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Headcanons of Kala & the Dandekars
  • Before Kala was born, Sanyam wanted a son - not because he thought boys were necessarily better but because he wanted to pass on his deep love of cricket to his child. When Priya gave birth to Kala, he was so stressed for his wife and new baby that he realised how foolish it was to have worried about the baby’s gender during the pregnancy when he should have been more concerned about his wife and baby’s health. It changed him fundamentally as a person.
  • When Wolfgang spends time with Kala’s family, he easily wins Sanyam over with his extensive knowledge of past and present cricket facts and his acute ability to analyse field strategy - information he obtained entirely via sharing with Kala, who had grown up with her sister being taught all about the sport by Sanyam.
  • When Wolfgang plays an impromptu game of cricket with a few of the staff from Sanyam’s restaurant and Sanyam himself, they discover he has a mean fast bowl and notice it’s just like Kala’s. They assume Kala’s been teaching him, obviously not realising it was Kala visiting Wolfgang the whole time.
  • The scar above Kala’s lip on the right side of her mouth was as a result of a cricket ball to her face at fifteen. Priya was furious and wouldn’t talk to Sanyam for a week because she blamed him for Kala’s love of the sport and her instance on playing it in school. 
  • Partly for that reason, but mostly because of her studies and desire to enter the highest ranked university in India (and the best for science - IITB), Kala stopped playing cricket and focussed on school work instead.
  • Kala can’t cook. She’s the worst. She knows how to cook, she knows what needs to go into the dishes and how they’re made, but when she tries it for herself it all comes out terribly. Sanyam therefore encouraged Kala to find her passion and make a career out of something that was not the restaurant.
  • Daya, however, is an excellent cook, and is set to take over the family business. She intends to study business at university - which she starts next year.
  • Kala’s favourite movie is “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge”. Of course it is.
  • Kala successfully managed to get into the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay where she did her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. She received a full scholarship for her PhD in Chemistry with BioSciences.
  • Kala had two boyfriends before Rajan. One when she was six, and one when she was doing her masters at university. She broke up with the latter because she was too busy studying to spend time with him. Technically, she and the boy who gave her a flower in primary school are still dating because they never officially broke up. She doesn’t even remember his name, but she pressed the flower when she got home and she still has it to this day, preserved in a little photo frame.
  • Kala’s favourite colour is yellow. She loves how happy it makes her feel.
  • Kala is a tea fiend and drinks about four cups a day - at least.
  • Kala’s is a deep lover of pretty shoes. She has a pair of nude Jimmy Choos that she bought on sale with her first ever pay check. She never wears them, but keeps them in their original box and sometimes takes them out to stare at how pretty they are.
  • Sanyam has taken his family three times to the UK, twice to the USA (one of those included a trip to Disney world), and twice to Canada on vacation - to visit other family members and stay with them. Family vacations have also included trips to Delhi, Pondicherry and Goa. He once took the girls to Australia to see the ICC World Cup.
  • One of Kala’s favourite flowers is the Marigold, but she has a secret love of the poisonous Gloriosa (aka Flame Lily).
dragon age inquisition: coffeeshop au

inquisitor: you but as the newest crew member at haven coffee. as the first person hired after the infamous revamp, when most of the old staff was unceremoniously sacked, the others were a tad distrusting of you at first, before eventually accepting you as one of their own. you have no idea what you’re exactly doing at haven, but the others seem nice enough.

cassandra: the new shop manager after the whole revamp debacle. you’re a little terrified of her at first, but, over time, you realise she is really just the loveliest of people. she just has a lot going on what with being the captain of the sinking ship that is haven coffee. beware any customer that gets too aggressive with one of her staff members. she spends most of the time trying to encourage everyone to keep working and groaning at some of the jokes.

josephine: loyal customer. you have no idea what she does exactly, but you’ve narrowed it down to mafia boss or just a really over-worked PR. she constantly has her phone pressed to her ear, but that’s cool seeing as the coffee house has her order memorised. she doesn’t take-out, but takes the time to sit in and drink her coffee, even if she’s answering a million emails a second on her phone at the same time. she’s also the sweetest, somehow remembering everyone’s names and their birthdays. josie is the best.

leliana: another loyal customer. she comes in every day and either sits with josephine or off on her own to the side. she likes to people watch and prefers her vantage point from the corner of the coffee shop where she gets the best view of just about everyone. you’re a little terrified of her at first, that is until you actually start talking to her and learn about her rabbit sanctuary. she has about a million photos on her phone of one particular rabbit that looks the same in every one. what’s it called again? schmooples?

cullen: another loyal customer. he always pops in early on his morning walk with his dog. the dog is ginormous and cullen always sits outside with him, no matter what the weather. he also always gives his complimentary biscuit to the dog, so you’re used to loading up his saucer with a few extras. he’s pretty quiet, very shy, and once he caught you staring at him and dribbled coffee all over his lap.

