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Foodie Friday: Healing in the Kitchen

Servings: Varies


-1 tbsp peppermint leaves (about one tea bag)
-1 tbsp chamomile (about one tea bag)
-½ tsp cinnamon
-½ tsp ginger
-¾ cup boiling water
-¾ cup honey (raw local honey is recommended)
-Optional: Powdered sugar, Powdered vitamin C, or Cornstarch for dusting

1. Steep your herbs in the boiling water for about 10 minutes, then strain and save the tea.

2. In a small saucepan, combine the tea and honey and heat to a gentle boil over medium heat.

3. Continue boiling until the mixture reaches a temperature of about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep careful watch, as honey can burn very easily.

4. Take off of heat and allow the syrup to cool for about 5-10 minutes.

5. Transfer syrup onto parchment paper in small spoonfuls (recommended teaspoon) and allow to cool to room temperature.

6. If desired, dust the lozenges with powdered sugar, powdered vitamin C, or cornstarch. This will absorb moisture, keeping the lozenges dry and preventing them from sticking in storage.

Note: The consistency of the lozenges may vary. There are several factors that play into this, including water loss, honey quantity, temperature variation, and weather.

Magical Ingredient!

Here in California, we’ve been blessed with some lovely rains! And while it’s absolutely wonderful to see the green come back after five long years of drought, it does come with a few downsides. The first is that mosquito populations boom. The second is that erosion issues that we hadn’t anticipated are cropping up all over the place. And the third is that with more moisture also comes a new rash of cold and flu.

Kitchen witchcraft is not limited to delectable dinner dishes. Nor is it limited to baking or crafting culinary delights. It is also very practical and encompasses herbal remedies that can be worked in the home. And so, it seemed right to share a recipe for homemade throat lozenges. All of the ingredients are tools of the kitchen witch, from the water to the tea, but of all of the ingredients, one stands out: honey.

Last week, we covered various alcohols and how liquor has been a staple of human consumption for most of human history, but honey mead is one of the primary drinks that come to light in that topic. In addition, honey has been a natural sweetener that humanity has loved since the dawn of time, even reaching a state where its presence represents prosperity and happiness (”land of milk and honey,” anyone?), and even wealth due to its golden color.

This image of wealth is further ingrained when considering the hard work put in by honeybees to produce honey, followed by their ferocity in protecting it when the hive is low on stores. Much like how one would work hard to acquire or earn wealth, and then protect their money when it’s been obtained.

Honey is, by far, one of the most cherished ingredients for its antibacterial properties and its natural sweetness. It is a natural preservative, and is far healthier than sugars due to its chemical makeup. In addition, it is an ingredient that has helped make many much more environmentally aware…

Domesticated honeybees (from which we get most of our honey) will produce close to 80 pounds of surplus honey per year, which is why beekeeping has been such a successful trade for so many centuries. In the late summer, beekeepers will remove wooden frames from the hives on which the surplus honey is stored (contrary to popular belief, the majority of beekeepers harvest honey in non-invasive ways which don’t stress the colony, and never harvest the stores the bees require for survival). This honey and the comb are then separated, processed (in some cases), and made ready for sale. By the time it reaches the plastic bottle as a clear golden syrup, it’s been pasteurized (depending upon the country’s health regulations) and processed.

From the store, one can pick up either processed or “raw” honey, which contains trace amounts of pollen from the nectar the bees had used to make it. This makes raw honey an excellent way of bolstering the immune system against the symptoms of seasonal allergies, in addition to the other traits honey has.

Honey’s composition is roughly 17 percent water, with most (not all) of the rest being natural sugars. As a result, if any bacteria, fungi, or molds try to settle on it, the water contained within them gets pulled out, killing them and preventing honey from spoiling. In addition, depending upon the flowers that the bees had pollinated, the nectar could have additional antibacterial properties (manuka honey, for instance, is particularly good at this and is used as an antibacterial in hospitals). Our ancestors recognized the healing properties of honey, and would add it to poultices and other remedies that would be applied directly to wounds, much as we would with Neosporin today.

From the witchy perspective, there really isn’t anything to dislike about honey. First, there’s its color, which is excellent for wealth and prosperity spells. Second, there is its healing properties, which are excellent for both remedies and for healing spells. Third, is its sweetness, which can serve to enhance the sweetening spells, and makes it an excellent offering to fairies and gods alike! Pairing they variant of honey with your purposes adds a whole new level of magic to your craft, as well! For instance, if you want to encourage prosperity and luck, use clover honey; alternatively, if you want to use honey for cleansing and healing, use rosemary honey instead!

