tea shop

Walking out the store with her bags in hands, Avalon felt someone running into her from the side, jumping slightly as she almost dropped her green tea in to her shopping bag. “Woud you bloody watch where you’re going?” She snapped as soon as she turned around, “This–” She started lifting her bag a bit, “–Is silk imported exclusively from Jiangsu for me to ruin it because you couldn’t walk around like a normal human being?!”

  Cobbles Tea Shop, which I am posting for the autumnal-appearing foliage and general English loveliness; NOT because it happens to be in Rye (East Sussex, England) Nooo, that has nothing to do with it, nothing at all. 

   Sorry! Sorry! I have been off Tumblr awhile. All of the usual excuses apply. (image from my flickr)

For the sake of humanitea, get the man some goddamn tea


I love tea, and stepping into Townshend’s and seeing their wall of teas and lengthy menu makes my heart flutter every time. I’m currently (of course) in love with their pumpkin spice chai brewed with soy milk. The Alberta location is right next door to Back to Eden and is definitely one of my favorite study spots. 

Take a look at Townshend’s teas on their website!