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Hey ^_^ I was just wondering if you know of any reliable websites to buy herbs (and other witchy items) in bulk from? The organic markets near me are so expensive and the mega-marts are way too far. Any help at all is highly appreciated. Thanks :)


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From one witch to another, I’m on this website RIGHT NOW thats got the best prices for bulk herbs I’ve ever seen. 

Monterey Bay Spice Company or http://www.herbco.com/ is the name. Low priced hearbs, teas, and oils with low shipping is their game, I’m telling you girl. They have different versions of each spice, oragnic, powdered, cut and stifed. It’s beautiful. 

Of course you can go to different etsy shops or amazon sellers, but if you want one website that carries all the good, essential herbs (for a really good price) http://www.herbco.com/ is the place.

Pop Culture Builds 3: Uncle Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Fire is often thought of as the most volatile and destructive elements, suited to violence and rage. However, even such an energetic element works best from a position of understanding and wisdom.

Former crown prince of the fire nation, a retired general, and uncle of Prince Zuko, Iroh rejected the violence and lack of enlightenment shared by the majority of his people, particularly his family. Studying the version of fire bending taught by the sun tribe, as well as various other bending techniques, he sought to understand all four elements and their role in the world, all the while seeking to aid those in need and negate the evils of his brother somewhat from within.

Thanks to his understanding and wisdom, Iroh was arguably one of the mightiest firebenders of the age, and in theory might have been able to defeat his evil brother if Aang the Avatar did not. Regardless, he was one of the most instrumental mentors that Aang and Zuko ever had, lending them both his wisdom.

Though human on the show, the real important thing to remember is that Iroh is definitely in the elderly age category.

The class I would recommend for his build is the very poster child of benders in pathfinder: the kineticist, specifically a pyrokineticist with a minor in air to grant lightning as an element. Iroh would definitely focus on fire, however, taking many techniques to help shape and control both his flame and lightning, diversifying into those that blend elements from other sources, such as defense, which is rarely seen in most fire benders in the avatar setting. He should definitely take the fan of flames at least, demonstrating Iroh’s signature flaming breath attack, though torrent and explosion are also good. Overall the build should consist of a mix of blasting and control, picking utility talents based on manipulating flame.

Iroh is also an excellent hand to hand combatant, so in addition to feats playing off his ranged attacks, also consider adding Improved Unarmed Strike and other appropriate feats.

The wise old man doesn’t carry much in the way of equipment, relying on his powers in combat. However, I imagine that a wise old kindly man such as himself would favor a tea set, various books useful for referencing information, and the like.

Of course, there are a few other ways to build Iroh, such as going for a more authentic bender experience by taking the elemental purist archetype, to make for a kineticist that can only ever bend one element. Though this does mean he loses out on lightning, it could easily be replaced by plasma, and the ability to take any wild talent regardless of prerequisites does emulate learning from other styles quite nicely. Alternately, a less spectacular build might be a pyromancer mage, or a monk focused on fiery elemental fists.

If you’re interested in an older, more experienced kineticist, you could easily strip the lore away and have a great stand-alone build!

For the lovely Amelia @escapingreality51 I hope you feel better 😘❤️

He’s having a bad day, there’s no doubt about it. Robert’s been away on business for almost a week and Liv’s been acting up again. He’s been at the scrapyard all morning dealing with clients who are being a pain and his frustration is staring to show when he finally snaps at Jimmy for making too much noise. Adam finally tells him to take off and he does gladly.

He muses about going to the pub for tea in favor of the empty house waiting for him. He still needs to check in with Liv and take a shower so he heads back to Mill. The house is dark when he gets in, he calls out for Liv and realizes she’s not there. He rings her and finds out she’s at the pub helping Chas as punishment. He sighs, the house feels even more empty without Liv’s scowling face. He decides to go to the pub to get away from his thoughts, heading up to the shower he checks his phone. Still no word from Robert since lunch time. He’ll ring him after he gets to the pub.

He strips and turns the water on hot. Melt away this crappy day. He hears a noise and opens the door and calls out for Liv. No answer, stupid empty house he thinks to himself shaking his head at his own paranoia. He spends way to long letting the water work out his muscles that are far too tense. His fingers are all wrinkled by the time he turns off the faucet. Feeling better already he hops out and starts getting dressed.

That’s when he smells it. Pizza, smells like his favorite kind. Liv must be trying to get out of her grounding early or something. He comes down stairs already telling her it’s not going to work when he gets to the bottom he freezes.

Robert is sitting at the kitchen table smirking and looking all kinds of gorgeous. It irritates him that he must have been traveling for hours to get back and he still looks like his own personally angel. His own little slice of Heaven. Wanting to appear unaffected by his presence Aaron walks over and crosses his arms over his chest.

“What’s this?” He asks peering over Robert to see it is his favorite pizza. Not just pizza his favorite beer and chocolate biscuits.

“This is, I missed my husband and I heard he was being a right prat all day so I wanted to make him feel better.” Robert says reaching out and uncrossing Aaron’s arm and wrapping them around his waist.

They place their foreheads together out of habit, one man falling into the other. Aaron smiles at the surprise and feels so lucky to have this man is his life to call his. His stomach growls the pizza is almost as appetizing as his husband. His button down shirt is all ruffled and all he wants is to devour his husband but his stomach has other plans.

