tea nook

 U stroll in from a long day at work and place your bag down and head to your favorite place in the room. We all have that place where we feel most comfortable where the world slips away when its just u and earl grey a book and you’re nook. Your nook is aesthetically pleasing to u as u see relaxation. A place where worlds are at your fingertips. 


Introducing our new and improved Tea Nook! Aka, what to do when you don’t really use your kitchen table :p

Total Cost of redecorating:

$5.00 for accent scarf - thrift store
$4.00 for dollar store black and green acrylic craft paint

The mirror was part of an old dresser a roommate left behind.

The teas are ordered by level of caffeination, with red, herbal and non-caffeine stimulants on the left, with mini marshmallows and stevia (plant-based sweetener) in the black jars; and black, green, white and oolong teas, coffee and hot chocolate on the right, with the highest level of caffeine on the bottom ;)

You can probably notice its not done, I’ve taped off and started painting one of the chairs to match, as I realized I would need a sealant for the furniture because acrylic is a water-based paint. So the total cost will go up after I find a good enough (and inexpensive) sealant! And the additional paint :p

However, I am so proud of it. I now have a list of other improvements or cheap(er) projects that I want to start! If you guys like these, stay tuned for more as they happen! Otherwise, I’ll just stick to my writing.

What do you think?