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Meet the mods!

hey so, in celebration of 1k followers (!!!!) we’re making a meet the mods post! Here are some of the people behind the kitchen disasters! 

Mod Taako- howdy I’m Taako or Cat and my main is @prettytaako I’m a big gay that’s dating mod krav & I like to put ramen cups in the microwave so they catch on fire. (They/she)

Mod Krav - Mod Taako’s gf, my blogs over at @foxaes !!! I only learned how to cook eggs two years ago, but i make some bomb pumpkin muffins.Not as active on here as the others but love all of yall

Mod Magic Brian- hey whaddup my dudes!!! my main is @daredevil-vagabond and im an expert at making peach bread and shrimp scampi from scratch but some experimental dishes [peach syrup in chai tea and throwing eggs off the second floor] turn out,,,pretty bad! a selfie:

Mod Garfield - Hi! It’s me! A girl? A worm? Several raccoons in a trench coat? My main is over at @slogthor and I go by slog or like, whatever. Every set of pronuns are good. I like to be a good cook who makes absolutely no mistakes ever in my life.

Cazador Caravan Black Friday Sale!

I know it’s a little early but I have a trip that was unscheduled that I have to take by Tuesday the 28th so I need some money for a bus ticket. Because of that from now until Monday the 27th all Prickly Pear and Mormon Tea products are 15% off! 


Not only that. I’ve added more items to the shop. 

File Hunting knife with Antler Handle

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All of these are stout blades made from high carbon steel files ground down and heat treated to maintain an edge.They my highest quality knives yet and every one comes with a sheath. 

Plus more added today! 

So head on over to my shop for gear, blades and Prickly Pear suckers & syrup! 

People who are YouTube famous: Million dollar houses, sports cars, adoring fans who send nice messages.

People who are Instagram famous: Always travelling, attractive as hell, living off fit tea sponsorships.

People who are Tumblr famous: Lives at home with family, insomniac, gets called trash 24/7, what is money??, irrelevant

  • Hufflepuff: How's your summer going? Have you read a lot of books?
  • Ravenclaw: No. Most days I plan to start a book and I instead spend hours analyzing the story of the last book I read and forget to start the next one.
  • Hufflepuff: Okay... well have you done anything else with your time?
  • Ravenclaw: No. Well, I did go outside once, but that was a mistake...

in which Saeran can’t forgive himself for trying to hurt MC…i cried while drawing this 


never let them go

thank you @supahgays @alexxdanverrs @sanjunipero1987 @meredithsgrey @dianaprincedc @eleanorrshellstrop @maggiesawyer @aunicorndumbass @sawyermaggie and @sawyerdnvers for telling me why sanvers matter and what they mean to you. 


sassy Slytherin!Yoongi🌵🐍

Thanks for help me out with this important experiment. I think we’ve proven definitively that while there may be no stupid questions, there definitely are plenty of stupid answers.  I feel like we’ve made significant progress for humanity today. Thanks, guys… I’ve got a tea party to run off to, but don’t forget to register for gishwhes.com before tomorrow at 1 PM PDT if you want to win the autographed prize pack from me!



Everyone is saying that the neutral is The Announcer and that’s a fantastic point!

But consider… the absolute true neutral in the entire game is the Hourglass on the loading screen y’all

Look at my boy being so excited about time just look at him 

The Signs at the Cafe:

Aries: Dunks their hand into the Americano to see how the scars form.

Taurus: Contemplates their order slowly while eating tea bags off the counter. The barista is getting impatient.

Gemini: Pours salt into their coffee. They pour salt into everyone’s coffee. Someone should stop them.

Cancer: Makes up a little song about their breakfast sandwich and sings it quietly to themselves while staring at new customers.

Leo: Grinds the beans with their teeth.

Virgo: Asks for cream. Just cream. All the cream.

Libra: Brings their own beans and espresso machine that they plug into the wall. They tip generously.

Scorpio: Completely naked. They order a large tea and combine every bag into the same cup. They live on the edge.

Ophiuchus: Sets up a small gambling ring in the ladies bathroom.

Sagittarius: Walks behind the counter and makes their own damn coffee. They brought their own apron.

Capricorn: Orders a cup of raw lemon juice and drinks it in one shot while making eye contact with the barista.

Aquarius: Hides in the waste basket, attempting to get other cafegoers to pour drinks directly into their mouth.

Pisces: Arrives carrying a broadsword and a submachine gun. They order a caramel latte that they feed to the coyote accompanying them.

Winter Witchcraft

❄ Gather pine cones

❄ Collect feathers from winter fowl. Do not collect feathers if you live in the     US!

❄ Collect snow and melt it. Charge the water under the December full moon to     create a powerful snow water to use in your winter spells. Use snow water to     protect your house and hearth, to charge your magick tools, and to purify         your amulets. Snow water possesses healing powers.

❄ Have a winter bonfire to celebrate winter solstice.

❄ Set yourself goals for the new year.

❄ Take a walk under the full moon when the snow is reflecting its light. This is        a time for reflection and visions. Record you experience and any important        thoughts or visions you receive. 

❄Stand outside in a blizzard and feel your energy restoring. 

❄  Brew yourself a cider. Add herbs and fruits with certain correspondences for      December such as joy, peace, family happiness, etc.

❄ December is a time for reflection of the passing year.

❄ Do Yule baking and incorporate kitchen witchcraft. 

❄ Weave a wreath with holly and plants that correspond with protection and         yule.

