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i realised pearls my hc lynera voice so i did what i had to do

“Atlas, too, carried the weight of the word on his shoulders”

*finally draws something that is not voltron related after years*


Antis: Look how morally pure I am! Only shipping sfw Klance & wlw ships unlike those disgusting shallies & homophobic kallurans! I’m such a good fandom mom!

Also Antis: -looks up obscure fetish porn of airplanes, eye-gore pics & photoshopped cat dick pics to post them directly into the shaladin tags-

The Same Antis: Exposing minors to gross porn & gore is such a morally pure thing to do! We’re such responsible people! Also, friendly reminder that you’re all pedophiles, the show is run by pedophiles & -insert generic death threat-!


Still The Same Antis: What do you mean that antis harass people? When have we ever done that? It must have been a lying shaladin! You have no proof! Antis have NEVER made fake blogs to harass people before! Fairymatsu is a shaladin!

Alright folks, it looks like we’re doing this.

I am not from the part of the spideypool fandom that ships current 15 year old Tom Holland’s Peter Parker with 30 or something old Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson. I like to ship them as an older Peter (18 or 21 like Holland actually is) or an aged down Wade (25 or less, preferably less) or even both is the best option. Using Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is also one of my options.

However, if you do this, if you harass the part of the fandom that ships the ship as it is now, fuck you. Contrary to major belief, some people ship these ships to deal, be it with past traumas or other things. Some people need these ships as a way to escape. They are not pedophiles, they are not freaks, Jesus fuck.

“Use comic Peter, he’s in his 30s!” That defeats the purpose. Like I said, some people deal with stuff by reading this. Besides, who the fuck are you to judge what the fuck people read?

On a final note, this. Is. FICTION. Nobody condones this in real life! Like, writers also touch murder and crimes like it’s nothing, and nobody bats an eye. But you lose your shit over this? 

Here, let me spell it out for you: F - I - C - T - I - O - N.

Once again, I do not condone this. I am very uncomfortable with current Peter involved with current Wade. I use my imagination to change their ages.

You have the right to dislike this. You have the right to be disgusted. But you don’t have the right to disrespect people for what they read. 


hello-tarpon  asked:

omygoshomygoshomygosh!! I love the senator Anakin and slave obi verse. I want so much love from this fic, and not necessarily romantic, just take care of you and enjoy your new status and discover what freedom means kind of love. I don't know, Padme is going to spoil him rotten/love him too when she sees the slavery first hand again XD (and was that a hint of jedi/padawan training we saw there?!) Thanks!! P.S. Hope your vacation was wonderful!

He hasn’t been hiding Obi-Wan away at all. The former slave sits in his office, on the couch with the mobile computer or naps on it if he’s tired, obvious to anyone who peeks in.

He’s brought Obi-Wan to clothes shops and to restaurant along with Padme and Bail, introducing the copper haired man to the latter. Anakin has also been in contact with the media, given his interview on what happened and about Obi-Wan, how Obi-Wan has prior records and that they are only waiting for copies to be sent to Anakin so they can go along with the petition.

It still takes an amazing long time before the Jedi temple is alerted.

But when it does, the response surprises even Anakin.

Because its not just information sent his way, its the Grandmaster of the Jedi order himself that shows up in his office.

Obi-Wan, dressed in his soft tunic and leggings, look up from the computer in surprise, looking to the doorway before he slowly puts the computer away, gnawing on his bottom lip.

“Obi-Wan?” Anakin paused in his work, a new legislation he was going to propose for the Senate to crack down on the slavery in the outer rims.

“We…We’re about to have guests.” The former slave offered quietly, a bit nervously but then again, Obi-Wan was often nervous. Though lately a wry and dry sort of sassy wit had been making its appearance when Obi-Wan felt safe and comfortable.

“Gue-” His comm rang and Anakin glanced at the other before answering. “Yes?”

“Grandmaster Yoda and a few Jedi are here to see you Senator Skywalker.”

‘…Oh…OH!’ Anakin stood quickly. “Please let them in.”

He moved to Obi-Wan who quietly slid behind him, half hiding.

