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GIRRRRL what are some of ur fave headcannond abt the cullens??

OH MY GOD okay fasten your seatbelts kids cause we’re going for a RIDE

okay okay I need to stop myself before I begin or I will list out EVERY SINGLE ONE so I’ll limit myself to two per person, one hilarious and one sweet ( and I’m going to use my own cause there are so many amazing ones out there like Emmett giving Esme rocks with #1 MOM omg)


- at work he constantly carries hot tea/ has pocket warmers in his coat pockets so his hands are warm and his patients don’t feel uncomfortable if he has to touch them

- he had a phase in the 50′s were he was OBSESSED with magic tricks. It started out with the coin-behind-your-ear trick cause he wanted to cheer up the sick children at work, but escalated quickly. At first everybody went along with it because it was Carlisle  and you don’t say no to Carlisle, but Esme put her foot down when he stood in front of her with a sequin dress in one hand and a chainsaw in the other one

-She’s an actual fairy godmother and sends out anonymous gifts to families ( especially single moms) that are struggling. She never really talks about it but there are records and receipts in her desk about anonymous money that went to a family whose house burned down ( surprisingly, the sum comfortably covered the expenses Esme charged for rebuilding it and left over a nice financial cushion as well), or about a car that mysteriously appeared in a driveway after Mrs Olson’s old one broke down and she didn’t know how to get her five kids to school, as well as a good dozen drug bills that are mysteriously paid for every month by an unknown benefactor

- Once Emmett coerced her into playing an Ego-Shooter against him and she fucking destroyed him and neither of them have talked about it ever since


- he uses his talent to kind of ‘shape’ conversations so the other one says something that’s the perfect opener for him to say something utterly pretentious sophisticated ( that’s reason number three why it bothers him that he can’t hear Bella cause he has to improvise, and with the one person he desperately want to impress, too!)

- he was the one who gave Carlisle the idea with the islands as a gift because Esme was thinking a lot about how she was missing the sun and swimming, and he helped Carlisle deal with everything because Carlisle doesn’t speak Portuguese


- he once got lost in a deep sea trench cause he wanted to see what’s down there and he kind of didn’t take into consideration that even vampire eyes can’t see if there is no light at all and the pressure kinda messes with your senses ( they had to tie a rope around Edward and send him on a rescue mission) he still considers it a success cause he got to eat a shark on his way back up

- (I’ll say it again) HE BRAIDS ROSE’S HAIR AND HE IS GOOD AT IT ( and proud of it too)


-She might or might not own one of the six Bugatti Royale 4 that she might or might not have smuggled out of Europe through the parisian sewers during World War 2

- She made Edward leave a bag of money on Vera’s porch a few months after she ‘died’. She couldn’t live the life she had wanted- rich and a mother with a loving family- so at least Vera should.


- he doesn’t exactly consider Esme as his mother ( because lbh he’s much older than her) but they are very close nonetheless, and he is very grateful to her because she was the first one who immediately accepted him ( as a person, and not just as Alice’s creepy, scarred extension) so he accepts her as his Mom.

he practically single handedly built  Bella’s cottage so he wouldn’t need to feel the…. exitement of the newlyweds all the time


- between her second birth and finding Jasper she definitely worked as a medium and joined a circus with a fancy tent, tarot cards and everything

- she often lies about good news, like telling Bella “ Oh, I love what you’ll get me for graduation” even she hadn’t actually seen anything yet, because she knows that a positive mindset and an optimism works wonders for shaping the future ( like, you know, telling Edward he will fall for Bella anways, so get it over with already…)

- she keeps on freaking about her birthdays so much that Emmett starts buying her anti-age products as birthday gifts, which usually results in a birthday wrestling match ( she wins the first year, afterwards she loses everytime, which results in jokes about how she’s really getting older, huh?)

