tea party illustration


One of the very best things about doing what I do is the people that I come into contact with. A while back I was contacted by France McClure. She told me a wonderful story about her husband and their daughter. She wanted a custom piece of art to give them for Christmas. Here is a little of what she said and I think you’ll agree that Todd is without a doubt a candidate for Dad of the Year:

My husband Todd is the most amazing father you can imagine. Our little girl is 5 and their relationship is so special and unique. He had a heart attack at the end of the summer and we were very lucky that he has made a full recovery. But it did make us realize how precious life is and this is why this art is going to be so special for us and he’s going to absolutely love it. Our daughter loves fairies, mermaids, unicorns, princesses, loves to be fancy, loves dressing up. She loves to wear capes and being the hero. She is creative and brave. Together they love playing pretend, they play ocean (with bed sheets and get all dressed up in their bathing suits), she loves doing daddy’s make up and dressing him up in crazy costumes. Lately, she wears her unicorn costume everywhere, or sometimes it’s a princess dress and they play tea party. The thing she says a lot these days is “This is the best day ever!” Every night, he lays with her until her falls asleep. He says “I’m going to do this for as long as she lets me, one day, she won’t want me to”. And she asks him to tell her stories about fairies or mermaids or unicorns and he will tell her stories until she falls asleep.

Thanks McClure family… you guys are amazing!!!


Little dryad Willa and her friend Herbeart have tea. Herbeart’s favorite tea is chamomile, but his special favorite is the tea made from Willa’s flowers. They’re quite wonderful, and the rabbit knows this, that’s why he’s munching on them. The macaroons are actually mushrooms with faerie cheese in the middle.


This weeks Animal Alphabets Fairy Tale Edition was M for Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland. Respect for a man that can pull off pants like these lol