“Hey, its alright Obi-Wan. I’m sure they aren’t here to do anything towards you. They are Jedi, peacekeepers.” Anakin turned while he assured softly, holding the other by his upper arms and rubbing slowly.

“I know, I know…I just…” Obi-Wan looked down, biting his lips hard as the blond stared down at his hair.

“You’re ashamed.” It wasn’t a question as much as a statement. Sometimes Anakin just knew what others were thinking or feeling and he tugged the other in under his chin, hugging him. “Hey, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing, you survived a difficult situation and now you’re here, ready to try again in the world.” He murmured softly.

He felt Obi-Wan tremble a bit before the copper haired man nodded. “I just… Master Yoda used to teach me sir. He knew me. But the me he knew…the boy…the Obi-Wan he knew…doesn’t exists anymore.”

Obi-Wan took a step back, breathing shakily. “I just…I’m not who they remember. And I don’t know what they want.”

Anakin would have answered but at that moment the door swished open and the Grandmaster of the order stood there with Mace Windu and Qui-Gon Jinn.

Obi-Wan firmly kept his eyes on his shoes even as Anakin’s hands fell of his upper arms.

“Gentlemen, welcome, we didn’t expect Jedi visitors.” Anakin stepped forward even as the three made their way into his office. Obi-Wan shifted to remain behind him and Anakin could almost imagine the way he was picking at his own sleeve.

“Unusual the situation was. Surprising…and welcome.” The little green troll offered before moving around the blond to meet Obi-Wan’s green eyes. “Good to see you it is Obi-Wan.” He lifted a three fingered hand up towards him.

The copper haired man froze before slowly and hesitantly kneeling down, letting the Jedi touch his face. Gentle fingers touched his cheek. “Master.” He offered quietly as the other petted his cheek.

“Grown you have Obi-Wan. Relieved to see you alive. Only apologies I have.” The others face fell as he stroked the others bearded cheek.

“Apologies?” Obi-Wan meet the others eyes properly, surprise in his.

“Alone you should not have been sent. Many changes after you disappeared happened. No youngling alone anymore goes.” Yoda shifted his cane and pointed at the tall man Obi-Wan only vaguely remembered. “Master of the Initiates master Jinn is now, escorts Initiates to corps or home he now does. Takes care of them and listens to them. Good for him taking care of preteens has been.”

The long haired master bowed a bit, eyes almost hungerly taking in the copper haired man features. There was no malice in it though, Obi-Wan knew that. No, there was a sense of guilt, of relief of seeing Obi-Wan alive and mostly well.

Obi-Wan blinked and looked back to Yoda. “That…sounds good. Initiates won’t be so scared then.” He whispered quietly.

“I don’t mean to be…breaking up the moment.” Anakin finally offered, recognizing Obi-Wan’s nervousness and the start of his unease. “But the documents I requested, Obi-Wan’s prior records?”

“I have them.” Master Windu handed an information chip to the Senator. “All copies you will need, records that will need to be updated to current. Everything.” Anakin accepted the chip and quickly moved to the desk, slotting it in.

“Yes…Yes this is going to go a long way.” He murmured, eyes taking in the information. “I can clip this to the papers…and get them sent in…and the medical folder can be updated…” He muttered to himself. Obi-Wan blinked and stood, once again walking on the pad of his feet and on his toes as he moved to the desk, a slight twirl allow him to turn enough to look.

Behind him, the Jedi’s had all noticed the abbreviation in walking style and its implication. Behind him Yoda had closed his eyes tightly at its implication before letting go of his emotions at the view of Obi-Wan still alive. He could still live.

“Visit the temple you can.” He instead offered and Obi-Wan looked to him, startled.

“Friends you still have in the temple. If willing you are.”

“I…I don’t know…I’m not…” The copper haired man looked away. “…I’m not the one they remember.”

“But enough to see you alive perhaps would be. Rekindled old friendship perhaps. Or just to visit an old man for tea.” The green troll smiled gently at him. Obi-Wan hesitated before smiling slightly in return. “Perhaps…I can do that.”