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PICKLE: this is getting outta control! what am i supposed to do at work if i keep sprouting leaves!!

SONG: well, maybe if you didn’t put everything you touch into your mouth then you wouldn’t be in this mess!

PICKLE: you weren’t complaining about my mouth last night, heh heh~

SONG: …where did i go so wrong in my life to end up in this moment of time?

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Hey there, I was wondering who's sims 4 stories you would recommend. I don't mean gameplay pictures, more like written stories. Examples of some I like: @Tea-sims Applegate legacy @blarffy Greene legacy and yours of course. My dash is just devoid of post right now. Thank you so much! Ily!

Hiya sweetheart!! This was super hard to put together because some of my favourite stories are gameplay legacy stories!! But I’ve tried my hardest to put together a few of my fav ‘written stories’ heh!! I hope you enjoy!! I LOVE YOU TOO!! 


Fantasy (can anyone rec me more fantasy stories?? i need them!!)


Comedy (stories that make me laugh!!)

I know you mentioned @blarffy & @tea-sims in the ask, but I also love their stories!! 💕


Jax: You lied…You brought me here just so they could make fun of me again.

Hadlee: I would never!

Jax: Shut up!! I thought you were my friend! I thought you were the only person who cared, but you’re just a bully too…I hate you.

Hadlee: What the-

Jax: I HATE YOU!! Don’t ever talk to me ever again!

Jax’s voice starts to crack before he starts sobbing uncontrollably again. Not even caring if Hadlee sees

Jax:…please *sniff*……just go away….

Hadlee even starts tearing up at the sight of her friend in pain. She doesn’t know what those boys did to him but it must have been terrible. She attempts to comfort him one last time.

Hadlee: Jax…..I’m sorry. If I hadn’t left……I’ll leave you alone, if that’s what you really want….


Hadlee: Goodbye Jax.


“I haven’t…done that, before.”

He was absolutely still for a moment, and then his fist ripped a piece of bark from above her head and he reeled away from her. “You’re a virgin!?” He bellowed into the forest. A flock of white parrots burst out of the trees above them and fluttered away, chattering in alarm.

“Must you be so crass, Sullivan?” Effie pleaded, wringing her hands. She was fairly certain her face was redder than the morning’s sunrise. “You don’t need to speak as if it’s a bad thing!”

“Why didn’t you say anything!?” He shrieked, his voice unnaturally high.

“I thought you knew, but why would I mention it anyway?!”

“I thought it was an act!” He marched back to her. “You’re 21? And you’ve never slept with a man? Have you done anything with a man?”

“Er, I had to kiss Othello in high school once but it was just on the cheek.”

“You’ve never even been kissed!?”

“Well, yes…you kissed me when we first met?”

Sully staggered away from her, looking faintly sick. “I did - you were -”

He looked terribly pained by it all. Effie felt concerned for his blood pressure. “Would you like some tea, Sullivan?”

He waved a hand at her, doubled over and braced himself against a tree trunk. “I thought you were playing the long game - your first kiss - don’t you feel violated?!”

Effie left him to his existential crisis and started getting some things out of her pack. “I’m going to make you some tea.”

Okay I was tagged for that simblr book club thing so yep here we go.



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