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Everybody is trying to find the next Tiger Woods. Stop! There is only ONE Tiger and this kid ain’t. He’s a wanna be Tiger.

But congrats to England’s Tom Lewis win at the Portugal Masters on only his third start as a professional.

Tiger Woods needed five tournaments to land his first professional title, but he’s got 14, while Rory McIlroy did not taste success until his 38th.

Winning like a Tiger is rare, ask the spoiled brat Irish kid who can’t play well in his own country.

Norway Suspends Aid to Afghanistan Over Corruption and so should the USA! Norway has frozen $55 million in aid to Afghanistan until the scandal surrounding the collapse of corruption-ridden Kabul Bank is resolved.

Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide said that a “lack of good governance” on the part of Afghan authorities is the primary reason for the aid suspension.

Columbia University geoscientist Wally Broecker calculated how much carbon dioxide would accumulate in the atmosphere in the coming 35 years, and how temperatures consequently would rise. His numbers have proven almost dead-on correct.

Meanwhile, other powerful evidence poured in over those decades, showing the “greenhouse effect” is real and is happening. And yet resistance to the idea among many in the U.S. (Republicans, and their far radical fringe right Tea Party) appears to have hardened

ANOTHER TIGER WANNA BE, BUT AIN’T Rory McIlroy is making plans to spread his wings further. He is leaving the manager who helped turn him into potentially the next Tiger Woods, as he seeks to push himself to a new level.

The world No. 3 is departing Andrew “Chubby” Chandler’s International Sports Management, for Dublin-based sports agency Horizon.

First lesson, win another major and then try to win 14. But if ya can’t win in the UK and Ireland what the Fu3k ya spoiled snotty nose brat.

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Eric Cantor is in a Katrina state of mind.