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Witch Tip #2, Reuse Tea Bags!

So you’ve just had a nice cup of tea, and if you’re anything like me, you hate wasting things, _especially _tea

So what can you do with your now used tea bag? Tons of things really! Just because they’ve been used, that doesn’t mean they don’t still have power in them!

☆ 🌱** Feed Your Garden **🌱 

▪Empty the leaves into the soil for added nutrients 

▪Brew a weak tea and water your plants with it. It’ll help protect them from fungal disease. 

▪Alternatively, take out the staple and throw the bag into a compost bin for some great fertilizer 

 ☆ 🌹 Use the Herbs in Magic 🌹 

▪Empty out the bag and let the leaves dry 

▪You can then use the leaves in spells, bottles, mixes, anything ya want 

▪Make a weak brew and use it in washing wood floors to give it a shine as well as cleansing negative energy from your home 

 ☆ 🌘 Glamour Magic 🌘 

▪Add the leaves to a bath and say what you wish for them to do

 -Tea has some great uses when used in a bath! 

  •Black tea helps skin/hair and burns

 •Mint tea helps sinuses

  •Chamomile tea relaxes and soothes

 •So does lavender! 

▪Tea baths also have magic uses!

 •Mint - Wealth, healing, protection

 •Peppermint - Healing, love, purification

 •Cinnamon - Divination, prosperity, physic abilities

 •Vanilla - Happiness, love, trust

 •Licorice - Love and lust

 •Chamomile - Happiness, trust

▪Do the same on a smaller scale with a foot soak to soften calluses and nourish your skin!

Final words

Moist tea bags should be refrigerated to avoid bacteria growth, but like all natural things, it has an expiration date. Trust yourself if your tea bags smell off, it’s time to throw em into the compost bin for good!

♡ Magickal Lemon Spearmint Green Tea ♡

Hello there, my dears! This is my own personal recipe for lemon spearmint green tea imbued with luck, healing, prosperity, and protection. It’s very simple and easy to make, and it’s especially refreshing on a hot summer day.


♡ Spearmint leaves (you can use any type of mint you want, I just happen to be growing spearmint at the moment)

♡ Green tea bags (I buy the large store brand ones)

♡ Lemon juice or an actual lemon

♡ Sugar or honey

Put a pot of water on the stove to boil. I use a big pot because I like to make a gallon at a time. Wash your mint leaves and set them aside. Add your tea bags to your water (it won’t be boiling yet). The box will tell you how many to add for the amount of water you are using (or just eyeball it like I do). Before you add your mint leaves, center yourself and focus your energy. Tear each leaf in half and drop it into the water. The tearing helps to release more flavor and put your own energy into the leaves. As you drop the leaves into the water, chant the words luck, healing, prosperity, and protection however many times you feel is necessary. I tend to say each word as I drop in a leaf, imbuing that leaf with the power of that word. Let your tea come to a boil, while stirring here and there. I also tend to chant while I’m stirring. Once it has come to a boil remove the tea bags, take it off of the heat, and transfer it into whatever container you wish to use. I have a trusty plastic gallon sized pitcher than I use for my magickal teas. Add in your sugar or honey. I use anywhere between a half cup and a full cup of sugar for a gallon, but add however much you wish. Add some more spearmint leaves as well. Add in a few squirts of lemon juice for happiness. Alternatively, just squeeze a lemon into the container and/or add lemon slices. That’s it! Stick it in the refrigerator to cool off and serve over ice. 

Pro tip: If you are harvesting the mint yourself, make sure to thank the plant for allowing you to harvest it, don’t take more than you need, and don’t harvest in a way that injures the plant. (you can always google how to properly harvest certain herbs without harming the plant itself)

Happy tea making, dearies ♡♡♡

I wanted to try a new watercolour sketchbook I bought recently for my plein-air painting. I did a simple sketch this time with my lightweight Holbein set in a style similar to concept-art works found in Studio Ghibli art-books.

 I painted this based on a photo of a tea house located in a Japanese garden belonging to a hotel located near my house (It’s a shame I can not paint there).  You can see the painting process in the making-of video but to make things short I did not like how the paper worked with the watercolours really much. In the end to “save” the picture I decided to use ink on top of the watercolours to give it a little bit of depth.

Technical stuff:  

  • Medium:  Canson Montval WATERCOLOUR F2 sketchbook
  • Sketch: Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni pencil grade HB & 2B
  • Line: COPIC Multiliner SP 0.5mm
  • Colours: my main 48 colour Holbein set

外で水彩を描くために買ったスケッチブックを試したくて、シンプルな絵を描いてみました。コンパクトな12色のホルベイン水彩セットと2B鉛筆を使って、スタジオジブリのアートブックにあるスケッチのスタイルを目指しました。 以前撮った写真を参考にして、近所の日本庭園にある古い茶屋を描いてみました(ホテルの敷地内にある庭園なので、その場では描くのはやめました)。 最終的にキャンソンのスケッチブックの紙が水彩と相性があまりよくなくて、完成した着色はフラットになってしまっておもしろくなかったです。なので、奥行感を作るためにインクの線を足してみました。


  • 紙: モンバルキャンソン 水彩紙 スケッチブック F2
  • 下描き: HB & 2B Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 鉛筆
  • 線画: コピック マルチライナーSP 0.5
  • 着色: 48色のホルベイン水彩セット