“Come on let’s eat and watch some rubbish telly.” Robert moves back reluctantly and at Aaron’s whine he presses a chastise kiss to his husbands lips, smiling as Aaron tries to deepen it. Pulling away he’s smirking again. “Food then desserts.” He winks and takes the food and beer to the living room. Pulling the cushions off the couch and placing them on the floor, Robert makes a little picnic area. He pushes Aaron down with a gentle command to sit and relax.

After coming back with plates and napkins because heaven forbid they mess up there beautiful living room. They sit and dig in to the pizza a crap tv show on in the background. Neither is watching really they’re both talking and catching up. It’s like they haven’t spoken multiple times a day even though that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

Once the food is gone Aaron can’t take it any more and he pounces on his husband. They spend the rest of the evening getting re-acquainted with each other. His bad day turning into the best of evenings. When they finally make it up to bed, hours later he cannot stop smiling. He thinks how lucky he is. Maybe the bad days are just to remind him that the good ones are worth waiting for.

At the end of the day

Blindspot fanfic.

Loosely based on my prognostications and the promotional stills for the finale. A little angsty optimism, which kind of sums up my mood at the lack of a season three renewal announcement. 

Here’s hoping tonight’s episode and the season finale don’t kill us. 

“Come in, Jane.” Weller waved her into a chair in front of his desk.

She entered his office and perched awkwardly on the edge of the seat. Such formality seemed so foreign after all they been through today. After the passionate kiss they’d shared when they thought they’d lost, when they believed there was nothing left to save them from Shepherd’s wrath. Nothing but…

“There’s no sign of Roman,” Weller said quietly. “He’s gone.”

She nodded. She already knew that. She’d known the minute he saved them that she’d already lost him. The look in his eye had told her that. He’d barely glanced at her, just stared at Weller for a minute, raised his chin for a minute in a slight nod, and then took off.

“We’ll keep looking.”

She sighed. “It won’t do any good. He knows how not to be found.” And he didn’t want to be found, not by the FBI and definitely not by her.

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Never Again

* Laurens × Reader
* 166: I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend
* Hamiltime

A/N: and here is the story I promised! It’s basically 90% fluff and 10% other…I don’t think it even qualifies and angst. So just enjoy a cute fluffy John Laurens imagine! As usual with my Laurens stories, this is longer than I initially planned, but oh well!


“We’ll tell the story of tonight!” You smiled fondly at your life-long friend John Laurens and his new friend Alexander Hamilton.

“Let’s have another round mes amies!” Your French friend suggested. As exepcted, the other two men as well as Hercules gladly agreed. You, however, turned them down initially. Someone needed to keep a level head among the group. But tonight was different.

Tonight all your rambunctious friends were talking about revolution. While you agreed with their stance on freedom, you hated the way they talked about it. They were all willing to be martyrs for the cause but the thought scared you. The silly Lafayette or kind hearted Hercules. Even the quick witted Alexander who you’d just met. They were all so dear to you. Especially John Laurens.

Tan skin and freckles along with curly hair. Not to mention his kindness and sharpness of the mind. He was studying law at his father’s request but you knew he really wanted to study science. He had such skill with with pencils and charcoal, you enjoyed the days spent with him when you could watch him get lost in a drawing project. You grew up along side the Laurens, growing close to their eldest son. He became your best friend, teasing you and protecting you. Along the way, you had fallen head over heels for him. It was stupid, you told yourself, he didn’t see you like that. How could he? He had known you when you were little girl and when you were an awkward teenager. While he had been along side you at some of your best moments, he had been there for your worst too. Still, you regretfully admit that you were horribly in love with him.

So you accepted another round, much to the surprise of your friends. You needed to forget about this impending war in which your friends would be walking into a spray of bullets. You needed to forget about your best friend who you loved.

“Hey uh Y/N?” John voiced, trying to get your attention.

“Yeah?” You responded happily. Your mind was buzzing and you were carefree, or maybe you were just drunk. As long as you weren’t over thinking, you didn’t care.

“Maybe you should slow down.” John suggested. He looked at you, his brown eyes full of concern.

“There you go again.” You slurred, your drunk mind was bypassing your verbal filter. “You looking out for me like always.”

“Yep.” John agreed with a hint of a nervous smile. You were clearly drunk at this point, making him very worried. “And I’ll continue to do just that. Starting with cutting you off.”

“But why?” You whined. You stuck out your bottom lip, pouting like a child.

He chuckled. The sound pulled a large smile from you, your inebriated mind was apparently trying to reveal the affection you’d kept hidden for so long. “Because you speech is slurred and your pouting like a five-year old.” He reached out and gently tapped your nose. A blush covered your cheeks and though you wished it was the alcohol, you knew it was from the simple touch. “Lafayette, can you please escort Y/N safely home?” He asked.

“Why can’t you?” You asked without thinking. Honestly, it was probably for the best that he didn’t. If he walked you home there was no telling what you’d do in your drunken state. Still, you wanted to spend as much time with him as possible.

“Because I have some things to discuss further with Alexander.” He explained. “But I don’t want you here any longer. You don’t need easy access to any more alcohol. So Laf, you got her?”

“Oui mon amie. I shall escort Y/N safely home.” Lafayette said and stood. He walked over to your seat and held out a hand. “Shall we go mademoiselle?”

You pouted, wanting to stay with John longer, but stood anyway; with Lafayette’s help of course. “I guess.”

“We’ll see you soon Y/N.” Hercules said as a goodbye.

“It was nice to meet you.” That was Alexander.

“It’ll check up on you in the morning, alright?” John asked.

“Alright John.” You slurred while giving him a dazed smile, cheeks still pink.

