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Short Character Profile:  Iria Nicholaides

NAME: Iria Nicholaides
HEIGHT: 5′ flat
SPECIES: Midlander Hyur
▌ GENDER: Female
NAMEDAY: 19th Sun of the Second Astral Moon
GUARDIAN: Thaliak the Scholar
RESIDENCE: Lavender Beds (FC House)
MARITAL STATUS: Single and looking
▌ ALIGNMENT: Lawful/Neutral Good
DRINK: TEA!  Favors floral/berry flavors
FOOD: Seafood (some fish, but favors shellfish)
▌ SNACKS: sandwiches or pastries that pair well with tea
PET: Little bluebird named Dia
▌ COLOR: Aquas (ocean tones), deep reds, purple hues

FLOWER: Blue/Purple Cherry Blossoms

▌ SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
BODY TYPE: Skinny with slight muscle (ballet body)
EYE COLOR: Ocean Azure/Aqua
HAIR COLOR: Red with Ocean Blue highlights

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Some of you I’ve interacted with here on Tumblr, but some of you this will be my first time.  :)  Enjoy!


Time for you, time for me, time for fun, time for tea! This elegant tea infuser brings sophistication to any affair. A delicate heart theme distinguishes the infuser, and makes it a lovely favor for weddings, baby showers, Mother’s Day parties and more. Features and facts:

  • Crafted from polished metal
  • Perforated infuser is heart shaped, and handle has lovely, openwork hearts
  • Gift box has charming, pale-green teapot print and is tied with sheer white, organza ribbon and heart-shaped “Thank You” tag
  • Gift box measures 7 ½” x 2”