A less common thought when it comes to using honey in magic is to incorporate its creator into the work. Bees are tireless workers, often inspiring bee enthusiasts and beekeepers alike, and it’s their effective communication and work ethic that can be incorporated into spellwork involving honey. If you need a spell to encourage productivity and energy, honey is a great go-to ingredient due to the bees’ tireless efforts. 

Like any ingredient, intent is key: channel your intent and energy into the honey before adding it to food or drink, or before adding it to a sweetening jar. If you’re making an offer of honey, consider what it may represent to the deities or spirits that it is meant for.

Lastly, another reason many witches appreciate honey is as I had mentioned above: it has helped increase environmental awareness. With bee populations struggling, it is important to consider ways to help “save the bees.” More specifically, save the environment. Honeybees are most well known to us, but they aren’t the only kind of bee present in our lives. Many species don’t produce honey but are integral to pollination. What makes them less noticeable is their subterranean nests throughout most of the year. Many witches feel a deep respect for the earth and for all animals, and bees are not alone in this. Consider switching from sugar to honey in most recipes to help bring honey’s properties into your life while helping fund further developments in beekeeping, and be sure to thank  the bees in your life for their hard work and inspiration!

May all your meals be blessed! )O(

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11 & 30 fenhawke pls ruin me

There’s dust on the drawers. The curtains are drawn, the room dark. She lights no candle and the door is closed behind her. Only a small strip of light seeps through, a single crack. She runs a finger along the drawer, looks at it for a moment. A frown. A fist. Her hand drops back to her side as she stands at the end of the bed. The pillows are neat, the blankets tucked. Untouched and unsullied. She forces herself to walk, to sit at the edge of the bed, to roll completely onto it. It creaks underneath her weight, blankets pulled and pillows scattered.

She lies on her stomach and presses her face against the distance smell of orange peels and cinnamon. She can almost see Leandra lying in bed, a book on her lap, the steaming cup of tea on her bedside. Hawke squeezes her eyes closed, sighs deeply. That crack of light moves and reaches, fills the room as the door is pushed open. “I – you did not come to the Hanged Man. I knew it was…” A year. It’s been exactly a year since Leandra died.

She faces away from the door and can see the shadows on the wall shift as he sways in the doorway, decides to enter. She raises herself on elbows, rolls over on the bed. In the empty space she has created, she pats her hand down. He takes her invitation awkwardly, lying stiffly, hands linked over his stomach and eyes focused on the ceiling. She mirrors his pose, shoulder touching shoulder. “I was concerned,” he says, head turning slightly to look at her. “Are you alright?”

Hawke raises her hands to press palms against closed eyes, hard enough to see stars. “Of course you’d remember,” she says. “Of course it’s you.” Fenris doesn’t say anything to that. She shifts, pushes herself up to sit. She twists, kneeling on the bed, a hand on either side of his head. He looks up at her calmly, green meeting blue, patiently waiting for her, as always. She longs to reach out, to feel the warmth of his cheeks against her fingertips, to see his eyes close at her touch, to know that she… that she could make him happy.

“I know you don’t want to talk about it,” she says, turning away from him, legs slipping off the bed. Fingers curl into blankets, the edge of the mattress. “I just – I tried Fenris. I tried not to…” she presses a hand against her chest. She can feel him moving, rising to stand. His hand wraps around the bedpost. “I love you.” She looks over her shoulder, at his back, where he struggles to stay.

“I heard from Varric that you were looking into things outside the city. He wouldn’t tell me what. I don’t need to know, I’m not going to pry. I just – don’t leave Kirkwall. Please… don’t leave.” Don’t leave me.

The silence aches. She can feel her heart beat against her skull, a desperate worry, a fearful loss. “I won’t,” he says at last. “I’m sorry Hawke.” She can’t see the frown, the way he presses a hand against his forehead. The way he fights with himself, the words on his tongue. All she sees is him quickly leaving, not looking at her, heavy steps down the stairs. He pauses at the bottom.

“Come to the Hanged Man,” a raised voice just enough to carry to her. It’s a good idea as any. Better to wallow in drink than to wallow alone.


