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When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.

  • emily: what on earth are you wearing?
  • lena: ah, well, it's sort of complicated...you see this harness, uh, i guess, basically it keeps me glued to this particular time stream. and i can also use it to control my own flow of time! pretty neat, huh?
  • emily: i suppose, but i actually meant *those*
  • lena, following emily's gaze down: ah. crocs.
  • emily: fascinating

i mean like ship what you want, but to regard stevebucky shippers as “only wanting to see two white guys together” whilst totally disregarding the fact that the MCU Cap writers have called them canonical soulmates and have written them an arc that directly mirrors that of your traditional love story, and also disregarding the extent and depth of their bond in the MCU, but grasping at straws for ways your het ship could possibly be made legit in the MCU is one of the most transparent examples of homophobia in this fanbase and it needs to End

What I enjoy while reading the Haikyu!! manga is to see Hinatas and Yamaguchis friendship bloom. So I just imagined them hanging out and doing stuff other than volleyball, and I got this feeling of Tadashi being a tea drinking person and Hinata enjoying just talking over a cup of tea with him. Just having a break from everything. More below about the tea and friendship:  

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I don't know why you you can't just enjoy your own ships and let others enjoy theirs in peace. I guess *most* ewruris just love being shit stirrers :).

Tea time for anon. Prompt: salty mother fucker

“Can you believe this?” Levi says. His feet are propped up on Erwin’s legs, a magazine opened in his lap.

Erwin does nothing else but hum. Levi tends to find a lot of things unbelievable, like houses with more than three bedrooms, life on other planets, and kale. Levi kicks his legs, demands him to answer him, and that’s when Erwin groans out, dropping his e-reader to rest on Levi’s knee. “What’s so unbelievable, darling?”

“This article is asking when I’ll be paired up with Eren in ‘Advancing Titans’.” Levi stares at him, face blank, dead eyes and quite, well, unbelieving.

“What?” Erwin offers him a side glance, and he’ll admit, he can’t believe it either.

“Yeah, listen to this,” he clears his throat, “'The relationship between Levi and Eren is so believable on screen, the fans have been waiting all season to see if the writers will be brave enough to take things a step further.’” His hand tightens around the magazine, glares up at Erwin, then continues reading. “'We ourselves enjoyed the scene where Levi gave Eren a bit of “tough love” in front of everybody in court.’“

“Oh my god.” Erwin mutters. He can’t feign the eye roll on his voice.

“Do these guys understand characterization at all?”

“I suppose not.”

“Oh my god… No! It goes on!”


“'And we are looking forward to the scene next season when Levi offers Eren a handkerchief when he has a bloody–’”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It’s gross…”

“It’s part of being a celebrity, darling.”

“Yeah but…”

Erwin smiles at him, squeezes Levi’s knee and leans over and places a soft kiss on Levi’s lips. “Everything is all right, because at least we’re canon.”

Levi presses his forehead to Erwin’s, nods shallowly as he returns a minute smile. “Yeah.”

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Man oh man your style is so pleasing to the eye! I love the why you draw a feline's facial structure it's just so great and well placed ;w; Your style just looks so organic and pleasantly sketchy and loose, it's basically what I always wanted mine to be like ahah! You also have great choices in Warrior Cats, Hollyleaf is amazing. What are your opinions on her and Fallen Leaves if I may ask? Uh so Have a great day/night!

you’re too kind aaa ;;;;; thanks so much!!
Hollyleaf is amazing…true…so lets see. her and *billy talent voice* Fallen Leaves? im not a big shipper but i enjoy their friendship. Fallen Leaves is a good boy

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May I present the pair of.... Ushijima and Daishou!!! Lawful neutral who plays for his own pride meets willful chaotic evil who plays for power, especially those whom he respects! Can you imagine the fights? And the make-ups!(I'd like to be Tea Anon)

Chill, dudes. 
My ushiships have something against Daishou-please don’t mind them-, but I can consider this. I guess. …gimme some time.