tea muffins

You are in a café with me, what tea do you order?

1. Rosehip tea: Which book did you love when you were younger?
2. Oolong tea: Which book series could you read again?
3. Rooibos: What is one of you favourite books?
4. Strawberry tea: Tell me about your first kiss, if you had one.
5. Apple tea: Tell me about your first break up, if you had one.
6. Earl Grey: Which countries have you visited?
7. Chai: Where do you want to travel next?
8. Darjeeling: What languages do you speak?
9. Hop tea: Do you have a favourite tea? Which one?
10. Herbal tea: Which person would you chose to travel the world with?
11. Nettle tea: Are you jealous on a person? Why?
12. Ice tea: Do you miss somebody? Why?
13. Yellow tea: What shampoo do you use?
14. Peppermint tea: What is your favourite gif at the moment?
15. Ceylon tea: Do you have a song you like, but have bad memories with?
16. Hibiscus tea: What is a song you can always hear?
17. Flowering tea: What is a movie you can always watch?
18. Pu-erh tea: What is a book you can recommend to others?
19. Turkish tea: What is your favourite cake?
20. Green tea: What was the first movie you saw in a cinema?
21. Blueberry-Muffin tea: Tell me a memory, which makes you smile.
22. Panda tea: Do you have pets? Which one?
23. Butter tea: Show / Tell me about one thing i your room you find awesome.
24. Hot chocolate: Do you have (a) stuffed animal(s) sitting in your room? Which one(s)?
25. 24 flavors: What is your favourite word?
26. Jasmin tea: Can you draw / paint? Wanna show me something?
27. Kombucha: What do you order on a pizza?
28. Cloud tea: Which movie do you want to watch next?
29. Gunpowder tea: If you had the chance: would you go to space?
30. Matcha: Bonus question of you choice! I might answer…

Strawberry Ice Cream On A Winter Day

For @forfutureglory - miss you, bean 😘

The front door closed with a foreboding sharpness. Steve winced, lacing his fingers together. Holly grinned up at him. “So what are we gonna do, Stevie?”

It was a Saturday. A perfectly good Saturday, which he could have spent with Nancy and Jon—maybe down by the quarry or in his house, watching movies and eating too much popcorn. But what was better than quality time with Holly Wheeler?

Nothing, surely. He’d been honoured to accept the offer of babysitting. Karen and Ted Wheeler were working on their marriage, according to Nance; a weekly date had been ordered as some sort of mandatory counselling homework. Steve hated the idea of turning spending time with a person into work—you should just want to be around them, drawn together by crazy cosmic forces, or just dumb luck; happening to stumble upon one another and realise that their presence was the most perfect thing.

Steve hummed, tapping his toe and chin. “I suppose… make a gigantic fort and stuff our faces with ice cream.”

Holly squealed, clinging to his leg. “You’re my best friend!”

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Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 4.)

CHAPTER TITLE: Are You Jealous?

Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (pre-apocalypse)
Negan and Simon see you having coffee with one of your classmates.
Word Count: 7,618
Warning: SMUT!!! (Angry sex, masturbation, voyeurism, and dirty talk)
Author’s Note: Man, oh man. I am having so much fun writing this. I hope everyone that is reading this is enjoying it just as much as I am writing it!! Enjoy!!! :)

Taglist: @oceaninwinter

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After a week of non-stop working at both bars, it was finally your day off. Negan and Simon made your second job much easier and you quickly learned all the drinks at Simon’s bar. Business was booming in both businesses and it seemed like the ongoing feud between Chris and Simon was slowly dissipating.

You managed to sleep in until ten-thirty in the morning. As usual, you reached for your phone to look through your emails and unread text messages. Your classmate in one of your classes had sent a message to meet up later today for a cup of coffee. You agreed.

Though, as you continued to read through your messages, you noticed the group chat that you shared with Negan and Simon. It seemed like both men had sent pictures to you. You giggled, simply because Negan and Simon taking photos of their breakfast was a bit hilarious.

Negan: Breakfast is fucking served.
Simon: Omelette? That’s what you made?
Negan: What the fuck did you make then?
Simon: [picture message sent]
Negan: Pancakes? What the fuck? Who do you think you are? Gordon Ramsay?
Simon: A woman loves a man who can cook.
Negan: I can fucking cook!

You laughed quietly, deciding to send both men a photo of you lying in your bed. You were lying on your side, a pillow covering half of your face and the blanket up to your shoulders. Awaiting their reply, you decided to stretch your limbs before climbing out of bed to make yourself a cup of coffee.