Lafayette walked you from the bar, your arm wrapped around his. You were walking down the street, past all the faintly lit restaurants and pubs. “Hey Laf.” You said suddenly.

“Hm?” He wondered and looked down at you.

“We should go get more drinks.” You suggested a bit loudly. You were still very buzzed but the more alcohol you had, the less you thought or worried about your friends and hopeless crush.

“Mon amie, what is wrong with you tonight?” Lafayette asked you. “You usually refuse more than two rounds. I’ve never seen you drunk before. Tonight you drank more then Hercules.” He continued walking to get you away from the bars.

“I’m fine Laf.” You said in a drawn out slur. “Everything is just fine.” You singsonged.

“I should’ve known you’d be a happy drunk.” He chuckled. “But I also know you’re lying. I’ve known you for far too long.”

“Oh nothing.” You sighed. “I’m just an idiot.” You reached your door and pulled a key from your purse. You grumbled as you tried slotting the key into the keyhole.

Lafayette took the key from you and unlocked the door. “You are not an idiot mademoiselle. Why do you think that?” He guided you in and had you sit on the couch while he went to go make some tea in the hopes of sobering you up before sending you to sleep of the alcohol.

“I’m stupid, so horribly stupid.” You babbled, tears stinging your eyes. Lafayette abandoned the tea in favor of comforting you. He sat next to and rubbed comforting circles on your back. “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.” You missed the way his eyes widened. “And I can’t do anything either! He doesn’t like me in the same way and we have such a good friendship and I don’t want to ruin it! He would hate me if I told him that I was hopelessly in love with him!”

Tears were rolling down your cheeks. Why you admitted that, you didn’t know. No, you did know. You were drunk, horribly drunk and had no filter right now. It was a miracle you left that bar with out blabbing to John how you felt.

“Mademoiselle, please lay down. Get some sleep alright? We can discuss this further after your are sober.” Lafayette pleaded. “I don’t want you to tell me something you’ll later regret admitting.”

“How am I supposed to sleep?” You asked, tears still falling. You mind was running a mile a minute, your thoughts spinning like a hurricane and thoughts of John were the calm in the eye of the storm; the moment of calm before the waves rolled widely once more.

“Mon cheri, I’m sure you will fall asleep the minute your head hits the pillow.” He assured you. He took your hands to get you to your bed. He tucked you in and you were asleep before you heard the shut door click shut behind Lafayette.

You woke up with a groan. Your head was pounding and you felt a bit gross. You were still in the same clothes as yesterday and your hair was still done up for your night out. You need something to drink and clear your head. Last night was just a hazy darkness and you remembered little past meeting Alexander.

Your door squeaked up and you sat up quickly, causing more pain to your head. “Hey, easy there.” It was John. He was standing next to your bed, a cup of tea in his hand. His eyes were looking at you in concern. He sat down on the edge of the bed and handed you the steaming cup. “You were out cold when I got here so I figured I’d make you some tea.”

You sipped the tea. “Is this what a hangover feels like? Cause if it is, never let me get drunk again.” You said, the pain in your head was translating to a pained voice.

“Yeah it is.” He said with a slight smile. “I’ve had my fair share.”

“Oh I know.” The roles were reversed as you used to check on John after he got drunk. “Like when you first got drunk at 16. If I wasn’t there, your dad would’ve probably killed you.”

“Now I can watch out for you.” You sat and talked as you finished the tea. He took the cup and gave you an opportunity to change and brush your hair.

You walked out and found him looking through your shelves of books. “Don’t you have somewhere to be?” You guestioned. You rubbed your temples willing the ache to go away.

“Sick of me already?” He teased.

“No!” You said a bit to quickly judging by the confusion on his face. “Uh I mean no I’m not but I don’t want you missing your classes or anything because I was stupid enough to get drunk.” You amended.

“Actually I should get going back to the college. I just wanted to make sure you’re ok.” He said a small smile.

“Thank you, John.” You told him. You saw him out and shut the door behind him. You leaned you forehead against the cool wood. At least you didn’t tell him your feeling last night. You could hardly be in the same room as him without your heart pounding and feeling a fluttering in your stomach.

You let out a broken sob and wrapped your arms around John. He was suited up in a blue coat and looked every inch the soldier he always aspired to be. He was leaving to go to the encampment, leaving you behind to worry endlessly. He wrapped his arms around your waist and held you tightly.

“I’ll be back Y/N. I swear.” He promised in a whisper, his mouth next to your ear.

You pulled back, just enough to look at him. “You better be.” You warned, trying to sound demanding. Instead to came out sounding more like a broken plea.

John smiled at you, a ting of sadness in it. He cupped your face and wiped away the tears on your cheeks. You stared at him, remembering the way his hair looked tied back. Memorizing the pattern of freckles on his cheeks. “Y/N?” He questioned your stare.

“Hm?” You eyes snapped up to his.

“You ok?” He asked.

“Huh? Oh well not really, not with you leaving.” You sniffed and blinked back a few tears. “But I’ll be alright.”

“You sure?” He asked.

You took a deep breath. “No.” You admitted quietly and looked down and your feet.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked. He hooked two fingers under your chin and tilted your face back up to him. More tears came at the concerned look in his eyes.

“You’re leaving John.” You cried, tears falling down. John hurried to wipe them away. “You’re leaving me and I may never get the chance to-” you stopped. Your emotions where running high and you couldn’t admit this now. He was leaving and it was unfair to him. Of course then if he hated you he’d be free to leave you. And you may never get the chance to speak to him again.

“May never get the chance to do what?” He asked. You looked at him, still conflicted.

