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The Thedosian Pantry

From Seheron to the Korcari Wilds, the adventurous traveler will find a few of the same foodstuffs everywhere people prepare food. Regional variations abound, of course. One might find tea in Par Vollen, but few in Redcliffe would have even heard of the stuff. Tisanes - herbal infusions - they would know, but actual tea leaves? A rare, ultra luxe import, at best. At the other extreme, everyone knows what salt is.

This list applies equally whether the cook habitually prepares food for one or for fifteen, or whether the householder is as rich as a magister or as poor as a city elf.

I’ll start posting regular recipes again soon, I promise, but maybe this is better than nothing?

Staples (dry, non-perishable foods):

  • Grain (rice, barley, oats, spelt, millet, quinoa, etc): cooked whole, it fills the belly and provides necessary energy
  • Dried Legumes (beans, lentils, peas): cheap, wholesome source of protein (canned beans are especially convenient)
  • Salt
  • Vinegar: (wine and cider are most useful) brightens the taste of most foods, also aids in food preservation
  • Oil: regular olive oil is indispensable in most kitchens, but households that often fry foods at high temperature might also want one with a higher smoking point (you can use regular olive oil in baking and no one will ever know)
  • Pasta: one might argue that whole grains fill this role, but there are times when an hour is too long to wait for dinner, and its cost is hardly prohibitive
  • Preserved Vegetables: canned tomatoes, corn, beans, can be combined for a quick meal, or for emergency provisions
  • Canned broth
  • Canned soups (emergency meals)
  • Canned fish/poultry (chunk light tuna has the lowest mercury levels of the various tunas, but pink salmon is safer)
  • Peanut Butter: comfort food or emergency rations? You decide.
  • Flour: If you have nothing to eat but flour, an egg or two, and a pinch of salt, boiled dumplings are better than going hungry
  • Leaveners: baking powder, baking soda, yeast
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • Soy Sauce
  • Onions: all savory foods are better with onions
  • Garlic: ditto
  • Important note: store your onions, garlic, and potatoes separately. The onions will cause the potatoes and garlic to sprout and eventually rot. It isn’t economy if you have to keep throwing food away because it’s gone bad.

Cold Storage:

  • Cabbage: Can be served cooked or raw, seasoned in any number of ways, and lasts for weeks when kept cool, even if pieces are cut off. The edges will discolor after a few days, but pare off the discolored part and the rest will be fine. Only discard when it starts to feel soft.
  • Carrots: delicious, nutritious, inexpensive, and last for weeks
  • Lemon Juice: Versatile for cooking, but a splash of it makes tap water more palatable
  • Eggs: an ingredient in many recipes, but a quick meal in their own right
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Prepared Mustard
  • Mayonnaise
  • Milk
  • Butter

Spices and Herbs: Seasonings are expensive, but they last for a long, long time and add vital variety to the most boring diet. I consider the following essential. Others might disagree. My list excludes dill and tarragon because I dislike the taste, but many people would consider both essential.

  • Basil
  • Bay Leaves
  • Cardamom, Green Whole and Ground)
  • Cayenne
  • Celery Seed
  • Chili Pepper, Crushed (Crushed Red Pepper)
  • Chili Pepper, Ground (ancho, chipotle)
  • Cinnamon, Stick and Ground
  • Cloves, Whole and Ground
  • Coriander
  • Cumin
  • Fennel
  • Ginger, Ground
  • Mace, Ground
  • Marjoram
  • Mint
  • Mustard, Seed and Ground
  • Nutmeg, Whole
  • Oregano
  • Paprika, Sweet, Hot, and Smoked
  • Peppercorns, Black, Whole
  • Rosemary
  • Sage, Ground
  • Thyme
  • Turmeric


  • Vegetables (especially broccoli, spinach, kale, peas)
  • Store dry chili of any type in the freezer to avoid paprika bugs
  • Protein: fish, poultry, meat, tofu (buy it in bulk, divide into portions, and freeze)
  • Leftovers, portioned into meal-sized units (resealable bags rule)
  • Bread, when purchased on sale (best toasted before use, though)

Wrap “protein” foods first in kitchen foil to exclude air from the surface to prevent freezer burn, then bundle like items together in large resealable bags. Label all food going into the freezer with the contents and the date. Some food is best if you cook it straight from the freezer (frozen pizza, anyone?), but for solid foods that need defrosting, thaw food rapidly and safely in cold water. For larger items such as a whole chicken, put the item in a large bowl, cover with cold water, and thaw in the refrigerator. It will still thaw faster than it would in the refrigerator without the water, and much more safely than it would at room temperature.