- eventually she learns to control her power so much that she is, with some effort, able to block Edward’s talent from the rest of the family. They are used to it and don’t mind anymore, and she doesn’t do it all the time ( because Edward feels slightly uncomfortable too, like he’s suddenly gone half-deaf) but she is able to give her family privacy and Edward respite from all the noise. She literally gives him peace of mind.

okay I have like a ton more but I’ll stop now. If you want more, you can always ask though :)

DIY Natural Room Scents

Fragrant items for naturally scenting your home:

  • Citrus — I’ve tried other fruits. Some of them smell good initially, but they don’t hold up for more than one use. Citrus is sturdier, longer-lasting, and gives these scent recipes freshness. Lemons and oranges are particularly fragrant and have the best staying power in these scented waters.
  • Herbs — Any herb can be used for making a room scent, but the ones that are sturdier and on woody twigs hold up the best. My favorites for room scents are rosemary and thyme.
  • Pine or cedar twigs/needles — There may be other fragrant trees that will work, too; pine and cedar are the two I’ve tried for their appealing, fresh fragrance.
  • Extracts — A touch of vanilla or almond extract improves most room fragrance mixtures. Mint extract has a nice fresh scent.
  • Spices — You can use ground or whole sweet spices. The whole spices look prettier, if your scented water will be in a location where it will be seen. I have found that cinnamon sticks and whole cloves have the most scent staying power. Cinnamon sticks can be rinsed off and reused several times. They keep on giving.

Five Natural Room Scent Recipes

These are all scents that my nose likes. But, scents that are pleasing to one person may not be to someone else. Consider how many different scents of perfumes, soap, and candles there are in stores in an effort to appeal to the masses. So, use my recipe combos as guidelines that you can tweak and customize to suit what your nose likes.

General procedure: Combine the ingredients in a 2 cup (pint) jar or container, or in a pan on the stove top. Cover them with water and heat. I’ll explain different heating options further down. Keep reading.

Scent #1: Oranges, cinnamon & cloves (allspice and anise are optional). This is my favorite, both for it’s wonderful aroma and for it’s staying power. This scent carries into multiple rooms better, and it can be reheated to scent your rooms for several days.

Scent #2: Lemon, rosemary, & vanilla. A similar scented water is often simmering in Williams-Sonoma stores. It has a lovely freshness to it.

Scent #3: Lime, thyme, mint & vanilla extract. This combination has such a fresh, pleasant scent. I initially made it without the mint extract, but have found that it really kicks up the aroma.

Scent #4: Orange, ginger (fresh or powdered), and almond extract. This is a sweet, delicious scent.

Scent # 5: Pine or cedar twigs (or other fragrant twigs), bay leaves, and nutmeg. These scents combine for a complex aroma. If you have whole nutmeg, use a microplane to grate off the outer surface–this will release the scent. Add the whole nutmeg piece along with the gratings.

Here’s the gang of five. Aren’t they beautiful? I like to make these up in pint jars and keep them on hand in the fridge so I’m ready to start a pot of simmering scents as needed.

Make ahead and…

  • …store in the fridge. Uncooked jars of scented waters will keep in the fridge for 1 to 2 weeks, so you can make these ahead to have on hand. I recommend adding all of the ingredients, including the water, to the jars before refrigerating them. I’ve tried refrigerating the fruit/spice/herb combos in jars without the water, but they don’t last as long that way.
  • …freeze them.  I’ve tried freezing them both with and without the water added, and both ways work fine. I haven’t tested them in the freezer longer than 2 weeks, but I’m confident that they can be frozen for a month or longer. Make sure you use freezer-safe jars. (Not all mason jars are freezer-safe.)

How to heat the scented mixtures

I’ve tried a variety of methods, and all of these work to varying degrees. Some of them provide a more powerful scent than others. Just like the air fresheners you buy, none of these will scent a whole house; but I’ll show you some ways to set up individual scent sources in multiple rooms. Hopefully you already have what you need to try out one or more of these options.

Stove top method. This is by far the best way I’ve found to get the most powerful scent that will spread to more rooms the fastest. It’s easy as can be. Simply combine the ingredients in a pot on the stove, bring them to a boil, and then lower the heat to a simmer. They will immediately begin to scent your kitchen and spread to other rooms. How far the scent spreads depends on the size and layout of your house. A simmering pot like this makes all four rooms on our first floor smell good. The only drawback of this method is that you have to keep a close eye on the water level. If the pan dries out, you’ll be smelling burned citrus instead of sweet, fragrant citrus.  NOTE: For a stronger scent, simply double or triple the recipe in a larger pot on the stove.

