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What do you think about Demi promoting detox teas on Instagram?

I think it’s terrible tbh. Detox teas are just a form of laxative which is so incredibly dangerous and especially as someone (her) with such a huge audience of people in recovery. I was so disappointed when I saw it. I get that she does it for the money but I think as a NEDA spokes person and someone who is in recovery herself you can’t be promoting things like that ESPECIALLY when she explains the teas as a part of her self love journey. NO. Detox teas are not the way to go about loving yourself.

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Number 94 for the drabble challenge?

94. “I had a bad dream again.”

**You didn’t give a pairing so you get poly sanders ;) **

A sniffling pulled the two cuddling men from their private world, causing them to turn towards their source- the crying boy in the doorway.


“I had a bad dream again.”

Logic and Morality both went and gathered the younger into their arms and lead him back to their bed.

“I’m gonna go get some tea,” Logic stood up, but Anxiety grabbed the hem of his shirt and tugged.

“Prince already has,” He sniffled.

As if he heard his name, Prince entered the room with a mug of steaming tea in his hands and handed it to Anxiety, wrapping his hands around Anxiety’s own shaking ones and helping him take a sip.

They all four sat in silence while Anxiety drank the tea, and when he had the entire mug drained, they all wrapped him in a hug, and laid back with him on the bed, holding him in the middle.

They knew from past experiences that it was best not to press Anxiety for information now, not when he was still so shaken up; but to comfort him. Hold him firmly, whisper sweet calming words, hum softly, and just be a reminder that he wasn’t alone.

In the morning, they could hear about his nightmare, but for now, they would simply stay by his side, as a reminder. As a comfort. 

As a good dream.


01. Full name: Rosalie Becker
02. Best friend: Her books //shot
03. Sexuality: Bisexual
04. Favorite color: Pink
05. Relationship status: Single
06. Ideal mate: Someone who’d sweep her off her feet, who’d support her in her writing and would listen to her talk and be interested she’s pretty easy to please
07. Turn-ons: Grab her face, pin her against a wall, hold her hips. PICK. HER. UP.
08. Favorite food: Small plain cakes, bread, shortbread cookies. Things that go well with flavored tea.
09. Crushes: Ell, Rysk, Hale (all of which belong to my girlfriend), Sud ( @zephyrfuse )
10. Favorite music: Calm music, things she can play in her bookstore. Piano, violin, etc
11. Biggest fear: Her bookstore flopping, or anything happening to her siblings
12. Biggest fantasy: Being a princess Being recognized for a book she wrote, being able to help people through her writing
13. Bad habits: She stumbles a lot. Literally and over her words when she speaks.
14. Biggest regret: Not being able to help her older siblings more.
15. Best kept secrets: She doesn’t have many secrets..A lot of her characters are people she’s met before? She won’t admit to it though.
16. Last thought: “I wonder how many deliveries I have to do today..”
17. Worst romantic experience: She’s never actually been in a relationship before.
18. Biggest insecurity: Her thighs. That she may be boring.
19. Weapon of choice: Splatterscope
20. Role Model: Primarily, Colette (her sister) and Julius (her brother)

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I still can't believe the OUAT producers don't realize what an impact Robbie caused on the show. I mean, if they could only notice us all going crazy because I the lack of Pan in the show, they would never kill him TWICE. That's really disappointing.

Yeah, I agree. As I’ve said previously, they only care for their main characters. There’s one thing I’ll always be bitter about: Rumple’s “villains don’t get happy endings” line, which he said to Pan before killing him (both times). How does that justify killing Pan (twice) when Rumple is considered a major villain (with no possible redemption) and wants a happy ending with Belle? I call BS, but that’s none of my business *sips tea* just my opinion.

I could keep going but I’m too tired lmao. I’m not watching it currently but I’m keeping an eye on the Black Fairy’s storyline to see if Malcolm is brought into it.

Ok, I have seen some really nasty anons on this topic recently, and it has really been bothering me, so I thought I would add my (totally unasked for) two cents.

One of the cruelest things you can do to a fic writer is call their OC boring, or stupid, or dull. For a lot of writers, our OCs are at least some reflection of ourselves, and when you say these things, you are making a character judgment not only on an OC, but very likely on the character of the writer as well. Best case scenario, the OC is nothing like their creator, and you are just tearing apart a character that someone put a lot of time, thought, and care into.

I’m not saying that every OC is going to be your cup of tea, just like you may not be crazy about a particular writer’s style or the POV they write in, and that’s fine. And there are things in fandom that definitely need to be addressed (I have a major issue with erasing or changing sexual identity, for example), but I genuinely feel that criticizing or belittling an OC because you personally don’t find them interesting is just… So unnecessary.

Kindness counts, kittens. I know a lot of people on this site are dealing with a some pretty deep stuff, and the reality is that, most of the time, we have no idea who the person on the other side of the screen is or what their life experiences have been. Maybe we need to be a little more mindful of that, and instead of sending hateful/hurtful anon messages or making vague posts about how boring other people’s OCs are, just take a step back and remember: this is supposed to be fun.

All my love,


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Hey. I'm curious. Do you REALLY want to be thin? I mean, seriously. If you did you'd drink some tea and stay out of the kitchen. Look in the mirror. Weigh yourself. Are you happy? How about instead of stuffing your face you watch your favorite movie or get some work done? It's your choice though, ovbiously.

Thank you 💕💕💕 I’m going to have some tea now.

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Lbh physical attraction is important too. Do you really think that Clarke looks at Bellamy that way? because I don't see any evidence at all






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Nah, I think she cares about the health of his lips, and she always checks him out to see if he’s wearing his jacket. She doesn’t want him to catch cold.


pls watch this 


Some good Josuke faces