tea is done

Called it. (rants about kris for ten thousand years)

We all know Kris won’t delete his tumblr.
Because it’s been what, over two weeks since he said he would?

But so far he’s lied about changing and such multiple times.
so why would this be any different?

All he’ll do is make a new blog IF he decides to actually do what he said he was going to do. (Delete his blog)
OR he’ll just rename it.

He won’t delete it.
Especially not without making a new one.
Probably under a new name too. Either Nathan or Koda. Or something.
Who knows.

I posted the video on what i believe was the 8th of this month?
and a day after he said “I’ll keep my account up for a few more days so people who want to come on anon and give me anon hate to make themselves feel better can go right ahead. “
Well Kris it’s the 26th.
And I’m still calling bullshit on your lies.

New here? Don’t know who kris is?


You really never change, do you Kris?


@Louis_Tomlinson: And I may add tea with no sugar is the ONLY way !

"Louis adores America but can’t do without a few home comforts. The Doncaster-born singer stocked up on tea so he could drink traditional English cuppas on the road." +

@Louist91: You can’t go to bed …


He liked how she roasted his coffee as dark as he asked, until it was almost burnt. He liked how she asked how he was doing, and how she listened earnestly when he spoke to her. He liked making her blush.

And he really liked her bow.

some kindly anon gave me an au where ava was a barista at a coffeeshop and odin was a struggling writer who practically lived there, and it was so cute I had to draw it

my current sexuality: ava’s hair bow and odin’s hand in his hair hot damn



(fic) that weird green shit

warnings: stupid fluff i’m sorry

Eren’s still a little breathless when he looks up at Levi and smiles. “Armin told me a story about it today.”

This is just a really dumb short thing about mistletoe. I started writing it a little while ago and I wasn’t gonna finish it, but here we are. So um… HAPPY HOLIDAYS??

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[Self Care via Productivity:

One of the reasons why we avoid things is because the ‘start-up’ cost is too high compared to the pay off. Breaking tasks into smaller activities (that you may or may not chain together) can help significantly reduce the start-up cost, making you more likely to do not only the first smaller task, but the entire thing.]

This is especially helpful for those of us who struggle with executive processing issues (which a lot of people with PTSD do.) Instead of “I need to study”- start with “I need to open my text book.” “I need to read the first paragraph.” and smaller tasks like this. 

Instead of “I need to clean my room” pick one task to start with “I need to bring a garbage bag in here then I can throw away the trash.” 

Don’t pressure yourself to continue the chain, just one task at a time. Most people find it significantly easier to continue the chain so long as they only continue to focus on what the next small step will be.