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Katy Perry: The Culture Vulture.

For years, I’ve been aware of the unseasoned fuckery that is Katy Perry’s career. But, being the passionate person that I am, I’ve decided to let my frustrations out once and for all. 

In other words, I’ve had it. Officially.

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As of yesterday, I was made aware of Katy Perry and Migos’ nasty dispositions towards the drag queens that were to perform on Saturday Night Live alongside them:


Furthermore, I’ve read the incensed tweets of Violet Chachki, a renowned drag queen (and the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7) in response to the situation:

The infuriated tweets of Violet Chachki are, of course, justified. Because over the years I have seen too many non-marginalised people – typically white, heterosexual, and cisgendered – regard marginalised people and their cultures as nothing more than disposable playthings that could be easily tossed to the side like the rinds of fruit. 

Drag is a beautiful art form that has been essential to the LGBT+ community for so long. It complicates and questions the idea of gender heteronormativity (as it is an outlet for many transgendered people). Likewise, it also allows artists to use their utmost creativity and imagination. The possibilities and benefits are endless. Drag performers are beautiful people doing beautiful work, and they deserve respect. 

The SNL situation ain’t surprising, though. For Katy Perry has a lengthy history of disrespecting others’ cultures.

This woman has LONG BEEN a user! And here are some receipts: 


On her 2013 album, Prism, she had a song called “This is How We Do.” The music video is pretty much an unrealistic – and just downright offensive –caricature of black culture, replete with remnants of contemporary stereotypes placed on blackness (i.e., corn rows, “baby hair,” and “sassy black woman” gestures). The title of the song just reeks with Perry’s failed attempts to achieve her own interpretation of AAVE. 

(Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RMQksXpQSk)

(As a black person, this irritated me to no end.)


“I Kissed a Girl.” Clear appropriation of lesbianism, which is driven by the priority to arouse heterosexual men. 

Need I say more? 

(sips tea)

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“Dark Horse.” (See: Picture #1) She’s dressed in braids and “grills” (shiny teeth). This is obviously a white-washed approximation of what she thinks blackness is: gangsta-licious grills! 

Girl, please.

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This is more than a trend. This is history. And Katy Perry is the embodiment of those that have benefited from the misuse and plundering of non-white and LGBT+ cultures.

She is part of a genealogy. And a dangerous one. She, like Miley Cyrus (and others), use marginalized people and culture as long as it benefits them

When it is no longer profitable – or when they’ve lost their precious white/straight/cis fan base – they magically become “all-American” and “pure” again …

… and shit on the non-white and/or LGBT+ people that supported them in the process.

In the words of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Winner Queen Shea Coulee: “Why y’all actin’ brand new?”

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I have warned people about this opportunistic leech for years. Miley Virus, too. And others.

… (coughs) Justin Bieber…

And please, y’all. Let us stop supporting these people that clearly don’t care about us.

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First name: Megan
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