tea for two

ten facts about me

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1. i cried at the end of lightning returns. like, legit, ugly snot crying… for half an hour, maybe more.
2. i hate winter.
3. never read harry potter.
4. jaws ruined the ocean for me.
5. space gives me anxiety unless in a sci-fi/fantasy context.
6. i like hiking in the woods.
7. italian food.
8. tea.
9. two cats.
10. writing fanfiction since ‘07.

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pls watch this 


1.24.17 // 1/100 days of productivity; starting off the challenge with some sweet annotations of titus andronicus for my renaissance tragedy lit class!! now onto readings for political theory and revising the spanish subjunctive 


Racism isn’t always hating a Black character and misogyny isn’t always hating a female character, sometimes racism & misogyny are arguing against the narrative that those characters are evil and villainous in order to prop up and excuse the behavior of the white male villain.

i’m pulling recipts on jughead. 

  • joani jumpp, the alleged love of jughead’s life from when he was a kid? redhead 
  • debbie the first girl he ever dated? redhead
  • trula twist? redhead
  • sandy sanchez, who he dated in those atrocious new look comics? redhead
  • mr weatherbee’s niece who tried to get it on with him that one time? redhead
  • january mcandrews? redhead and archie’s literal great great granddaughter or something who is like archie in every way? interesting. 

“I’m happy for him, you know?”

She whispers to the stars one night.

“I mean sure, I wanted it to be us in the end. I’ve thought that with quite a few people-”

“But now that I see him with her, I think I understand.”

She closes her eyes.

“Love is wanting him to be happy” she simply says. “Even if that happiness is not with me.”

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #120

Soul+Maka: one hell of a women 


TJLC drink code has me all like:

Oh man, is Mrs. Hudson holding tea? TEA?? Is she going to offer it to…no

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD SHE DID. And look at his face! I know, Sherlock. Baby, I know. It’s tea.

Wait, oh no, oh crap, it’s falling. Is it falling? It is. 

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