moriarty’s mouth lifted at one corner. “What can I say? You like me, I’m intrigued by you… Shall we get tea?”


-This lovely little spider loves to bake and make tea. Give her tiny cooking supplies so that she can cook with you.

-She likes to collect dead bugs and will want to show you all that she’s found.  

-Petunia bitties will want to play with your hair. They may even try to make tiny braids in your hair if it’s long enough.

-They wont eat meat, but they seem very fond of herbal snacks and sweet treats. Warm tea of any kind is what they prefer to drink. 

-This bitty will love to curl up and sleep in your pocket. If she’s in your pants pocket, don’t forget that she’s there! You wouldn’t wanna squish your bitty!

-She may try to steal the coins in your pocket. Make sure you hide your money where she can’t get to it.

-Petunia bitties will grow attached to you very quickly and will want to be by your side at all times. They’ll sit on your shoulder, in your pockets, or in your hair. They prefer to sit up in high places off the ground. 


my cup of tea by Jason Taellious
Via Flickr:
Olympia, WA


“Bromance–It’s all about the friendship!”

–Janalyn Robnett