Screw it.

You leaned forward and kissed him soundly. If he hated you, so be it. You weren’t going to spend your whole life wondering what this would be like. At least if he didn’t make it home, he knew how you truly felt about him.

You pulled away and looked back at your feet. “I may never get the chance to tell you how feel.” You said. You were sure you were a sight. Tears streaming down your face, nose running with the tears, unceremoniously kissing your best friend. What on earth is he going to think of you know?

“Y/N.” He said softly. You didn’t dare look at him. He was going to reject you and leave you worrying and longing for a man you couldn’t have. “Y/N.” He said more firmly, once more tilting your face back to his, catching your gaze. You lip wobbled, his gaze intense.

“I’m am going to write you every day and the day I get back I’m going to court you properly. And after some time,” he reached down and and grabbed you left hand and brought it close to his mouth. “I’ll put a ring on this finger.” With that he lightly pressed his lips to your ring finger.

You breath caught as he looked up at you. “But first.” He leaned in and kissed you properly. His arms around your waist and lips pressed to yours. His eyes were closed, savoring the moment and your eyes fluttered closed as well. Your arms hooked around his torso and you clutched the back of his jacket tightly in your hands. He pulled back, eyes still closed. “I’m not going to leave you behind. Never my dear Y/N.” He vowed.

“You better not.” You tried ordering once more. You voice was less broken than before but it was still more of a plea than a command.

He leaned his forehead against yours. He was brushing hair from your face and stared into your eyes. You gazed back, taking in all the affection in the dark eyes in front of you. “Never.”

John kept his promise and wrote you endlessly, sometimes getting multiple letters to you before you could respond. Every now and then a letter had an extra paper. This extra paper was always a drawing of his, showing his ability to find, or make, something beautiful even in war.

Lafayette wrote you asking why John was so happy. After a few letters you realized that during your drunken haze you must have told him how you felt.

John had written detailing his plan to go to South Carolina and free enough slaves to lead the first black battalion. His excitement was so obvious in his written words that your could practically hear him. You could almost see the beaming smile as Washington confirmed his plan. Or the way his foot would be excitingly tapping as he wrote you.

But Alexander had also wrote you. He explained they may have a way to get the British to surrender. What if word didn’t reach South Carolina in time?

The day of the battles all you could do was pace. You were surprised you hadn’t put a rut in the carpet as you walked over the same space multiple times. You walked to the window as church bells went off, all the churches in the town seemed to be ringing their bells. People were running out into the street in celebration. The Union must have done it. They must have defeated the bloody British! The country was…free.

Now you had to wait for your boys to come home. And slowly but surely they did. Hercules was always here at his shop. Alexander came home from Yorktown and Lafayette a few days later from Chesapeake Bay. But no sign of John.

You were bent over your kitchen counter making some supper. You paused taking a shuttering breath. You found this happening more and more, you couldn’t focus on anything you were more focused on whether or not John was alive.

A scream left your throat as some hands came around your waist. You spun, arms still loosely clasped around you, and found John smiling face. His eyes were bright with mirth and happiness, his freckled cheeks lifted up in a smile. His curls weren’t tied back but hanging down to his shoulders. “John?” You asked in breathless surprise.

“Word barely reach South Carolina in time. Another hour and we’d be in battle. I promised I wouldn’t leave you.” He told you, that doopy smile never leaving his face. You ran a hair through his loose curls. Your hand found its way to the back of his head, hair still threaded between your fingers. You pulled his face down to yours and crashed you lips against his. He responded in kind and wrapped an arm around your waist to pull you against him. The other hand mirrored yours and tangled itself in your hair.

He pulled back with a gasp. “I’ve missed you so much.” He accepted his statement with another kiss. “Now Y/N, will you allow me to properly court you?” He asked looking at you hopefully, as if you’d say no.

“Only if you can promise me one thing.” You challenged. He raised an eyebrow questioningly. “Promise me you’ll never leave me again.”

He kissed you soundly once more. “Never again my dear. Never again.”

SF&R, Chapter 5: Let Me Slip Away

Also available on AO3.

Catch up on previous chapters here.

Carefree highway, let me slip away on you
Carefree highway, you’ve seen better days

The mornin’ after blues from my head down to my shoes

Carefree highway, let me slip away

Slip away on you.

-“Carefree Highway” by Gordon Lightfoot

“What happened last night, Cullen?”

Cat was in the kitchen of the home Thea and Cullen shared in the country, helping her cousin-in-law prepare the mint tea Thea favored in the summer and trying to glean some explanation as to why the younger woman not only hadn’t texted her after her show the previous night like she normally did, but had barely said a word all morning. When she’d arrived at the house, Thea had answered the door with dark moons under her eyes, and it had been obvious she’d been crying the better part of the night. Dorian Pavus, one of her closest and dearest friends (and distant cousin on the Trevelyan side, if Cat remembered correctly), was also there despite the early hour, which meant something serious had gone down. At the moment, he was on the back porch with Thea, speaking in quiet tones and wrapping a comforting arm around her shoulders. These clues, paired with the shattered plates Cat had spied in the trash bin when she arrived, suggested that Thea had not had a good night.

Cullen rubbed the back of his neck, staring out the kitchen window to where their property sloped down along the bank of the Hafter River to the Amaranthine Sea. “Cat, I just can’t. You will have to trust me on this. Suffice it to say that Thea had to deal with something she was not expecting, and it did not go well. At all. She will bounce back; you know how she is, but I think right now she is just trying to process before she can really talk about it. She has been under a lot of strain recently. You both have and, if I may be blunt, neither of you have been allowing yourselves to deal with your feelings.”