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i have a weird headcan that buck likes harry potter?? just picture beefy bucky chilling in a snuggie (that's really ill fitting i mean come on) or some shit with one of the books or movies on with a cup of tea or coffee and just reading for HOURS and those lil lines appear in his forehead and when something happens to his fav character he just turns off the tv or sets the book down and walks around the tower and looks for steve while clutching the book to his chest

This is so cute! Yes! Just gets to a stressful part and closes the book like “nope I’m done!” Snugglebuck activated.

tell me things

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Gratitude list

I’m going to start my list early today because it’s that kinda day… and I’ll add more things later because I want today to stay like this.

1. I’m grateful for starting the day with opening my eyes to a shining sun.
2. I’m grateful for my English teacher and for watching Capote in class.
3. I’m grateful for that moment earlier today where I realized that English is my calling. It was so odd and a tiny bit beautiful, and I’ve almost always known that English is my thing, but this was different. And I know it sounds ridiculous.
4. I’m grateful for being less scared of studying at university.
5. I’m grateful for the English language and literature.
6. I’m grateful for that cup of tea I had in class while slowly waking up early this morning.
7. I’m grateful for my mom who seems to be in a good mood.
8. I’m grateful for having done somewhat a lot today, I even napped for 30 minutes, and I almost have a whole day ahead of me.
9. I’m grateful for being able to sit in the afternoon sun and draw as soon as I leave my bed.
10. I’m grateful for dark chocolate with mint.

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why type of music would the boys listen to? I love your art btw its amazing! ^u^

I imagine Veigar would listen to classic musics with a cup of tea. Teemo looks like the kinda guy who would enjoy indie rocks (or vaporwaves while lying down on the floor in trance *laugh*). I think most of us already know Kennen is into hip hop, or any energetic tunes! 

Okay, so. I was drinking iced tea and while I was a huge gust of wind hit then the cup tipped over, my tea spilled. You’d think that’d be it. But no. The wind made the cup fly up and hit my face. That wasn’t fun. No weather guy, it’s not brilliant. Did anybody else have issues with the wind?

Well. Isn’t this interesting.

> It’s not popcorn, but your cup of tea will have to do, not coming close to hiding the broad, unpleasant smile splitting your face. Watching Cronus twist for what he has done is always a delight, but you’ve barely had a hand in this. And what bladed passive aggression! Lord do you enjoy Zahhaks, it seems. You must certainly keep that in mind.

> Another post and your smile widens, and you take another sip. You’ll wait to draw attention to yourself until the urge to comment is too great, and just watch until then.

> Tonight is going to be fantastic.

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If you were a dragon what sort would you be? I'd be an Ice dragon and I'd hoard cute tea cups & teaspoons

Well if we’re self-casting into Mary Jane dragons I’d be like the super galactic all powerful space-themed dragon which rules over a planet not so different from Earth and all its people worship me.

But in reality? I’d be like… a bearded dragon.

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sorry, what's wrong with the khr/yoi crossover? it seems like sweet family fic where tsuna grows up with a different but loving family??? i've only ever read like half a chapter 'cause it's not my cup of tea but there's nothing that raises any red flags in that part anyway. is it the yoi fandom or yoi itself you're against, and if so, is there a particular reason?

Fandom! A lot of YoI fic, specifically crossovers, are written by fujoshi. I don’t want to read it unless I have some sort of confirmation the author isn’t a freak. 

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Once you get this, please say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) SPREAD POSITIVITY 💖

OOC; 5 things?
- My hair
- I like to think I give good hugs
- Give me a cup of tea and I can talk about anything
- I like to think I’m compassionate
- My nerdiness!
(found this real hard though)

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my favorite song is anything ryan ross is involved in, but especially time to dance from live in denver :(((

Time to Dance is a masterpiece I love this song so so so much!! A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out is one of my favourite albums of all time!

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Am I following?: no, sorry love | I am now! why haven’t I before? | yes ofc | following you until the end of time pal

Comment: Mikayla your blog is flawless I was shook when you followed me back?? Your desktop theme is perfect!💗

Things that make Stasi (briefly) happy:

-A gorgeous sunrise and/or sunset

-Being somewhere safe and watching a storm (her tent has spells on it to keep it grounded, waterproof, fireproof, and from getting blown away)

-A good, clean shot.

-Running with Alata and Bein (her wolf).

-Flying on Fleetwing.

-A good cup of tea (she violently cannot cook but brews great tea).

She’s not a miserable person. She just…only gets brief snatches of happiness.