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Jon Bellion Ooh  

AN: This was supposed to be short. edit there was a mistake but i fixed it hella too late but…. its still trash as fuck though

I don’t believe that you’re from New York

You’re from the sky, past our view of space

Don’t bullshit me, tell me you’re an angel

Steve had dragged them out for an early morning run and he was already pissed. It was way too cold and quiet for his liking and Sam was there he hated Sam. But Steve had promised him that he would buy them the biggest breakfast they could eat so he managed for the time being.

When they had finally stopped running for the morning he had the biggest plate of waffles and bacon in front of him and he couldn’t have been happier. Sure it was nearly 8 in the morning and he had run 15 miles but he had food and was sitting in a warm cafe.

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*wheezes* I’m so nervous, but I said i’d join when my friend did, so….here I go…tossing in my sona ;-;

Name: Cherry
Species: Ancient lava monster hiding in a robotic suit (because they have trouble regulating their own body heat)
Small summary: An extremely shy creature wanting to bring others happiness through the sharing of flowers. They own a small flower shop were they make small arrangements to be delivered for birthdays, anniversaries, or if someone just wants to be nice and have some flowers sent to someone randomly. They even make flower crowns enchanted with a small amount of magic to help lift your spirits. The upstairs of the building is a small tea room for customers to relax in, drink some tea, have a muffin. 
Cherry is a bit of a shizeshifter as well. Normally they stand at about 5′3″ (though it sometimes varies). When they get very nervous or anxious, they tend to shrink up and scurry off to hide somewhere, so don’t be alarmed if this happens. 

Cool - Tony Stark

Originally posted by vintagechicdisney

Prompt: inspired by Gwen Stefani’s song Cool.

Warnings: The reader’s last name has already been decided for the story.

N/A: This is a little gift for my baby @writingfortheavengers .

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It was half past midnight. The warm breeze gently swayed her hair as she closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation. Sitting on the edge of the pool, she paid no attention to the young man approaching in slow steps. Tony wasn’t one to express his feelings out loud, but how he loved those moments that he could observe her in the moonlight. She was beautiful. Breathtaking in the simplest way. 

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Birds of a Feather: Part 2

Request:  Can you do a part two to birds of a feather? It was so good I need more 😭😍

~I am overjoyed to know you wanted a part two to one of my stories. I am over the moon right now. :D I hope you enjoy!~

This is part 2 of another story! If you want to read part 1, here is the link!

You and Newt had been taking care of your little bird for two months now. He had not told you what kind it was and you had not really thought of asking him. You were too busy spending time with Newt, having tea with Newt, telling jokes with Newt. Everything in your life had turned to Newt and your bird.

Hearing a knock on the door, you looked up from your book and smiled. He’s here.

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Cafe AU Things Part 2

Every single one of the ninja have their own orders they love.
You can bet Cole likes the blackest and unsweetened/no creamer coffee Zane’s got.
Nya probably gets like a iced tea and a blueberry muffin, or an ice cap on really hard days with the kids.
Lloyd gets a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and chocolate sauce, along with a sugary muffin (like the ones that have little cubes of sugar and chocolate chips in them).
Kai gets a mixture of half hot chocolate and half coffee with a creamer or two. It’s an off-the-menu thing he gets every time, along with a donut of some kind.
Jay drinks an ice cap with extra whipped cream and a chocolate-lovers cookie (like he needs any more sugar).
Zane just enjoys making himself a frozen hot chocolate in the mornings with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, or any other frozen drink he sells.


Title: Witchcraft

Characters: sister!Reader, Dean, Sam, Rowena.

Summary: The reader wants to learn witchcraft from Rowena but the boys don’t think is a good ideia.

Word Count: 2476

Warnings: Swearing.

A/N: I did this for my friend. She loves Rowena and really wanted a fic where the reader is her student. Feedback welcome :)

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You got in one of the cars in the garage of the bunker and left pretty much two hours after your brothers went on a hunt. They asked you if you wanted to go with them.

“Vampires? Nah… Don’t feel like it.” – You said walking pass them to go to the kitchen.

They followed you.

“What? You love chopping heads! What’s going on?” – Dean asked, looking at you for signs that you were lying.

“Nothing! I just wanna stay in for a while, gonna do some study on those new books we found.”  - You said, opening the fridge to grab the cheese.

“Alright! We’ll leave in thirty.” – Dean said, more to Sam than to you.


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