“I have been managing just fine, Cullen, but I appreciate your concern,” Cat placed a grateful hand on his shoulder and smiled up at him. He shook his head with obvious skepticism, but managed to give her a small smile in return before putting the tea things on a tray and joining his wife and their friend on the porch. Cataline followed, worry rising in her chest again when she saw how bad of shape Thea was still in.

Thea must have noticed her staring, because she managed a weak half smile when Cat sat beside her on the porch swing. She curled up next to her and rested her head on her shoulder. “I’m ok, Catkin, I promise. I’m just not used to being thrown for a loop anymore, and I am handling it with less grace than would be ideal.”

“Less grace? Thea, you look like you’ve been hit by a rampaging bronto,” Cat snorted.

“Oh well now you’re just being insulting,” Thea poked at her side, but Cat was glad to see that at least her spirit seemed to be recovering slightly.

“So, are you going to tell me what happened?”

Dorian and Cullen exchanged a glance. “You know, Thea,” their friend stood and brushed imaginary lint from his clothing, “I believe I promised Cullen I would help him look for that book you have on Imperium history that he was considering reading. You know, the one that isn’t a load of trite propaganda.” Dorian stood and Cullen followed, giving his wife a brief kiss on the forehead before trailing the other man back into the house.

Cataline looked to Thea, but her cousin was now refusing to meet her eyes. She took a long sip of her tea. Cat said nothing, allowing Thea to process her thoughts and come to her own conclusions. She was nothing if not patient.

“Cat, I’m not ready to talk about it quite yet. I have a feeling, I am praying, that this isn’t over, and that there is still a chance that things may shake out differently than they are right now. Give me three days. I realize I am asking you to stretch your faith in me to the breaking point, but I just need you to trust me on this.” Thea finally looked up at her, and there was so much uncertainty in her expression that Cat didn’t have the heart to press the matter.

“Ok, Thea,” she wrapped her in a hug. “Three days. But then we are definitely going to have a talk.”

“Deal.” Thea tucked her legs up under her and settled back against the seat. “I will tell you that Captain Hendyr and Inspector Pentaghast called me yesterday.”

Cat felt her heart freeze. “Oh?”

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the ‘childish’ description for the full moon…wow

last night my mom brought me some aluminum free deodorant and some oils

i put the deodorant on and started smelling some tea tree oil 

all of a sudden it was like i was transported back to my 8 year old self 

i caught a waft of the the deodorant and it was identical to the smell of my favorite uncle 

and my grandma was obsessed with aromatherapy, tea tree oil being favored

today my friend brought up disney movies and we’re discussing tarzan now 

Aquarius, the Whimsical Water-Bearer.

In this post, I’ll be going over the classic qualities of Aquarius.

Symbol: The Water-Bearer.

Ruler: Uranus and sometimes Saturn.

Element: Air.

Nature: Fixed

Energy: Masculine.

House Association: the 11th house, house of community. humanity and deviation.

Age Association: 70-77

Physiological Association: The ankles.

Aquarius, the whimsical Water-Bearer a fixed air sign of high static, erratic energy ruled by the rebellious energies of Uranus. The age association of Aquarius symbolizes the second childhood, a stage in which we are so haggard and old, we simply kick back, with not a care in the world, and play. Aquarius embody this aspect well,they seemingly don’t care what others think, behaving on whims and desires, tethered not by an earthly need of acceptance, and driven by a childlike curiosity. Upon initial contact, Aquarius is hard to peg, a strange mixture of distance, aloofness and kindness. They are usually shy, so conversation will have to be started by another to ignite the engines of these eccentrics, because they know more than anyone, the beauty, and extent of their own social awkwardness, usually embracing it harder than a lover returning from battle. Aquarius uniqueness is one of their defining traits, this rainbow catching mad scientist is skilled in all things intellectual, whether math, science, philosophy or history, Aquarius can immerse themselves in the emotional, and cerebral aspect of academia, without opinions heavily clouding his vision. Aquarius being so naturally linked to the human condition, also has a keen fascination, and love of the human mind, Leading to a level headed scholar, with mind boggling ideas. With this intense creativity, also comes an innate knack for the arts, especially music, music to an Aquarius isn’t simply sound, its a physical expression of the human soul, which they revel in.Though they gleam with many positive attributes, shadows infringe upon the traits of this sign. Aquarius is very prone to paranoid, and anxious thoughts, many seemingly mad in the eyes of the masses. Aquarius is often a sign filled with escapists trying to escape the harshness of reality, many of the sensitive sign are to sensitive to deal with. Being so trapped in your mind, isn’t a good thing, They often have trouble expressing themselves due to their painfully lagging social skills. Aquarius is an extremist sign, from the most devout Christian/Muslim/Jew, to the most active pagan. Many of this sign can become fanatical in their devotion to their cause and succumb to the martyr complex, they must realize they are not god at some point. Despite these flaws. Aquarius and it’s kinks make up for it in the bedroom. Aquarius is an artist, an inventor, wouldn’t you think sex would be the same. Sex with an Aquarius is an adventure, from sex toy to sex toy, position to new position. They love to sexually experiment. Aquarius is ruled the deviation principle, thus is an embodiment of fringe beliefs, views and concepts. They can be quite rebellious due to Uranus’ influence. Aquarius in the end though, just wants some nice conversation with an open minded individual and a cup of tea. A small favor to ask from the maniac of the Zodiac

Have wonderfully Divine Day!

