tea time!




what: I’m organizing a meet up with all of my followers, I’m cheap so I’m thinking we converge on the astral plain during the next full moon

how: Drink a bottle of your local cursed Celestial seasoning tea (sleepy time or tummy mint will do, works best w/virgin tears), douse yourself in gasoline and fall asleep in the parking lot of your local denny’s. I’ll be there.


Let’s sing louder, louder, louder til we shake the ground
Scream it out, and shout, no doubt, just let your soul resound

I’m currently being killed by finals but this song is fun to sing so I went for it /o/

I had to pitch it down a) because Pony Canyon is ridiculously strict on copyright and b) it’s such a high energy song and I can’t hit those notes in headvoice and do it justice. It’s still pretty shaky but it was a lot of fun!!

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"Ah, that's alright~ I just wanted to check in. c: It's good to have a slow day every so often, yeah?"

“Yeah, it is, especially after everything that’s happened! We slept in, had a nice brunch of cheese and potato quiche, fruit salad, and the last of Wingdin’s pie, and I’ve cleaned and dried our bedsheets so we can go to bed feeling fresh.”

“Papyrus is back at school, Sans is busy with his online classes, and G has a pretty packed work week - so I’m actually looking forward to starting college again. It’d feel kinda lonely to be all alone again, during the day. Heh.”

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my dear sweet friend can you please confirm what this translates to and means?? (Ég mun finna þig í fjöru) I was told it's an idiom that means 'I will find you on a beach' i.e. I will get my revenge, is that correct? Thank you for your help!!

ahh yeah that’s pretty much correct! but just so you know fjara isn’t really… beach in the sense that’d u’d think? like we use strönd for those sandy beaches u usually see while fjara aka the beaches we have in iceland are different they’re more like this 

as in gray  covered with sand, rocks, seaweed and mussel shells + freezing ass water

so yeah, it’s like a vague threat (and i hope u see why it would be creepy lmao) or saying i’ll get my revenge on u

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"Hallo, Caddy~ Anything new happen today? c:"

“Oh, hi Kodai. There’s, eh, actually not too much going on today… I was just packing my bag for tomorrow, and putting some leftovers in my bento jar.”

“I’m not really that active on Undernet when there’s not much for me to talk about… I don’t really wanna bore anyone, y’know? But if you guys still want to ask stuff, even if it’s a little late, then I’m all done with chores for the day.”

Character Profiles

(In order of appearance) 

Alfred F. Jones: 19 yo. Freshman. Budding professional football player. Plays Wide Receiver but has Quarter Back potential. Major is Aerospace Engineering. Enjoys eating, sleeping, and playing video games.

Arthur Kirkland: 23 yo. Graduate student. Getting Masters in History. The Defensive Coordinator for the University football team. Never fails to have tea time during the day.

‎Gilbert Beilschmidt: Professional student. We don’t know why he’s still here- he should have graduated years ago. Integral to the University football team. Running Back and mentor for University football team.

Francis Bonnefoy: 26 yo. Graduate student. Getting Masters in Literature. Frenemies with Arthur.  Known to be a big brother to all students no matter what class they’re in. Also does modeling on the side.

Michelle Bonnefoy: 18 yo. Smart af and got into college early. Major is a mystery. Relative to Francis. Works as a Residential Assistant.

Elizabeta Héderváry: Suspected 20s (don’t ask). Major is Chemistry. Getting over a bad break up with Roderich Edelstein. Frenemies with Gilbert. Underground seller for provocative pictures of the football players.


Tea Time by Daniel Go
Via Flickr:
Kandle Cafe’s Lemon Ginger Tea

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Hey there! I just thought I'd pop in to let you know that afternoon tea and high tea aren't the same thing! High tea is actually an evening meal involving various food stuffs like cold-cuts and cheese, whereas afternoon tea is more like a snacky treat with cakes and tea!

Hi! Yes I know I know! Those are the traditional ways of viewing tea times, according past history of the meal. It’s funny because most tea rooms actually call their lunch “High Tea”, when according to the traditional definition - it is vastly different! 

According to modern definition, well there isn’t much of a set definition anymore. Every place is different: I see some places call it “high tea” only if champagne involved, others call it that no matter how much food is served with it. Tea times, tea parties, afternoon tea, high tea, scones and tea, cream tea, there are so many ways to have tea! 

Sometimes it is just easier for the vast population of people to call it High tea or Afternoon tea. I love tea and tea food no matter what the form or combination, or ratio of sweets to savories, etc. Every tea house does tea differently, so not many can actually qualify to call themselves by either traditional name - but why let that stop them? 

People now make their own definition of afternoon tea/high tea and have fun no matter what it’s called! 

Also I leave captions for reblogged photos in place - so if people call their tea, “high tea” that’s up to them!

(Thank you for everyone’s concern with correctly labeling tea! I often get Asks/Anons telling me this distinction between High Tea/Afternoon tea. I love how passionate the tea community is! These are my thoughts, but what do you think about the names High Tea & Afternoon Tea? Do the names stand now in modern tea times?)

My winter zenith observation has finally ended. I didn’t do everything I wanted but taking 10 days to really appreciate a season helps you enjoy so much!

I cleansed my space wonderfully and it still smells like winter green and refreshingness, I went ice skating in the first time in 6 years and took my best witchy friend who never went skating before. I also went to a dark winter fae themed fetish party with another witchy friend and I learned how to make soup dough dumplings. I infused pine gin, chestnut whiskey and peppermint gin for cocktails, I collected fallen snow water and tried wintermelon salted cream bubble tea for the first time. All that’s left I wanted to do was a sauna house, hot pot, bath spells to make and hot chocolate tour.

I felt like I didn’t do enough winter based magic aside from cleansing and cooking but I guess that’s good enough as there’s no quota anyway (and the zeniths are just meant to be passive celebrations of just ‘being’ during a season) but regardless magical duties are coming my way like the new moon (which I heavy duty clean and sometimes diet for) and Imbolctide begins for me this week!!