tea infographic


Call me crazy, but I’ve been counting objects. I don’t write meta, but I wanted to chip in with my two cents. The best predictor for future behaviour is past behaviour, so these are my predictions for what to expect from season 4.

Now, I know very little about cinematography, so if there are rules about how to count these things, I have probably broken them. I’ve simply put down every time someone mentions, touches or in any way interacts with an object on screen. I have also included objects that are ignored by the characters but are prominent on screen because of the way they are filmed. If two people in the same scene interacts with the same object, I have noted it twice.

These visualisations show which objects appear in which episode. I also have statistics on the characters, so I am planning to make more visualisations if you like these.

When I started this meta-adventure, I had help from


Thanks a lot for helping me get started!

Edit: I’ve just checked TAB and my numbers are off on several measurements. Gngh! I’m looking into it and will get back to you!