Happy hunting!


“Transformation is the definition of life.”

I still remember the look in Professor Vega’s eyes as she said that, looking right at me through cloud colored cataracts. I was only 11, but she was already more than a century old, and somehow I knew that she knew the things about myself I had only started to guess at. She was the first person I turned to three years later when I couldn’t bear my own secret anymore. I remember her eyes then too…the way the lines around them folded up in warm regard, and her small silver spoon rattled in the little ivory tea-cup she favored. It didn’t phase her in the least that that same cup had spent the better part of the day as a rattlesnake, any more than it did that the man sitting in front of her was, in fact, a young woman.

But Professor Vega had sat at the knee of Marie Laveau herself. She was the daughter of a Muggle prostitute and some unknown man, and so her own blood status was a matter of the purest speculation. She’d traveled the world in her youth, after losing her husband to a tribe of Amazonian Blemmyes, and her travel logs had been best-sellers for over 50 years. It was going to take a lot more than one misgendered young witch to make her bat an eyelash.

There aren’t many people like me, even with the Muggles taken into account, but she had met my like before, and she took my problems seriously. She said some people were just destined to be born more than once, and I wasn’t done yet…so she took me to Headmistress LaFort and explained the situation, and to her credit Lady LaFort didn’t raise a fuss either. She simply asked me a few questions, watching me with her strange, gold colored eyes, and then made a note of it and dismissed us both. A small thing, but from that day till my graduation every one of my teachers referred to me as Miss Bottle, without a single hint of rancor or mockery. No one said a thing to me when I started wearing gowns and using little transfigurations (taught to me after class by Professor Vega herself) to alter my appearance.

Well…Elisa Marsh was nasty about it for about a week, until Professor Deshayes caught her mocking me after Potions and escorted her off for a private conversation. Elisa didn’t talk at all for a week after that, and then never again about my gender.

Since graduating I’ve looked for other people like me…people born in the wrong skin, itching to be something else. I found out not all the schools are like the Laveau Academy.

Marcus, a young man with a regal bearing and the face of an angel, told me that RPI holds itself to the high standards of southern gentility. “You are,” he told me, mixing an elegant cocktail in his silver tumblers that would make my breath purple for the next three hours, “What you are. They don’t ask questions, and they don’t answer them. Every case is unique, and needs a special touch…by my 6th year I was clearly a young man, but I didn’t want to leave darling Clarissa behind…we’d been roommates for so long. So I became Mr. Dearborne and switched back and forth between my skirt and slacks with nary a raised eyebrow..though Professor Switchback did give me a verbal thrashing when I wore a wrinkled skirt and didn’t properly knot my tie. I’ll never forget the red of his face, ‘You may be a boy or a girl as you need, Young Dearborne, but you will certainly be a Lady or a Gentleman about it!’”

The Salem Institute finds its strength in tradition, but prides itself on being forward thinking. Halleigh Goode’s family was not accepting of this truth, but Headmaster Lansky was unwilling to turn the girl away; Halleigh became a resident of the school year-round when her mother cast her from the house when she was 15, and Lansky himself signed off on a change of uniform and a privacy curtain for the dorm…but refused to change his rooming situation entirely.  

“He was trying,” Halleigh tells me, over coffee at the Wand and Wimple, Boston’s premier shop for the Mage in need of a caffeine fix, “But I could tell he wasn’t entirely comfortable with the situation…but he was trying, and that meant the world to me,especially after my mom booted me. He and the other professors kept the other students from pestering me…mostly. It was really the Ghosts that got me through, especially the Drowned Ferryman. He took a special interest in me, after I came out, and rallied a bunch of the other spirits to me as well. Its because of them that I went so far in Spirit Studies, and got a job with the IMP Board managing adolescent spectres.”

Frederick Niggel was a student at Blackgate in the 1950s, “It was a real no-go then. The Headmaster of the school wasn’t an especially open minded man…he had a military background and was hard as iron, and had some very set notions about what as proper for boys and girls. Luckily, Blackgate has always had private rooms for all its students, so at least had privacy, and Headmistress Odinson is dead set on dragging the school into the modern age. She supports students being free to express themselves, and treat their school as a place where they can be free to learn and grow without being afraid for themselves. I think she understands a bit…being descended from giants…she faced a lot of persecution in her time, and she hates seeing other people face the same stupidity. Damn fine woman.”

“At Allegiance it was all about your Pack,” Rhonda Tyne tells me. She graduated from that prestigious, island academy in 1970, when the militancy of the school’s original founding had been reborn in the post-King Civil Rights movement, “Your Pack was your second family, and your lead professor was your guiding star…it has changed a lot since then, of course, but I think that atmosphere still exists, from what the more recent alumni are saying. I got lucky…my Pack was great, and very supportive, and Professor Hyatt…he’s passed on since….was an animorphmagus, so gender didn’t mean much to him. But I knew another boy…sorry…girl…who was younger than me by a few years…he didn’t get that support. One year he just didn’t come back…found out a few years later that he’d gotten kicked out, fell through the cracks, and died a year or two later. Murdered in Chicago.”   

Mesa Academy has always stood out amongst the seven schools, being the least inspired by Anglo-European culture. The Native American tribes had their own definitions of what gender meant, and in the last bastion of their magical knowledge and tradition, those beliefs are kept alive. “I was what I did,” Alejandro tells me, as they clean their potion’s lab, “And I did what I wanted. I never asked to be a boy, and I don’t want to be a girl…so I just do what I want, and that was fine. I had a purpose, and I had reasons, and even that old bastard the Alabaster Man couldn’t change me if I didn’t want to change.”

