tea peter


[peter quill x reader]

author’s note: wooo guess who watched gotg vol 2 today. i loved it. wrote my med hum essay and then wrote this immediately after. awesome mix vol 2 got me in the perfect mood for this haha.

word count: 1,358

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  • Peter: I made tea.
  • Tony: I don't want tea.
  • Peter: I didn't make tea for you... This is my tea.
  • Tony: Then why are you telling me?
  • Peter: It's a conversation starter.
  • Tony: That's a lousy conversation starter.
  • Peter: Oh, is it? We're conversing. Checkmate.

The Holland boys and Harrison better end up marrying one of us lovely people

what to do when you have a crush on your best friend 

[peter parker x reader]

author’s note: watched homecoming last night and i loved everything about it. this took a while to write because i kept getting distracted, and that title is whatever because i literally couldn’t think of anything else lolol

word count: 2,369

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Proof that Peter Parker is not straight

He fucking sucks at driving. He’s terrible. I mean look at this

No only can this bitch not stay in his lane, he can’t even make a turn without flipping the car

anonymous asked:

"i'm sorry i trapped you in my web that doesn't dissolve for a few hours, i thought you were stealing that"

“Seriously, Peter? Seriously?”

“I’m sorry I trapped you in my web that does not dissolve for a few hours.” Peter looks at you sheepishly. “I thought you were stealing that.” He looks away guiltily, rubbing the back of his neck.

You narrow your eyes at him but as much as you want to be mad at him, you really could not bring yourself to do even if Peter did trap you in this web of his. “I saw your backpack laying on the ground, Pete – I was not going to steal it. I was going to return it to you.”

Peter winces at the sincerity behind your voice and he looks at you again. “I really am so sorry, Y/N.”

You huff. If you could cross your arms, you would but since your entire body is trapped in this substance, you can’t so you settle with narrowing your eyes at him. “Yeah, me too.” You say obnoxiously before letting out a sigh. “Sorry, I’m taking my anger out on you.”

Peter shakes his head. “You shouldn’t! You have every right too – I, I am going to stay here with you until that dissolves.” Peter exclaims. “That’s the least I can do.”

You try to tilt your head when an idea comes to you. “How about you take me out for dinner when this thing dissolves?” You eye the spider-web and Peter flushes at your suggestion.

He nods his head, trying to fight the grin that is threatening to appear on his face. “Yeah, yeah, I’d like that – I mean, I can do that. Just as soon as it dissolves.” He tells you and you finally give him a smile. You really cannot fault him to be honest – Peter did tell you how many times he has already lost his backpack.

  • Wade: Here you go, a nice hot cup of tea.
  • Peter: It's cold.
  • Wade: Uh, nice cup of tea.
  • Peter: Does this have salt in it?
  • Wade: Cup of tea
  • Peter: Is this even tea?!
  • Wade: CUP

title: “Contagious” (Peter Parker Imagine)

characters: reader x peter parker, daughter x tony stark

word count:1,263

warnings: fluff&stuff, fatherly shit, swearing.

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