tea ghosts

foggy cemeteries or abandoned churches?  black silk or black velvet?  tea leaf readings or tarot card readings?  black cats or black bats?  haunted houses or haunted forests?  ghost stories or urban legends?  seances or ouija boards?         

more sapphic asks!!
  1. diamond sapphic or sapphire sapphic?
  2. laptop sapphic or desktop sapphic?
  3. gentle sapphic or bold sapphic?
  4. nike sapphic or adidas sapphic?
  5. relationship sapphic or single sapphic?
  6. fall in love slowly sapphic or fall in love immediately sapphic?
  7. latte sapphic or espresso sapphic?
  8. forest sapphic or desert sapphic?
  9. star sapphic or black hole sapphic?
  10. sweet sapphic or salty sapphic?
  11. cinnamon sapphic or vanilla sapphic?
  12. email sapphic or snail mail sapphic?
  13. secretive sapphic or open sapphic?
  14. ace sapphic or allo sapphic?
  15. glitter sapphic or matte sapphic?
  16. poetry sapphic or prose sapphic?
  17. hot tea sapphic or iced tea sapphic?
  18. ghost sapphic or witch sapphic?
  19. “touch me” sapphic or “stay away from me” sapphic?
  20. cuddling sapphic or making out sapphic?
  21. mauve sapphic or scarlet sapphic?
  22. clothes on sapphic or clothes off sapphic?
  23. concert sapphic or film sapphic?
  24. morning sapphic or evening sapphic?
  25. alien sapphic or ufo sapphic?
  26. lip balm sapphic or lipgloss sapphic?
  27. garden sapphic or greenhouse sapphic?
  28. succulent sapphic or floral sapphic?
  29. pure sapphic or sinful sapphic?
  30. urban sapphic or country sapphic?
  31. beyonce sapphic or rhianna sapphic?
  32. TELL ME IM ADORABLE sapphic or I’M NOT ADORABLE SHUT UP sapphic?
  33. nose kisses sapphic or jaw kisses sapphic?
  34. bra sapphic or no bra sapphic?
  35. send her love letters sapphic or send her romantic texts sapphic?
  36. headphones sapphic or earbuds sapphic?
  37. itunes sapphic or spotify sapphic?
  38. spend my money right now sapphic or save up sapphic?
  39. kids sapphic or no kids sapphic?
  40. chaotic sapphic or calm sapphic?
  41. cloudgazing sapphic or stargazing sapphic?
  42. stripes sapphic or plaid sapphic?
  43. long hair sapphc or short hair sapphic?
  44. CDs sapphic or vinyls sapphic?
  45. earthy sapphic or ethereal sapphic?
  46. bubble bath sapphic or bath bomb sapphic?
  47. history sapphic or science sapphic?
  48. can’t take your eyes off her neck sapphic or can’t take your eyes off her lips sapphic?
  49. mind sapphic or heart sapphic?
  50. kiss her against a wall sapphic or kiss her lying down sapphic?

whenever libra gets called the fakest sign, it’s just funny. like we are the ONLY sign represented by an inanimate object, and obviously compared to humans and animals (and whateverthefrick capricorn is), an object seems fake. It’s not alive. There’s no life force or energy inside it. That’s why we get called hollow too. Just cause you can’t perceive our inner selves doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

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