La Academia Occidental, the academic child of Catholicism, Asian philosophies, and a deep appreciation of the aesthetic and artistic, is perhaps simultaneously the most and least accepting of its differently gendered students. My own partner, Randi, majored in the magical practices of Feng-Shui and Runes. He’s a brilliant designer if I do say so myself, and I bother him for more details about LAO as he rearranges our tiny apartment to warp as much of the space as possible. I’m fairly certain he could make us a grand ballroom by tilting the couch the right way and hanging a prayer to our personal kitchen god.

“I had to wear a habit,” he says, in annoyance, “And I boarded with the other girls, even when I wasn’t a girl…but most of my teachers dropped the ‘Miss’ when I told them. I got to lead in dance classes and on off hours I put on slacks and couldn’t get in trouble. Most of my teachers even told me to explore it fully…and not just the artsy ones either. My charms professor, Mother Tennebrac, asked to talk to me one day after class. We’d been learning basic glamours, and she said my unique situation could really open up my magical abilities in that area. So much of magic is how you see things, and I didn’t see gender or sex or attraction the way most of my classmates did so I should explore it. I got full marks on that AWE too.”  

-An excerpt from Bethany Bottles, “My Magic, Not my Wand,” an article that appeared in The Boston Bibliomancer last fall, exploring Ms. Bottle’s life as a transgender mage living in the AWC. Ms. Bottle is the leading advocate for Transgender Rights in the AWC, and also an advocate for the end of the Statute of Secrecy.

The Common Cold

Pairing: Captain Swan

Rating: T

Genre:  Deleted Scene (6 weeks of peace between 4a and 4b)

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A/N: This is the next in my new Fluffy Fridays reruns series.  I realized several of these one or two shots might have fallen through the cracks as they hid within the (now massive) fluffy anthology that is known as Fluffy Fridays. As I don’t really have time to write new stuff now, I thought I’d pass the time in December (and the very end of November) by pulling out my favorite FF installments and posting them in their own right.  Hope you enjoy the “reruns”!


“Hey, Killian!” Henry said as he slid into the booth across from his mom’s boyfriend, “where were you this morning?  I thought you were going to come pick me up at the loft so we could go sailing.”

Killian set down his coffee mug with a grimace.  “My apologies lad, it seems to have slipped my mind.”

Henry looked at him intently, his brows furrowed in the way Swan’s often were when she was intent on ferreting out information.

“You look…upset or something,” Henry said after a moment.  “Is something wrong?”

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Okay so I have listened to Adele's Hello like 1000 times. All I can think of right now are reconciliation fics. So here is another one from shalara2014 ps I am not a genius and I do not have a scientific consultant some things are going to be left to your imagination.

Sheldon sits at his desk staring at his laptop sighing. Howard walks by and is stunned to see he is on the dating website again. After the unsuccessful scavenger hunt he thought that he was done with trying to date.

“You back on the dating website again? I thought you were done with that.” he says going to sit on the couch.

“I was but then I realized that my system was flawed. The scavenger hunt was to simplistic to really capture the caliber of girl that I am looking for.”

“Too simplistic? Only one girl was able to figure it out.” Howard scoffs.

“Exactly, one girl too many.”

“The point was find women you want to device a hunt that no one can figure out.” Raj asks

“Yes… well not no one… only my perfect woman would be able to figure out the clues in this scavenger hunt.” Sheldon tells them. “If anyone can figure out this one they win my heart regardless of time limits.”

“Oh really, you must have put up one impressive picture if you think any woman is willing to jump through that many hoops just for a date with you.” Leonard jokes.

“I did not put up any picture at all. No I thought last time the prize of me was too much of an incentive for the ladies. I have set up an anonymous profile not identifying myself in any manner. Come look.” He says scooting away from the computer so they can see what he has been up too. Leonard starts reading the profile out loud

“Pasadena-academic” Leonard reads rolling his eyes. “Clever screen name.”

“Yes I thought my last one of Pasadena_Phycisist gave away too much. Now that ladies know I am on the market they will be jumping for the chance to date me. Best to keep a low profile.”

“Oh yes the ladies were just crawling all over you before you met Amy.” Howard says sarcastically.

“I am a academic professional living in Pasadena California seeking a female for companionship. No women not holding advanced degrees or any whistlers need apply. If you are interested in seeking my companionship then there are a series of quests you must complete before we meet. If and only if the quests are completed can we met to interview for the position of my girlfriend.” Leonard reads and he rubs his nose under his glasses. “Sheldon you sound like a psycho there is no way any woman is going to have to go through a quest to be your girlfriend.”

“You don’t know that. I would be extremely intrigued if a woman sent me on a quest before I was able to met her. Of course if the quests were too simplistic I would lose interest.”

“Sheldon have you ever thought that maybe you don’t want another girlfriend? That maybe you are making it so hard to find someone because there is only one person you want?” Leonard asks archly and Sheldon swallows hard and looks at him. He looks like he is about to say something but then his computer dings indicating that he has a message.

“It is from the dating website someone is interested in completing my quests.” he says smugly then he looks around at his friends. “Ok you can go away now.”


Amy sighs as she close her computer. She can not believe that she just messaged the quest guy on the dating site. Amy knows what Penny and Bernadette would say if they saw that profile. They would tell her that he sounded like a psycho. That they thought she wanted to get away from weirdoes.

