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was talking to a friend who I may have got into the Gladstone/Magica ship about if post Sorceress’s Apprentice they had to walk past each other in the office and Miss Quackfaster totally sees what is up


More merch for me! I ordered some stuff by @aileine from Redbubble (a mug, a notebook, some stickers, a print, a pillow) and I’m the happiest bean rn because my Eruri-collection keeps growing and seriously…her stuff is amazing and looks awesome on the products *__*. The quality itself is also very good!

If only the Eruris themselves could keep away from my stuff =__=

They take couple-baths in my tea (til Erwin farts at least)…

…and they try to take glances at my notebook. Those fuckers.

Tea Magick

In my (limited) experience I’ve noted that there are many ways to do “tea magick,” or magick involving the use of tea. Some forms are complicated rituals and other forms are very simple. I’m a busy college student with a general preference for the simplistic, so here are a few simple types of tea magick that are good for people who like simple magick or don’t have time for something complicated.

1) Sigils are a good way to make anything, even your morning cup of tea, magickal. I either create a new sigil or use one from my sigil book, depending on if I already have one for the specific purpose I need. There are several ways the sigil could be applied: written directly on the cup, written on a piece of paper and then adhered to the cup, written on the tag of the tea bag if you aren’t using loose leaf tea, or even possibly written in honey at the base of the cup before you pour in the water.

2) Pick a tea for a specific purpose and meditate on it while you drink. For example, I wanted inspiration for a story I was writing so I made the cup of tea based on the story: a blended tea with honey and a little sugar reminiscent of the character’s personality. Another simpler example is making chamomile tea with honey for the purpose of relaxation and soothing.

3) When the tea is fresh and hot, hold your face over it and feel the steam caress you. It’s very soothing and it feels as if the tea is reaching out to offer help and kindness.

The thing about these methods that I think is the best is that they’re versatile. You don’t have to be at home making tea to use these. You could be buying a cup of tea from Starbucks and scribble a concentration sigil on the cup with a sharpie on your way to class. Magick is all about the intent you pour into it, not if you’re the one pouring the tea.

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Harry talks, him dealing with your out of control hormones when pregnant.

I kinda just documented the whole pregnancy bc this talk got me excited. Xoxo


The day you and Harry found out that your family was expanding by one precious little human was quite literally the happiest day in both of your lives. There was nothing but loving words whispered amongst misty eyes and heavily beating hearts as Harry would gather you in a long, tight embrace; the fourth pregnancy test sitting on the bathroom counter bearing witness to Harry’s hands palming the soft skin of your belly from above your sweater and his kisses dropping down to your head, your damp cheeks, your dainty fingers.

The day your OBGYN confirmed what the both of you already knew in your hearts Harry had started documenting the pregnancy. He insisted you stand next to the wall, a sports bra on with your arms slightly cradling your still flat belly. With his Polaroid camera he took the first picture of hundreds. He had even gone out to purchase another vintage leather journal to start to document your eating habits, your sleep, mood, and any other comments he found pertinent. You loved how excited he was; he had a lighter air about him and as you two would lay in bed at night he would play with your fingers in the moonlight, giving breath to endless possibilities for your, his, and the precious baby’s lives. “Jus’ can’t stop thinking about the babe.” He’d have a far off look in his eyes that would cause you to fix him with a watery smile. “I can’t believe he or she is in there… a part of me and you, love.” And he’d pepper your face and belly in kisses amidst “I love you’s.”

When your morning sickness got bad Harry was right there with you, holding up your curly hair and rubbing your back. He’d make you warm tea before scribbling intently in the journal. You’d watch him curiously and he’d raise his head “finish your tea love..”

Your first sonogram filled both of you with a feeling that was indescribable. You had never seen Harry so humble, so soft spoken, and in awe. The room was nearly silent; it felt too holy too precious for any words. In that moment Harry would feel the closest he had ever felt to you.

You were the sweetest woman many people had ever met, even sweeter than the candies you had found yourself craving like crazy. So it came to a surprise to Harry when your first really bad mood swing surfaced. It would be over something silly like the lack of scented candles in your home (you enjoyed them more now that you were pregnant). Harry would be taken aback but would quickly compose himself as you felt a vicious temper flare. “It’s ok, love…” and “you want to go shop for some? We can go right now.” Harry knew you like the back of his hand so he knew his calm tone and sweet, coaxing words would help bring you down; you were his wife after all.

But Harry was the absolute best during your third trimester when the pain in your feet became unbearable and even the mere mention of Harry leaving to the store had you breaking down in tears. He’d massage your swollen feet for hours without complaining, engaging you in silly conversation that would have you laughing so hard the baby would kick. And he’d drop everything to be by your side and comfort you, showing you the polaroids of your growing belly and the sonograms that would make your feel so content. And when you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, he’d wake up at the call of his name and help you rub cocoa butter on your round belly and tell you stories about his band days, causing you to giggle and forget that your back was aching and your stretch marks were spreading.

And when that fateful day came when your water broke, Harry was right by your side, never once leaving you even when you cursed his name and cried during labor and delivery.
And once your precious little angel was in your arms, Harry would call your name softly before giving you the leather journal that had been by his side as he was by your side through the pregnancy. You’d hand him your precious baby before opening the journal with shaky fingers.

I’ve never thought I could love her more than I did yesterday, but as I held her in my arms, the doctor affirming three times that life is growing inside of her, my love for Y/N grew tenfold….”

With tears you would flip to another page, the first sonogram stuck to the thick page. The fact that Harry had written little love notes amidst the documentation of the pregnancy would cause you to burst into tears.

“Shush, love. Don’t cry..” Harry would murmur lovingly down at you, the small addition to your family asleep and looking so perfect in his arms.
And you’d smile up at him through your tears, three words on your lips and an intense, burning love deep in your heart.