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I was having difficulty finding where to start with my Book of Shadows.  A lot of the resources I found online are for Wiccan BOS, which I don’t follow, so a lot of the information was superfluous to me.  I was just going to save this privately, but figure perhaps there was someone else that was struggling with where to start as well. Ill make more posts as I expand on this, but in the mean time here are some ideas for chapters in your BOS.








Odes to Deities

Reference Index, Including:





The Elements and their correspondences

Moon phases

Deities and their Correspondences

Sigil references

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S/o baking and setting up huge fun party stuff for just Oliver and them as an apology for the scary pranks

Awww so cute!

Oliver was a little hesitant to accept s/o’s invitation to the patio. What if there was something scary there? All of those pranks had gotten him paranoid. Even a simple request to get a glass of water for them got him nervous. Still, there was a chance it wouldn’t be terrifying. Maybe it’ll be a nice surprise. He walked to the back and opened the door with his eyes closed. Once he opened his eyes he gasped. A tea party? “Um..poppet, where are you?” he asked quietly, still admiring all the decoration. “Hi Ollie!” S/O greeted, popping out from behind the pastel balloons. Oliver squeaked in response,only to calm down. No masks or monsters. “What’s all this?” he asked curiously. “Well…I noticed how scared you’ve been because of my pranks so I wanted to make it up to you!” S/O replied happily, revealing the numerous sweets they made for him. “So, I hope you like it!” they added with a smile. “ Oh thank you, poppet!” he replied, wrapping his arms around them. S/O kissed his cheek. “I’ll try to scare you a little less, okay?” they offered. Oliver nodded happily, glad to come to a compromise. 

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How would the 2p's react if they would meet themself as girls? ( sorry fir bad english )

The 2Ps meeting their Nyotalias

2P!America: Wait, what the hell? You look like me?! *checks her out* Wait… you’re probably nothin’ like Porkchop… Heh *throws an arm across her shoulders* I think we’ll get along just fine, Miss Rebel~ *they start taking selfies while holding up inappropriate hand symbols and send them to 1P!America*

2P!China: Hey there cutie~ *tries to flirt with her but then realizes she looks just like him* Hold up, what-? Oh… you’re one of those ‘Nyos’! Funny, I never thought my genderbend would be so fucking adorable… Hey, let’s go annoy Kuro together! *laughs and grabs her hand*

2P!England: *gapes and slaps his hands to his cheeks* Oh my goodness gracious, well aren’t you just a precious little angel sent from heaven above? *fanboys over his Nyo’s frilly pink dress and pigtails* You are too cute!~ Would you like a cup of tea, poppet? Come in come in; we have so much to discuss!

2P!France: You’re kind of creepy-looking… wait, what did you just say? What do you mean I look like that too? *sighs* Guess you’re right… whatever. So… are you gonna leave or…?

2P!Russia: *tilts head* The more the merrier, I suppose. *looks down* I just hope scary Ivan doesn’t have a Nyo as well…

2P!Italy: Tchh… We all know I am the alpha Italy… however, *scans her, slowly grins* You’re so much cuter than Felicia; would you like to come in for a glass of wine? Also, tell me about your ambitions…

2P!Germany: *grins* Yo, I heard you were supposed to be girl-me! *goes in to high five her, pauses with his hand in mid-air* Wait… *smile falls* Why do you look like you’re gonna kill me…?!

2P!Japan: It’s a pleasure to meet you. *bows* …Let’s run the Japanese black market together.

2P!Canada: *grunts* Hey. *waves halfheartedly* Uh… nice Mountie uniform.

2P!Romano: *internal screaming* She’s… you… I… yoU’RE PRETTIER THAN ME?!!!!? *falls to knees, sobbing* Bella you are too beautiful, I can’t handle it–!!! *cries until she helps him up*

2P!Austria: *evil cackle* This is too perfect!~ *gets down on one knee, gently grabs her hand and kisses it* My glorious demented counterpart, may I ask for your partnership in raising hell? Ohohoho, thought so~

2P!Prussia: It-It’s so great to meet you… *smiles softly* You’re really pretty… And you have scars just like me… Wow, and you look so strong. Can I call you my big sister? :’D



I work at Teavana so I can get you any kind of tea that we have there!!

(Teavana is partnered with starbucks, and I can get a once a week free markout from them, so I could prob get you some coffee too, you'd just had to let me know ahead of time. Also From my observation if you want a specific blend, they may or may not have it depending on the location.)

Black cat fur

Cat Whiskers

cat claw shedding/clippings

Bearded dragon shed pieces

Rat fur (White, Grey, Black, Blonde)

Rat Whiskers

Empty Wasps Nest

Rose Quartz Chips

Fish bones (Found at the beach)

Beach Glass

Lake Erie Sand

Lake Erie Water

Ohio Nature

Assortment of beads colored beads

Blue Dyed Howlite

Purple Tissue Paper

Juggalo Tarot Deck (ex got it for me knowing I like tarot decks, pls take it from me)

Rose Of Sharon Seeds

Live Marimo Balls

Whole Basil leaves from my plant

Random Fabric Scraps

Whole Garlic Cloves


Dirt from my deceased rats graves  (if you're into that)

Black dog fur (Newfoundland) 



Rose Petals

Rose Beds

Anise Seeds/Pieces

licorice root


dried hibiscus 

rose hips

rose hips peels

Cinnamon stick pieces


lemon peels

marigold petals

lemon verbena

coconut chips

vanilla pieces


coriander seeds


 Rose of Sharon Pods

Black Salt

Things That I am looking for:

 Animal remains/dead things. I am a death witch and am wanting Bones, Skulls, Furs bits, Pelts, Horns, Antlers, Scales, Reptile Sheds, Quills, Feathers, Mummified, Wet Preserved, Wings, Claws, Hooves (and or trimmings from hooves), teeth ,fossils. (I would love teeth, and goat stuff so much but anything will make me happy tbh)

Other oddities such as  Obituary Articles/Clippings, Antique Medical Tools, Antique Shaving kits, Old coins, Black and white photos/cabinet cards, Skeleton keys, Ouija boards, haunted items/items with strong spiritual energies, tarot cards,  medical diagrams, other Victorian or paranormal stuff.

Anything with death deities such as Hades, Thantos, Heccate, etc aswel as Baphomet 

Graveyard dirt

thorns, baneful herbs[like fly argenic etc] , and anything else used in death witchery.

Altar items such as an altar cloth, cauldron, candles, incense, runes, Mortar & Pestle,

 plants, terrarium kit,

Witch books! Love me some witch books, bottles/jars with lids I’ll take anything! 

herbs I have not listed that I already have.


I really want a wand. I would love a bone one, or one with bone accents, or just something with a death witch vibe.

Gemstones/minerals of all shapes and sizes. Let me know what you have! I’ve already got a ton of Amethyst tho. (Really want some moonstone, bismuth, peridot, garnet, opal, rainbow aura quartz, )

Gemstone/Chakra Jewelry



Handmade stuff

Dream catchers

Sage bundles, or other Herbal Cleansing Sticks.

Things to help me relax. I’ve got horrible anxiety, depression, and self esteem issues. So bath bombs, teas ,smoking blends, charms, poppets, pouches, stones, jar spells or just anything that you know helps with those sort of issues would be fantastic.

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