Uncovered Slow Cooker Method. This is my personal favorite for having my house smell pleasant every day. I use a mini slow cooker–the kind made for keeping dips and sauces warm. Mine only has one low heat setting. The mixture never actually bubbles and visibly steams. I leave it uncovered on my kitchen counter to slowly release scent throughout the day. It’s subtle, but creates a pleasant smell in the house. When I’m home, I keep my mini slow cooker going. It’s easy and uses very little electricity. When I fill mine in the morning, it won’t dry out for an entire day. If you’re concerned about accidentally letting it run dry, you can put a lamp timer on it so that it automatically shuts off at the desired time. I put a scented jar mixture in the microwave for 2 minutes to get it really hot before I add it to the slow cooker. That gives it a jump start on releasing the scent.  NOTE: For a stronger scent, simply double or triple the recipe in a larger, full-size slow cooker.

Fondue Pot Method. If you have a fondue pot, then you have a portable scent station. Set it up in any room you’d like to scent. Below is a small ceramic fondue pot I have that uses a tea light for heat. So, this will only remain warm as long as the candle lasts–3-½ to 4 hours. Like the slow cooker, this is a low level of heat and releases a very subtle scent–enough for a small room. Get the scent mixture boiling hot before adding it to the fondue pot. I like to set this up in our entry way when we have guests. It makes it smell wonderful when you walk through our front door. And, it looks pretty.

Mug Warmer Method. I normally keep this little mug warmer next to my computer to keep my coffee and tea warm. I’ve discovered it also can be used to keep a jar or small bowl of scent mixture warm. It only keeps it warm, it doesn’t actually heat it up. So again, be sure to heat the mixture before adding it the bowl. Or microwave a jar and set it right on top of the mug warmer. This low heat puts off a soft scent that is perfect in a bathroom.

  • Here’s a hint to keep it pretty. As the mixtures cook and lose their color, they’re not as attractive. You can spruce it up by floating a fresh slice of citrus on top. Or add a few cranberries (I keep a bag of them in my freezer); they float and add a touch of color.

Candle Warmer Method. These work just like the mug warmers. Candle warmers come with a little bowl on top for melting scented candle pellets. Instead, you can add some heated scented water. Or, remove the bowl and set a jar or other bowl on top.

  • Note: I tested the temperatures of these with a thermometer. The mug warmer and candle warmer both kept the mixture at about 120°F. That’s enough to let off a very subtle scent, but don’t expect these to strongly scent a big room. You need more heat and steam for a stronger scent.

Tea Pot Warmer Method. My tea pot warmer also uses tea lights. I can put two or three tea lights in mine to achieve the temperature I want. These only last as long as the tea lights burn, but they can get hotter than the mug and candle warmers, thus releasing more scent. I can put a bowl or jar on top of my tea pot warmer, as long as I put it somewhere that I can keep an eye on it. I don’t like to leave candles unattended.

Add more hot water as needed. As the water evaporates from any of these warming bowls or jars, top it off with additional HOT water. It needs to be hot when it’s added so that it doesn’t cool down the temperature of the scented water.  Higher heat = more fragrance.

Gift them! These make a fun, unique hostess gift. Take one along to a party as a gift for your host that can be simmered and enjoyed the next day.

Reuse each mixture 2-3 times. After these have been heated and simmered for awhile, the water becomes cloudy (as you can see in the jars below), and some of the ingredients lose their vibrant color. Although they don’t look as pretty, they still smell good. Usually, you can reheat and simmer these again 2-3 times. Jar them up and refrigerate them between uses. Open the jar and give it the sniff test–if it still smells good, reheat and reuse it. Add more water as needed.

Cost saving tips

You can save, use and reuse a number of fragrant ingredients. These scents don’t need to be expensive.

