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i thought that in spirit of this holiday i would make some valentine’s day cards 

Descendants 2 + Aesthetic: Mal, Reformed Villain and Royal Girlfriend (x)

“She itched to do something meaningful, to be useful instead of simply decorative.”

Milk Drink (Pokemon Inspired Spell)

A drinkable spell to help promote beauty and improve one’s self image.

You will Need:

  • Milk or Milk substitute
  • Rose tea or water
  • honey or sugar


  1. Take your milk and warm it up, but do not boil it. 
  2. Now in the milk mix in a small amount of rose water or rose tea until you are satisfied with the flavor
  3. Take a spoonful of honey or sugar and stir it clockwise into your warm milk chanting. “Milk drink, bring me beauty” as many times as you feel necessary
  4. Find a comfortable place to sit and sip your drink. Breathe in the aroma and focus on the taste and how it will awaken your own inner beauty. Visualize yourself in a positive light and lovely.
  5. Once done with drink wash cup and spoon and let it air dry and go about your day.