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What She Says: I’m fine.

What She Means: Jason Todd was the “Robin Who Died" and when he came back as Red Hood (Under The Red Hood 2004-2006) he was after Bruce for not killing the Joker and revenging his death. Bruce, after Jason’s death just metaphorically shrugged and walked away as he moved on to Tim Drake (No hate towards Tim, love that boy). But when Damian Wayne (Also love that boy), as Robin, died (Issue #8 of Batman, Inc. 2013) Bruce went mental and did nothing but search for a way to bring him back and revenge. Bruce was unwilling to accept the death. The only thing that stopped him from killing Heretic (Damian Wayne’s killer) was his resemblance to Damian. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK. Jason begged his father to revenge him, just once, but Bruce is willing to lose his sanity and entire code of conduct for Damian. Jason, being apart of the batfamily probably watched in absolute horror, as his own father choose his biological son over his adopted son. By now he probably has realized the wrongs in his past concerning trying to force Bruce to kill. Not to deemphasize Jason’s violent story, as he was acting as a sort of villain in the Under The Red Hood arc and forcefully tried to get his father to kill, but in Damian’s case, he would have done it without a second thought. Not only is this a major blow to Jason, but it is a poor representation of families with both biological children and adopted children, or even families with just adopted children, I’m sure. In short, the writers say that Bruce loves his biological son more than his adopted which is UNACCEPTABLE. Despite all of this, the writers did not exhibit how Jason was feeling during said arc which just isn’t fair to the readers OR the actual characters and their dynamic.


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watercolor floral tea towels by yaochengdesign

yaochengdesign’s multicolored watercolor paintings can be printed on multiple things, making them beautiful additions to your home as tea towels, stationery, art prints, and more!


Malcolm, off the top of your head, can you recite anything you have written in needlework form in your house that can explain every single thing that has happened in UK politics since the EU referendum?


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DAY TWO: floral wedding finds
featuring: floral graphic design 20x30 tea towels by mirdinara

Vincent Van Gogh
de tuin van Daubigny
oil on a tea towel


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DAY ONE: traditional wedding finds
featuring: typography tea towel pairs by blackbirdsupply

Tom Holland | Marry Me?

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Request: hi love! could you possibly do an imagine about tom proposing to you, but like can you try and make it different from the usual proposal? thank you! (send in requests)

Summary: Tom struggles to find the perfect moment to pop the question. 

Warnings: Deadass the most fluff I’ve ever written in my life

Word Count: 1.4K

Tom had been planning out your proposal for much longer than he’d care to admit to anyone, except maybe his mum; in fact, she was the first person to know about his future plans. It was right after the two of you had visited his parents home and Tom saw how well you had managed to fit into his family.  

He watched you laughing heartily with his brothers and talking avidly with his mother and he couldn’t help the smile that grew on his face as he leant against the kitchen doorway. Only one thought was running through his mind as he stared at you; I am a goner and when you glanced at him, a smile completely lighting up your face, he couldn’t help but fall in love with you all over again.

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watercolor tea towel // eggplant samba print by yaochengdesign

yaochengdesign’s watercolor paintings make beautiful cards, prints, and tea towels — there are abstract and non-abstract designs to choose from, and among my faves are these cute painted fruit-and-veggie patterns. my girlfriend danielle would love this purple design, too :)

Case #1 History: just a little off, maybe a bit weak? Not sure, eating fine, no vomiting, no diarrhoea. Slight exercise intolerance
Diagnosis: Severe haemorrhagic pericardial effusion

Case #2 History: panting a bit at home, didn’t greet owners when they got home, still eating, bright and wagging tail
Diagnosis: Severe pulmonary metastasis suspected from splenic haemangiosarcoma

Case #3 History: unusually active at home, no vomiting, no diarrhoea, unusual behaviour, no known access to toxins
Diagnosis: Acute anaphylactic shock

Case #4 History: a bit lethargic at home, still eating, drinking a bit more, pants occasionally
Diagnosis: Severe septic shock from closed pyometra

Case #5 History: happy, eating, one small vomit a few days ago, known scavenger but owners never leave anything lying around anymore, a bit off yesterday but brighter today
Diagnosis: Intestinal obstruction from tea towel

Case #6 History: never had any issues, today a bit sleepy, getting old so maybe normal? Has been sleeping a bit more lately but owner thinks due to arthritis, eating fine, happy otherwise
Diagnosis: Severe anaemia due to haemabdomen

Case #7 History: eating, drinking, urinating, defecating fine, sleeps normal amount for a cat, breathing seems fine, maybe a bit faster than usual? Still happy and smoochy
Diagnosis: Severe pyothorax

Case #8 History: small amount of diarrhoea a few days ago, one vomit, still bright and happy, sometimes a bit lethargic but otherwise normal, gave human NSAID for pain a week ago but never any adverse signs
Diagnosis: Intestinal perforation due to chronic NSAID administration

Case #9 History: a bit hyperactive at home, maybe wants to play? Eating fine, one vomit, seems a bit anxious sometimes but otherwise fine
Diagnosis: Amphetamine toxicity

Case #10 History: trembly at home, no vomiting or diarrhoea, normally an anxious dog but trembling a bit more than usual, no access to toxins indoors or outside, ate breakfast fine, no lethargy
Diagnosis: Snail pellet toxicity

Cases like this are why vetblrs and clinics you may ask for advice are never going to say ‘it’s probably nothing, don’t worry about it.’ All of these cases are cases I have worked with at my emergency clinic, and they all initially sound like nothing spectacular. But on on investigation it was clear there was definitely something spectacularly wrong. 

Not all dogs read the vet books where they are supposed to look like they’re dying when they’re dying (and especially not cats). Don’t get annoyed at your vet or vetblr for saying to get a consultation because you cannot know exactly what is going on with the animal without actually looking at the animal! 

So if you are getting the feeling that something is wrong with an animal, please do not ask a vetblr for advice and please do not ask a vet clinic to diagnose something over the phone. Get a consultation with a vet so they can work the case up properly!