  • Leftover ginger —  If you ever cook with fresh ginger and end up with leftover pieces , this is a way to use them up before they spoil. Slice the leftover ginger and freeze it in a bag or container to have on hand for whipping up a quick batch of scented water.
  • Save your orange peels – When you eat an orange, save the peel for use in scented waters. Store them in the refrigerator or freezer until you need them.
  • Save your juiced lemons and limes – After you’ve juiced these for use in a recipe, refrigerate or freeze the leftover pieces.
  • Save your leftover herbs – If you have herbs in a garden or have leftover herbs that you’ve purchased for cooking, they can be frozen and saved for use in these scented waters.
  • Use expired juices. If you have fruit juices that are past their prime, use them as a base in place of the water in these mixtures. They’re both fragrant and colorful.
  • Use expired spices. Spices are supposed to be replaced after a year, because they lose much of their flavor. But, they still smell good! Instead of throwing out old spices, use them for scenting water.

There are endless combinations for these scented waters. If you have some additional ideas, please share. I’m always looking for a new, pleasant scent for my home.

Natural Room Scents By Monica Ingredients
  • Citrus, sliced — lemons, oranges, limes (may use peel only, if preferred)
  • Herbs — rosemary, thyme, & bay leaves
  • Spices– whole cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice (optional), anise (optional); may substitute ground/powdered spices
  • Ginger (fresh or powdered)
  • Extracts–vanilla, almond, mint
  • Pine twigs (or other fragrant twigs)
Directions Use a pint (2 cup) jar, container, or pot to combine scent waters. Add ingredients to container, cover with water, and choose from these options:
–simmer on stove top, topping off with more water as it evaporates
–add heated mixture to a slow cooker, fondue pot, or something similar that will keep mixture heated. Preheat waters to a boil (in microwave or on stove top). As water evaporates, always top it off with HOT water to keep the temperature as high as possible. Higher heat = more fragrance.FRAGRANT COMBINATIONS:1. Orange, Cinnamon & Spice. 1 orange, 2 cinnamon sticks (or 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon), ½ tablespoon whole cloves (or 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves), ½ tablespoon whole allspice (or ¼ teaspoon ground allspice), 1 anise star (optional)

2. Lemon, Rosemary & Vanilla. 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary, 2 lemons, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

3. Lime, Thyme, Mint & Vanilla. 3 limes, 3-4 sprigs fresh thyme, ½ teaspoon mint extract, 1 teaspoon vanilla.

4. Orange, Ginger, & Almond. 1 orange (or peel from 2 oranges), 1 4″ finger of ginger, sliced (or 1 tsp ground ginger), ½ teaspoon almond extract.

5. Pine, Bay Leaves, & Nutmeg. Handful of pine twigs or needles, 4 bay leaves, 1 whole nutmeg, outer layer grated into mixture.

Scented waters may be refrigerated between uses. Reuse for 2-3 days, or as long as they still have a pleasant fragrance.


There is something very soothing,
about tea.
It wraps warmer around you,
compared to hot chocolate.
And it doesn’t leave you feeling as shaky.
for me at least,
has been a special drink.
Sweet and bitter at the same time,
and old as the hills the leaves were grown on.
There is something romantic
in sipping tea,
reading a book,
while the rain patters outside.
Of course the romance covers a history up.
A tragic history.
Slavery, white supremacy, imperialism.
But, I guess,
everything we love has a history.
We cannot just stop loving the things we love,
because of a problematic history.
Don’t forget the history.
Just, don’t be too hard on yourself
for events out of your control.


Tutu Pas de Chat for @sinfulwunders and her Button Rainbowcy

>>> Virtuoso || Natural Born Performer || Cat Person || No Sense of Humor || Perfectionist <<<

Tutu has a special love for kittens, leg warmers, herbal teas, and of course ballet. She is miss prim and proper, working tirelessly for hours on end to get as close to perfection as she can when it comes to the art of ballet. Will Peony or another future Button be able to help Tutu learn to relax, let loose and maybe even get a little dirty?

Also, ‘Pas de Chat’ is a ballet move that means ‘step of the cat’

TOU: Feel free to change anything you like. All I ask is that you do not reupload or claim as your own. Tag me, morgibritt, if you use Tutu in your game so I can see what she gets up to :)

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Neck kisses! I literally want all of them tho so if someone has requested that, ill take your pick of any of the remaining ones :)

I offer you this last humble attempt before I retire for the night. I wasn’t expecting to go there with this series, but this one turned out a bit more spicy than sweet. mrscdalloway wanted this one too. Is it warmer yet, Tea? ;) Hope you like it!

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