A well-stocked pantry can get you through just about anything from surprise guests to an unexpected month without income. Just be sure to rotate your stock so you aren’t using the carrots you just bought while last month’s gets moldy in the crisper drawer.

neverbefake  asked:

Jesssssss write jikook based on this "Imagine Person A of your OTP noticing for the first time that Person B has to stand on their tippy-toes to kiss them. A can’t stop laughing. B’s reaction is up to you. Either way, more kissing and cuddling ensues."


jungkook didn’t try to notice. he was distracted by something else most of the time anyway. but this time he maybe, might’ve remembered that he’s never actually seen the way jimin looked right before they kissed. the way his eyes fluttered closed, and the way his lips pursed to meet jungkook’s. but then he looked down. 

jungkook burst out laughing, doubling over and grabbing his stomach. “you’re…you’re so short!” he exclaimed, smiling widely at the older. jimin crossed his arms, sighing. he pouted, eyebrows furrowing together by how discontent he felt at the fact that jungkook, who was 2 years younger than him (”i’m 2 years older than you! i lived 2 years longer! i’ve eaten 2130 more bowls of rice!” and jungkook still laughed) was taller than he was.

“jungkookie, i’m not that short…” the sound of laughter emit from jungkook once again, continuing, and continuing, and continuing-

he fell to the ground, short breaths escaping his mouth in heaves as he snickered once more, watching jimin frustratingly stare at him. “you’re a jerk,” jimin complained, a grin painting the sun across his mouth, so brightly.

“and you’re short,” jungkook stuck his tongue out and backed away before jimin’s swung hand could land onto its designated destination. he had stopped laughing, pushing himself up from the ground slowly. “but you’re short and cute. you always have to tippy-toe for us to kiss, i can’t believe i never noticed it.”

“it’s not my fault i got short genes,” jimin laughed, swaying himself back and forth, pressing down on the ball of his feet. “just because i’m short doesn’t mean i don’t get authority in this relationship.”

“yes, it does. my little jiminnie can get babied by me if he wants to.”

jimin threw an offended look towards the other, “that triggered my feelings somehow. i am wounded,” and then erupted a melody of laughter from inside his stomach, leaning against jungkook for support.

jungkook pushed jimin down onto the couch, giving him butterfly kisses. his nose, his forehead, his cheeks, his ears, his eyes. mwah. mwah. mwah. mwah. jimin’s harmonious giggles filled jungkook’s ears with delight and he smiled widely. 

he whispered, snuggling into the older’s neck, “you’re short, and cute, and possibly the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

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Tea Party

Basically I thought of Mabel making Agent Powers a pile of mush with her natural charisma and I couldn’t get it out of my head. Kind of a sneak peek for this Agent Powers-centric story I’m writing up in my drafts.

He doesn’t know how this ended up happening- all he knows is one second he’s trying to leave, the next she’s inviting him to a tea party and the one after that he as hypnotized by her big, pretty brown eyes and he’s agreeing to go to her tea party.

She opens the door and smiles. “Hi, Mr. Powers! Come on in. You’re right on time.”

She’s a bit… younger than he remembers her being. She looks to be about eight.

“Yes, I make it a habit,” he replies and walks in and finds a table made for someone more her size and a bunch of stuffed animals in chairs and a small tea set on the table.

“Here’s the seat of honor- that’s where you sit,” Mabel explains.

Powers pulls her seat out for her. “Here, you sit first.”

“Why, thank you,” she says with a huge grin and giggles as her seat’s pushed in.

He takes his seat and blinks as a tiara is held out to him. “What?”

“You’re supposed to wear it,” she says and then pulls out a large pink boa. “And this too!”

“I don’t wear frilly stuff,” he insists.

“Please?” She asks, pretty brown eyes looking up at him pleadingly.

Hypnosis is real and she’s the source.

“Alright, I suppose this time I can make an exception,” he grumbles and puts on the tiara and the the boa around his neck.

Mabel has a purple boa and a tiara as well and she pours air into his cup. “Here you go! Drink your tea.”

“There’s no tea in this,” he states.

“Use your imagination,” Mabel says while sipping her tea of air.

He sighs and pretends to take a sip.

He sniffs the air. “Is something burning?”

“My biscuits are burning!” Mabel shouts and runs out of the room.

Powers sighs and then turns to look at a teddy bear with a vest and a monocle. “So… how long have you been here?”

As expected he gets no answer and he leans back in the chair a little.

Big mistake.

The chair breaks under him and he ends up landing on his tail and he groans quietly in frustration.

You’ll buy her a new one, he tells himself as he imagines how troublesome it will be to have to deal with a crying girl.

She comes back in and rushes over to him. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” he assures.

She places the platter of biscuits on the table and helps him up. “C’mon, you can sit in my chair. It can old Grunkle Stan really well.

“Um… okay,” he says and sits in the chair. “But where will you sit?”

“Here!” The little girl clambers into his lap and he blinks owlishly.

“I don’t think that’s appropriate for a tea par…. ty,” he trails off as she begins to pout and he sighs. “Though I suppose I can make an exception.”

“Thank you, Mr. Powers!” She says while hugging him around the neck.

He blinks in surprise at the warmth in his chest as she does this and he pats her back lightly. “You’re welcome…”

“Now, Princess Powers, will you pour the tea?” Mabel asks.

“Uh… sure, Princess… Mabel.” He pours the tea and sets the plastic kettle to the side.

