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Okay… This place is damn huge. Has 11 “shops”, 5 apartments, and one studio office. 9 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms in the apartments (and more bathrooms in the shops). Fully furnished with no CC but uses GTW, Outdoor Retreat, and Luxury Stuff. 

  • Garden and gem shop
  • Wedding boutique
  • Bakery
  • Bath and Bodyworks-type-shop-thing
  • Tea Cafe
  • Asian-y Style Restaurant/Lounge
  • Music Store
  • Yoga Studio
  • Classic Restaurant
  • Photography Studio
  • Bookstore

If you plan to play this lot, I’d recommend nabbing this locked doors mod, because townies will go up in the apartments and shit. 

You CAN play this lot, technically. You can always buy the lot as a retail lot and just stay there, using the apartment(s) above.

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More pics under cut, and thanks to everyone that came to stream ;_;♥

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So… I finally bit the bullet and started a Patreon page. It is something that I have been considering for a long while. And after the not so great turnout at MCM, I have had to admit that I need a little help.


That is good news for you, Beverage Beasts! As a patron of Beastly Beverages you get exclusive content, samples of brand new teas before they hit the shop, a tea just for patrons! And lots of other fun stuff like exclusive prints, stickers and pin badges!

ereminions asked:

01 - Eruri :)

  • when I started shipping it if I did:

 A little less than a year ago

  • my thoughts:

The cutest shit I’ve ever seen. They’re soulmates I swear (I’m entirely too hardcore abt this)

  • What makes me happy about them:

That size difference

  • What makes me sad about them:

That neither have a good chance of living to the end

  • things done in fanfic that annoys me:

When Levi is all tsundere and uninterested tbh

  • things I look for in fanfic:

Enormous amounts of fluff omfg

  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:

I’d be cool with Levi/Petra but shes.. dead. And Erwin like swore off romance anyways and isn’t close to anyone else so idk

  • My happily ever after for them:

Living in a fucking cottage by the beach or in an apartment above a tea shop they own together and just being domestic as hell and growing old together oh m  t g od

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon:

Erwin is big spoon, Levi is little

  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity:

I feel like they (Levi) would be into gardening or smthn dorky like that bc they’re old af

mage-of-markarth replied to your post:// how do the British have any iron in their body…

The uk is just as screwed hun, but we do have some really nice tea shops. Lol. Particularly the one in the shambles in york.

The tea shops make up for it I suppose B) We only have a few good ones. We have one with a British owner, called The Ounce, and there’s two shops in Helsinki, and they have a bit steampunk-ish decoration and they sell tea by ounces, which is an unfamilar thing to the Finnish, but it just kind of makes it exotic :D That’s where I bought my Sanguine-tea. Well it’s called Sanguinello but the tea is red and practically named Sanguine so I call it “Sanguine tea”. I make lots of crack posts about it on askmannimarco. :’D You also have cheaper Indian food and lots of fried stuff, or so I hear. :D

  Cobbles Tea Shop, which I am posting for the autumnal-appearing foliage and general English loveliness; NOT because it happens to be in Rye (East Sussex, England) Nooo, that has nothing to do with it, nothing at all. 

   Sorry! Sorry! I have been off Tumblr awhile. All of the usual excuses apply. (image from my flickr)


I love tea, and stepping into Townshend’s and seeing their wall of teas and lengthy menu makes my heart flutter every time. I’m currently (of course) in love with their pumpkin spice chai brewed with soy milk. The Alberta location is right next door to Back to Eden and is definitely one of my favorite study spots. 

Take a look at Townshend’s teas on their website!