tea tim

Dick groans when he hears your loud cries for the umpteenth time that night. Jason kicks his chair and Dick rolls his eyes at his younger brother before standing up. He walks over to the crib to pick you up and you immediately curl on to his chest.

“This is going to suck.” Jason groans. “What are we going to tell Bruce?”

Bruce chooses that moment to step in with Damian walking behind him. “Who is that?” Bruce pauses, causing Damian to almost walk on to Bruce’s back but he stops himself and leans to the side, a frown evident on his face.

“Did father not tell you to wear protection – you should know better than that, Grayson. Tt.” Damian shakes his head as he approaches Dick and the toddler. The toddler is currently sniffling in to his chest. “Why is it crying?”

Dick sighs. “She is not an ‘it’ and well,” Dick looks at Jason who shrugs his shoulders, pretending to zip his mouth and throwing away the key. He rolls his eyes at that and turn to look at Tim who had been quiet the entire time.

Feeling eyes on his back, Tim looks up from the papers he had been sifting through and looks at the rest of his family sheepishly before clearing his throat. “So apparently, our mom has been turned in to a toddler.”

Damian’s head reels back from the information. “Mother?” He steps closer to Dick to look at the toddler and when the toddler turns her head to stare at Damian, his jaw drops slightly. “Father, she is mother after all.”

Bruce frowns as he pads over to his sons, a migraine forming. “How did this happen?”



Hello Lovely Fans! This is an update on the wonderful oval ring Tea wears, earlier story here. 

So, like the Protect Me necklace that both Tea and Tim wear, this ring was also designed by Kate Jones (@umajor is her shop).

Above is a close up of the ring, it is made of an antique mine cut diamond, 18k rose gold and two rubies, one at each side. A lot of symbolism went into the creation, which will not be divulged.

When you realize that little Robin’s not so little anymore…

Damian: I was going to spend the night with my special little lady –

Dick: *falls off the chandelier he was dangling from*

Jason: *chokes on the cigarette he was about to light up*

Tim: *wakes up*

Alfred: *accidentally pours tea on Tim*

Bruce: *freezes up*

Damian: – but she’s got worms and I had to take her to the vet.

Bruce, Alfred, Dick, Jason, and Tim: *collective sigh of relief*