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Shitty things that need to stop within the ARMY fandom
  • Rap mon’s “fake deep posts” (x)

Nothing much here other than yall need to grow the fuck up and learn that whenever someone shares their worries and troubles and in general expresses themselves you don’t turn it into a fucking meme. I don’t care if you don’t understand what he posts, you still respect it. You are mocking him for how he feels and that is NOT cool

  • Jungkook is a “fuckboy”

I don’t care how you define the word, most definitions are still not something you should be calling the kid. And idk if you knew this, but the connotation for the word is not good, so then explain why you’re so willing to call Kookie it? (you know the shy, adorable, geeky, newly turned eighteen year old who yall LOVE to assume is a sex god in bed?)

  • Jimin “has no jams”

The joke is over. And if anyone still keeps bringing it up over every little thing Jimin does, you need help. Jimin sings on a radio show? “you got no jams”. Jimin dances in a bomb? “you got no jams”. Jimin plays around with the members? “you got no jams”. Jimin does ageyo even though he’s expressed he’s not good at it? “you got no jams”. Like fuck, stop discrediting him for everything he does.

  • V is an alien/4D (x)

I shouldn’t even be talking about this one because it’s been said by TAEHYUNG HIMSELF that he does not like being called an alien or 4D. Even the members have said at one point or another that it’s all a concept. To brush Tae off as just this weird dude “who comes from another planet” and is some “oddball whose head is in the clouds” is incredibly rude. Tae is a guy that the members all go to to unload their stress and troubles which means he gives good ass advice and HELPS them, Tae is a guy that Namjoon has acknowledged as perceptive and smart, Tae is a guy who has a lot more to him than his occasional moments where he simply lets loose and acts his age

  • Hoseok’s not a rapper (x)

This shouldn’t be on the list either because of how dumb it is. It’s high time for everyone to start truly acknowledging that Hobi is a rapper and a damn good one at that, not JUST an extremely talented dancer. To say that he is only good at dance is so insensitive to all the hardwork he’s put into rapping. And it’s quite obvious people do not bother to acknowledge this when literally no one is harping about HIS mixtape that he’s been working on for quite some time now

  • Pressuring Yoongi about his mixtape

I get yall are excited for Yoongi’s mixtape, I am too. But fuck, to CONSTANTLY be saying “where is it” “why you lyin” “impatiently waiting for Yoongi’s mixtape LOLZ” “where’s the fire” “WHERE. IS. IT” “stop playing us” LIKE GOD FUCKING DAMN. Give him some fucking breathing room. Yoongi already carries a lot of the brunt of helping produce and write for their albums, not to mention ALL the concerts they’ve had this year, and oh I don’t know the very well-known fact that Yoongi SLEEP DEPRIVES himself in order to get things done, and perfect things, and all that other shit. And then yall wanna come stampeding in demanding where his mixtape is? Why are you guys so intent on adding extra stress on top of him? You think he isn’t working incredibly hard on it? How about instead of pressuring him, you go— hey take your time do what you need to do we’ll wait.

  • Fake appreciating Jin

As horrible as it sounds, this is very much relevant and true AF. I just find it so humorous how people are SO quick to reblog stuff about appreciating Jin and all that other shit, but when Jin goes and does things people are automatically ignoring it or asking where the other members are. Let’s not forget that on Eat Jin people are constantly asking him, JIN, where are the other members, ON HIS FUCKING SHOW. If that doesn’t scream that people don’t really care for Jin or at the very least don’t have the decency to appreciate him doing shit on his own I don’t know what does.

  • Jungkook hates Jimin/Jimin deserves better (x) (x) (x)

This one is pretty clean cut. Stop using the actions of a fifteen year old as your justification. Actually stop JUDGING the actions of a FIFTEEN year old (seriously if you have to dig back two years ago for dirt you’re obviously just tripping) Point blank, Kookie has shown time over again how much he adores Jimin and how he sees Jimin, as well as ALL of Bangtan, as a brother. Yall are wrongly influencing newer fans and I hope you’re proud that you’ve managed to make people genuinely hate Kookie for stupid shit he did when he was fifteen. Just fuck. Are you guys really desperate for there to be a riff among the members or for the members to not like each other? With the way you guys nitpick everything it’s like you’re searching for something to discredit the bond between BTS.

  • Taking ships too far

Stop hating on members or bashing a member’s relationship with another just because it “goes against” your personal ship.  Is Jimin giving attention to Jungkook and you start being bitter by saying “he deserves better and should be with Yoongi”? Get a reality check. Is Taehyung standing next to Hobi when he “should be standing next to his boyfriend Jungkook”? Get a FUCKING reality check.

  • Finally, stop sexualizing every possible thing Bangtan does under the sun

Can I please go through my dash ONCE without seeing Jungkook posing in a selfie and then have tags saying “oh he knows he’s hot that rude shit ugh fuck me”. Or can I PLEASE watch a bangtan bomb without someone saying “I see your nipples omfg so sexy take off your shirt, that bulge though omg he’s probably so big fuck me”. Or better yet, forget me. Can BANGTAN SONYEONDAN post something on twitter without the crazy fans saying something irrelevant and chanting kiss me, fuck me, oppa I want you, blah blah ICK.


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i think we all (kpop fandom) should work together like we did last year (for exo) and vote for B.A.P (here) to get kpop some recognition