❄ Burn incense of cinnamon, patchouli, frankincense, orange, and myrrh.  

❄ December is a time for hearth and home magick.

❄ Burn candles throughout your home to invite positive energies, coziness,           and peace. 

❄ Collect evergreen, holly, cedar and pine clippings.

❄ Forage for rose hips.

❄ Tie up any loose ends you have in your life.

❄ Finish this years grimoire and add any last minute touch ups.

❄ Collect dried leaves. Define their properties and put them in your herbal             grimoire.

❄ Brew yourself new tea combinations to start off the new year with.

❄ Make witch balls and other magickal decorations to hang on your yule tree       and decorate your house with. 

❄ Make winter solstice lanterns.

❄ Throw a sprig of holly into a yule fire to burn away your troubles from the            past year.  A large amount or if thrown into an indoor fireplace may be      poisonous, use with caution!  

❄ Make a yule log. 

❄  Throw a ritual or celebration to welcome back the sun.

❄  Use elements from nature to decorate your home.

❄  At the end of the month do a deep house cleansing to remove all negative        energy and to give the new year a fresh start. 

Have a happy Yule! 

==Moonlight Mystics==

On the Devil himself

Hey I’m in a rare mood bc I just thought on this for a long time now and I love the Devil a ton even if I don’t draw him as much. So just take this with a grain of salt, and hear my HCs and portrayal of him out:

Anyways, I’ve recieved asks about what I see Cuphead and Mugman as and I’m gonna say they have always been adults to me - they drink alcohol and gamble. If they had an age I’d say 20 to 22, legal but young and foolish enough to get into trouble (of course, if you see them as kids then yeah that’s great too, even if that’s not my views)

So here’s the thing: The Devil was just doing his job?

Like sure he’s Satan and the villain of the game, but Cuphead and Mugman choose to challenge him themselves. The devil didn’t taunt them nor trick them into this - no, Cuphead got too greedy and went ahead anyways, and gambled his soul away

And I’m pretty sure the rest of the bosses in game chose to find the devil to make a deal with him using their own soul. They did it via a conscious choice. All the devil did was to accept it bc hey!!! It’s a soul so why wouldn’t he?

He’s a business man first and foremost and the ruler of hell and the casino. Honestly, I see him being a pretty fair boss to his employees - like he’s Satan, not a heartless Monster, thank you very much. I feel that you can ask to work at the casino and all you sign is a job contract, not a soul one

Obviously the Devil’s pretty ruthless and cunning bc running a business does need that trait. But anyways, yeah I don’t see him as a 100% villain bc it’s all Cuphead’s and the rest of the contract signer’s fault for being too greedy and made a deal with him in the first place. You are your worst enemy, after all.

And the fact that he’s a crybaby? I adore this. I really do bc it just makes him not a flat character? He’s the scary boss of the entire Casino and he’s got everyone wrapped around his finger, but he’s emotional and not exactly an evil being in regards to contracts and that makes me cherish his character so much.

Witch Tip #2, Reuse Tea Bags!

So you’ve just had a nice cup of tea, and if you’re anything like me, you hate wasting things, _especially _tea

So what can you do with your now used tea bag? Tons of things really! Just because they’ve been used, that doesn’t mean they don’t still have power in them!

☆ 🌱** Feed Your Garden **🌱 

▪Empty the leaves into the soil for added nutrients 

▪Brew a weak tea and water your plants with it. It’ll help protect them from fungal disease. 

▪Alternatively, take out the staple and throw the bag into a compost bin for some great fertilizer 

 ☆ 🌹 Use the Herbs in Magic 🌹 

▪Empty out the bag and let the leaves dry 

▪You can then use the leaves in spells, bottles, mixes, anything ya want 

▪Make a weak brew and use it in washing wood floors to give it a shine as well as cleansing negative energy from your home 

 ☆ 🌘 Glamour Magic 🌘 

▪Add the leaves to a bath and say what you wish for them to do

 -Tea has some great uses when used in a bath! 

  •Black tea helps skin/hair and burns

 •Mint tea helps sinuses

  •Chamomile tea relaxes and soothes

 •So does lavender! 

▪Tea baths also have magic uses!

 •Mint - Wealth, healing, protection

 •Peppermint - Healing, love, purification

 •Cinnamon - Divination, prosperity, physic abilities

 •Vanilla - Happiness, love, trust

 •Licorice - Love and lust

 •Chamomile - Happiness, trust

▪Do the same on a smaller scale with a foot soak to soften calluses and nourish your skin!

Final words

Moist tea bags should be refrigerated to avoid bacteria growth, but like all natural things, it has an expiration date. Trust yourself if your tea bags smell off, it’s time to throw em into the compost bin for good!

I laugh nervously at your question. “Do I practice witchcraft? Well, I… dabble.”

Right on cue, several mice tumble out of my pocket with overpriced crystals strapped to their backs. My mug of tea starts frothing and shooting beams of light everywhere. 

Maniacal voices are chattering right outside the window. “USE QUARTZ FOR EVERYTHING!” they say. “HERE, HAVE ANOTHER RECIPE FOR A SALT SCRUB!” 

We both hear faint singing, and we instinctively know it’s coming from the moon. The words are hard to make out, but it sounds something like 🎶 You’re a fucking liar…🎶 

The fae, emboldened by my weak-ass answer, bring their hunting party straight through my living room. We’re left sitting in the wreckage, and I’m clutching my mug of tea. It’s still giving off faint sparks.

“It’s… It’s just a hobby,” I say quietly.