12/06/2016- Pony acquisition post #388: G3 World’s Biggest Tea Party Sharing Tea with Pinkie Pie and Minty set!

Year released: 2007

Oh my goodness! A lucky ebay haul got me this rare G3 set! This set was only released as merchandise at the venues which hosted the G3 live show, the World’s Biggest Tea Party! As you all know I’ve had a recent fascination with the show, even theming my birthday after it, so finding a piece of merch for it was fantastic, especially MIB! This set comes with a brushable Pinkie and Minty brushable, as well as some tea party accessories. The set itself just reuses accessories from previous sets but what makes it different is the unique packaging to the set, with this really cool polka dot motif and the World’s Biggest Tea Party logo! I’m so happy to have it in my collection!

Original Condition: MIB

Flaws: none

Restoration materials: none

Current condition: MIB!

Oh damn. I’m so in love with this arc in One Piece I can’t help but draw something with the characters we’ve seen so far. 

Not finished. Not sure I will finish it so I show it to you for the moment.