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What do you think of fics that portray Shiro as the real/important victim of Keith's "suicide attempt" in s4?

can i be really honest with you? i think shiro had nothing to do with it, and even if shiro finds out, shiro will having nothing to do with it. i’m really frustrated with the way the fandom portrays keith. he’s a minx or he’s emo or he’s being manipulated by the blade of marmora or he’s reckless or he’s suicidal. and more and more, it’s hard to find any paired portrayal of him that gives him his due. especially since season 4 and shiro’s treatment of him:

he’s a really complex character. he’s kind of a dork. he’s into jock things. he’s guided by an incredibly strict code of honor. he makes reasoned decisions based in that code. and most of the time, he’s the most serious person in the room. he’s also characterized by a level of determination that’s almost fatal. if honor requires it, he will find a way to do it–usually at personal pain. and he’s not unfeeling, about any of this. he was scared in that last scene in season 4. that’s marked:

and my tea: nothing he did in season 4 warranted shiro’s treatment of him, in any context. nothing he did warranted the team’s treatment of him. he was off on missions he felt were important, and he had permission every time. he didn’t and never would intentionally endanger anyone. and honestly shiro’s behavior is veering toward something really uncomfortable: shiro tells him to be the leader, and then in the next breath, he completely invalidates any decision keith makes. and he won’t even entertain a discussion on it. he tells keith he will be worthy of the black lion, some day. maybe. not yet:

i’m done debating about whether that’s shiro. the last i’ll say on that is that if haggar–who mind controlled narti this season to watch everything lotor did–has some control of this shiro’s decisions, probably the first big move would be to get him set up as the leader of voltron again. and the best way to do that would be to drive away the one person who is currently leader and close enough to shiro to notice the discrepancies. but regardless of that, keith does not deserve this. and frankly the way people excuse shiro’s treatment of him is bizarre to me. everyone wants keith to be a warm body for lance or for shiro, but he’s more than that.

Pup - Tommy Shelby

So, here it is: Tommy coming home to a puppy following you around literally EVERYWHERE and at first he thinks it’s kinda cute but then he starts acting like he is a bit jealous cause a lot of your time is devoted to the dog and it’s all just ADORABLE

Pup - Tommy Shelby

It was hardly past sunrise and, despite Tommy swearing that you could sleep in today you could hear him at the base of the staircase, calling your name. Accompanying the sound of his voice was the pattering of nails against hardwood, a clear indication that it wasn’t just Tommy who was awake that morning. The dog was up as well, and eager to go out for his morning walk.

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let me throw in my two cents on the kraven jam tea discourse: he was literally just showing off for squirrel girl. He's over here like "look at me, I'm so quirky and cool and unique, I put jam in my tea like a True Russian, pay attention to me and my tea habits, spread my reputation as someone who is Hardcore Russian."

this is completely plausible and in-character

> It really kind of… warms your heart to see Kanaya wanting to turn your courtyard into a garden, wanting to turn your house back into a home.

> You were so worried about her being here, but… she’s not terribly obtrusive, like you were worried she’d be, and she just wants to make your life better. She wants to make both your lives better.

> …

> Ah, what the hell. This estate was built to be full of people.

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Omg. Meg I remembered my dream. So I was making English breakfast tea and Tom was like “really? English breakfast?” And I said “it’s my favourite kind of tea!” And he just smirked and rolled his eyes and I was like “what!?” And he just goes “I can give you another kind of English breakfast 😏” And that’s when I woke up.

wHY CANT THIS BE REAL, this is phenomenal???

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ok so maybe magnus is translating some super complicated demonic text and that’s why he has glasses. anyway magnus has been doing it for hours so he doesn’t really notice alec coming home. but then the door to the study opens (alec’s bringing him tea bc he’s a great bf) but nothing happens for a while and magnus looks up to see alec staring at him with the ”wow mr bane looks great in glasses and fuck i’m gay” eyes and idk that’s that

magnus pushing the glasses further up his nose like ??? but also smiling and alec is like i love my intelligent mans and his glasses and he goes over and slides them off of his face and pulls him into a kiss

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#7 for our big boy Muriel~

sure! requests are closed while i catch up!

Physical affection isn’t something that comes easily to him. It takes a while for his hands to stop shaking and his body to stop tensing at every touch. He treats them delicately, akin to how one would treat a porcelain doll. They are patient and trusting of him as he learns to be trusting of himself. He fears breaking them, but they do not fear being broken.

They develop something of a routine to ease him into the concept of physical touch. Every morning, they wander sleepily into the kitchen and make themselves some tea. His presence behind them is hard to miss, and without looking up, they simply lean to the side, allowing Muriel to press a kiss to their cheek. 

“Good morning,” they say, pouring their tea. 

“Good morning,” he replies, and they hear the smile in his voice.