varric: he’s a writer and only works at haven to stop himself ‘starving in between episodes of writer’s block.’ you haven’t read any of his work, but if it’s anything like some of the stuff he comes out with, it should be hilarious. you always feel guilty for laughing though, considering how much he and cassandra lock horns.

solas: tall and quiet, there’s a certain mysterious air about solas. when he talks, it’s normally something informative and smart, and the man is a real tea fiend. he pretty much knows everything there is to know about tea. he likes this one particular brand though the best and is disdainful towards any other blends. no one exactly knows who solas is or just how old he is. he makes some pretty sweet latte art.

the iron bull: a real metal head and the muscle behind the counter. he’s always doing the ‘heavy work’. he has a wicked sense of humour, when he’s not loudly making dumb dad jokes and puns. he’s also the guy that stands up to any really difficult customers. he has a group of friends called ‘the chargers’ (you think they’re called ‘the chargers’) and they spend most of the day on the sofas, talking to bull and drinking whatever free coffee he brings them. you’ve never known him to make coffee for anyone other than himself, the chargers or whichever poor soul is stuck behind the counter that day.

blackwall: you thought he was a hipster at first, considering the whole beard thing he has going on. he’s really just a quiet, gruff kinda guy, trying to make a few extra buck. he seems a little out of sorts at haven, what with all the coffee choices and he being a ‘tea, milk, two sugars; ta, love”-kinda guy. you suspect he has a thing for josie as he’s always eager to make her a drink when she comes in.

vivienne: a real connoisseur of coffee. she’s the only one that knows how to make every coffee variation on the menu and also how it should taste, darling. she’s always immaculate and a little intimidating at first, but she’s the one you turn to when bull’s not around when a customer is giving you grief. 

sera: the prankster. you have no idea what sera does outside of work hours. she seems constantly about, either through her actually being there on shift or just in the booby traps she leaves behind. she’s the one who kicked up a stink because the coffeeshop didn’t have wifi and now that it does, spends most of her shift sat up on a counter, watching funny videos on her phone. prank videos are her favourite. she shows them to you sometimes, when you’re not too busy. sometimes, after your shift, you look up on youtube to see if she has uploaded any videos of her pranks from the coffeeshop. of course she has. you just haven’t found them yet. when they eventually go viral, you will…

dorian: with his posh accent and occasional references to boarding school, dorian clearly grew up better than any of you did. despite his education, he’s now working minimum wage as a barista and you learn not to ask about his background. he is however hilarious and his banter with the others has you cracking up all the time. he and solas vie for the title of ‘best coffee artist’. dorian reckons he once made a portrait of himself in a latte, but the customer filed a complaint, seeing as his coffee came to him stone-cold once dorian had finished. 

cole: you wonder just how old cole is. he’s oddly intuitive, doing things that doesn’t quite make any sense at the time, but proves useful later. like that time he stocked the back of the shop up with packets of tissues the week before everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) came down with a cold. he says some strange stuff at times, but he’s haven’s and none of the others will hear a bad thing said about him.

corypheus: the arsehole who opened up a coffee shop opposite to haven. he does whatever he can to try and steal customers and you reckon he once tried to hit you with his car, but maybe he’s just a really shit driver.

montpahrnah  asked:

jasmine, lavender !!

Jasmine: coffee or tea?
I gave up coffee for the sake of my anxiety at the beginning of the year so I am a tea fiend, however if I have a coffee now it feels like a Special Treat which is nice so…. tea always, coffee on special occasions? Haha.
Lavender: What are your dreams for the future?
To feel secure and stable and loved, to be there for those around me as a constant and to not disappear on people, to feel confident in myself and strong/brave enough to pursue things I want (whether it be a job, a skill, a romantic relationship - I just wanna one day feel up to actually wanting things and also following through on them). Maybe that’s not a tangible enough dream so I’ll just say this for a more concrete one: I want to live in a big share house with my best friends (aka life partners) somewhere kind of out in the country but close enough to the city that i can work part time, maybe as a primary school teacher. I want cats and dogs and fruit trees and if I bring a child into the world I want them to have a whole community for parents and to feel completely unconditionally loved and safe. I want to be well enough again to do some political activism. I want to own a motorcycle. And I really want to go bike riding and/or hiking in the forest at least once a week and to go to the beach at least twice a week. Lol.

Thanks for humouring me you’re the best 💕💕💕

headcanon that joly is a bubble tea FIEND. he goes to this bubble tea place where they have like framed photos of angelina jolie and johhny depp on the walls and blast top 40s hits mixed with kpop. the rest of the amis don’t understand his passion for bubble tea but they indulge him.

headcanon that claquesous is ALSO a bubble tea fiend and frequents the same place as joly. (the other members of patron minette don’t say shit to him about it because claquesous is legitimately terrifying.) he and joly become unlikely friendquiantances because they see each other there so much.

headcanon that one day the amis go to meet joly at his favorite bubble tea place and find him talking to the scariest motherfucker they have ever seen in their lives and he just waves them over like “hey guys! this is claquesous, he’s in a gang!”