“Pinky out, it’s fancier,” Mabel scolds as he picks up his cup.

“Oh, right,” he nods and then takes a sip.

Oh, this is perfect blackmail, Stanley thinks from his office while watching the surveillance footage being recorded.

A Trip to the Zoo

Summary: A continuation of the Par Tea AU , specifically the zoo date mentioned in this little continuation drabble ~ Featuring NicoMaki joining Nozoeli on the fun little trip.

Notes: I apologize for taking forever to finish this, but I hope its everything you guys wanted~ Thank you for taking interest in this silly little au, and also thank you for reading, commenting, reblogging and liking ;;u;;! it means a lot;; <3!

Word Count: 4,139

“Mama! The door bell rang!” Kira sat at the table, a piece of toast in her hand as she watches her mother work in the kitchen.

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♣ Ever After High: The Hat-tastic Tea Party Planner ♣

“Grab your teapots, teacups, and tiny hats! Madeline Hatter and some of her BFFAs (best friends forever after)–Apple White, Briar Beauty, Cedar Wood, and Cerise Hood–are throwing the most hat-tastic tea party ever! Brighten up a warm cup of tea with this book of wonderlandiful tips and tricks. Inside you’ll find tea-rrific finger sandwich recipes, elegant par-tea invitations, and party games that even Earl Grey can play !”

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Coming Soon ;3 !

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so an anon asked for some sort of destiel thing with jobs and stuff in honor of thier first job and… well this is what happened! Highschool au, Dean and Cas have jobs at the mall, stuff happens

(warning-artistic liberties taken as I have never worked at a pretzel place or tea shop… I googled “tea puns” to help me with this

I hope you enjoy this anon!!

“Oh hell no,” are the only words Dean is able to form as he lays eyes on the blue and red striped monstrosity Charlie is presenting to him. They really expect him to wear that? In public? At the mall, where people can see him?

“Oh come on Dean, it’s not that bad!” Charlie insists, flopping down on his bed next to the Pretzel Hut uniform she’d brought him. “I mean, I wear one. And I make it work.”

Dean raises a doubtful eyebrow at that and Charlie rolls her eyes. “Ok, yeah, so maybe it sucks a little. But come one Dean. I really don’t think you can afford to be picky right now, mister ‘I’m going to go out of my freakin’ mind if I can’t buy my own pair of wheels soon help me Charlie oh gracious goddess please I’m begging you.’”

It’s Dean’s turn to roll his eyes at that. “I don’t remember it going down quite like that,” he says as he picks up the uniform and holds it in front of himself, scrutinizing his image in the mirror. Man, vertical strips are not his thing.

“Yeah? Well I do.” Charlie moves to stand beside Dean, flinging an arm around his shoulder and meeting his eyes in the mirror. “Dude, seriously, it’s gonna be great. You and me working together? We’ll be running that place by Tuesday!”

Dean takes a deep breath, squares his shoulders, and lets it out. Charlie’s right. He can do this. He’s Dean Winchester, and he’s going to be working with his best friend Charlie, and he really does want that car.

“All right,” he says to their reflection, “let’s do this bitch.”

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Afternoon Tea Par-tea anyone? (I am SO sorry!)

A traditional afternoon tea was served on the last ever Concorde flight 

Who doesn’t love an afternoon tea? I mean… It’s an extra meal! (No, it does NOT replace lunch OR dinner). It’s a separate entity that only happens once every so often, which means you appreciate it more. You savour those crustless sandwiches and the tiny cakes that you must have at least 10 of before you’re remotely full.

Talking of extra meals… Did you know that in the 1840s, people only ate two meals a day, breakfast and dinner? Anna the 7th Duchess of Bedford complained of a ‘sinking feeling’ in the afternoon. She began having a pot of tea and snack in the afternoon then introduced this habit to her friends in London and the trend quickly spread. Thank goodness for Anna! I would definitely feel the same way :D 

In 2011, the Cliveden Hotel created the world’s most expensive afternoon tea at £550 per person – containing gold leaf, truffles, caviar and the most expensive coffee in the world (£50 per cup!).

There are also a few different variants of this ‘extra’ treat! There is Royale tea, which is afternoon tea served with champagne at the start and High tea which was taken later in the day and was a more substantial savoury meal, it got it’s name because it was eaten at the dinner table, compared to afternoon tea which was taken in armchairs. I think there’s probably enough time to fit afternoon tea and high tea into a day, right? 

Then there’s cream tea, which is just scones and tea. In Devon, scones are topped with cream then jam, in Cornwall they are topped with jam then cream and arguments abound over where the cream tea was originally founded. I wonder what they’d think of our Apple and Blackberry Scones? 

The highest afternoon tea can be found in Dubai where you can have an afternoon tea on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. 

There really is no excuse not to like afternoon tea. It’s popular all over the world and you can tweak it to include all of your favourites, both savoury and sweet. So here’s’ the question: What would you absolutely have to make a part of your afternoon tea?! 



Tea Rose par AyuAna