The truth was she had been on a few coffee dates with “normal” guys and they were boring. Excruciating Leonard like men who droned on and on about the most boring subjects. Or about themselves. Or asked her questions about her sexual past that she could not answer. The only man who came close to striking in her what Sheldon had was David and he had to ruin it by talking about Sheldon all night. Reminding her who she really wished she was out on a date with.

After only four dates she had tapped out all the eligible batchers (at least for her) in Pasadena. This new profile was the closest thing she had to a match in days. On a whim and one to many glasses of wine sitting alone in her apartment she had messaged him:

“ I love a good quest. I am a fan of medieval literature and normally it is the male questing for the female. I find this gender reversal oddly titillating. I think I am up to the challenge and I look forward to your first quest.” after hitting send her courage fails her and she almost hopes that she does not receive a message back. But her heart leaps when the response back is almost instant.

“Then a quest you shall receive. The mission will start Saturday at eleven AM. Your first clue is as follows.” Amy reads the clue and is impressed by it’s complexity it was obviously very well thought out. Amy is a little worried that she might not be able to figure it out by saturday. In fact the problem taxes her the rest of the week and by Friday afternoon she is still not sure that she knows exactly where he would be suitor is trying to lead her. She hardly gets any work done while she puzzles out the clue. When Bernadette calls her she is shocked out of her reverie.

“Hey Amy.” she says in her chirpy voice.

“Hi Bernadette what’s up?”

“I was wondering if tomorrow you wanted to go out for brunch then maybe go to the farmers market with me and Penny.”

“Oh I would love to but I have other plans.”

“Other plans? Do you have another date! What is this guy like? You better dish.” Bernadette says excited.

“There is not much to tell.” Amy says coyly


“I am serious it is kind of a blind date. I don’t really know much about him at all.” Amy says truthfully. Not wanting to go into specifics with her.

“Well we all know how your last blind date worked out.” Bernadette reminds her.

“In a five year relationship with the only man I have ever loved.” Amy says defensively.

“Yeah like that.” Bernadette sighs. “Well have fun and be careful you don’t want to end up with some weirdo.” she warns.

“I know. I will let you know how it goes.” Amy tells her as she disconnects. It bothers her when Bernadette makes fun of Sheldon. He was one of the best things that have ever happened to her and Bernadette likes to act like dating him was so giant tragedy for her. If things could be different then she would still be with Sheldon. There was not a day that goes by that she doesn’t miss him. Wish she could call him just to hear his voice. Then why she wonders does she not just go back to him? Because he does not want the same things that I do. Besides he is already moving on to other women she thinks bitterly. Then she pulls out her phone and studies the clue again suddenly it clicks and she knows exactly where the mystery man is taking her.


The next day it is almost four PM and Amy as driven all round Pasadena, Los Angeles and Glendale searching for the mystery man clues. She has circled from being excited, to being annoyed, to be being excited again in the day long expedition to be interviewed for the position of girlfriend.

The notes have taken her to UCLA, to Carney’s, to the entrance of Disneyland. Still with no sign of meeting the mysterious stranger. Amy is at the brink of giving up but she has taken it this far there is no sense in quitting now. The last note she finds tucked into the mouth of a statue is just a sequence of numbers. It takes her a minute before she realizes that they are just GPS coordinates. By far the easiest clue she has received today my takes it as a sign that she is nearing the end of her quest. She is starting to have a new appreciation for her medieval heroes who embarked on quests to win the heart of the fair maiden. At least they knew the maiden was fair for all she knew she could be doing all of this to meet Burt. She pugs the coordinates into her GPS and follows the instructions to where it is leading he. Groaning when she pulls in front of a coffee shop. A very familiar coffee shop in fact.

Amy debates not even parking and walking inside but something inside her tells her that it is the right thing to do. She parks and walks into the coffee shop her stomach doing nervous flips. Maybe it is not who she thinks it is, maybe it is just coincidence. Then as she walks in she sees him immediately Dressed exactly how he was five years ago standing in the exact same spot his eyes trained on the door. His face breaks into a slow smile when he sees her and she walks over to him. There is so much she wants to say. So much they need to talk about. But instead of dredging up the past she brings them back to it.

“Hello you are Dr. Sheldon Cooper and I am Amy Farrah Fowler.” she says extending her hand and giving him a wry smile.

“Hello Amy Farrah Fowler I see you have completed my quest.” he says smiling at her.

“Yes I believe the prize was an interview to be your girlfriend.” she tells him.

“Yes I believe it was may I buy you a beverage? Then we can discuss what being my girlfriend entails?”

“I think I know what being your girlfriend entails but I will take a hot tea.” You can meet me over at that table she says pointing at table over to the side. Her heart thumping in her chest as she watches his slim figure approach the counter and place their orders. She watches him intently as he turns around and walks toward their table. The expression on his face inscrutable but she thinks it looks hopeful.

“I got your favorite tea bag out.” he says setting her mug in front of her “Two sugars no milk.”

“Thank you.” she tells him.

“Why did you order tepid water on our first date when you favor tea?” he asks taking a sip of his tea.

“My heart was thudding so hard I was afraid any extra caffeine would send me into cardiac arrest.”

“Why was your heart thudding.”

“I had just met the most intelligent and handsome man and he was here on a forced date with myself and I really wanted him to like me.” she says smiling at him.

“Your heart is not thudding now?” he asks

“Have you seen me take a sip yet?” she asks and he smiles. “How did you do it Sheldon?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” he says.

“Get me to go on a wild goose chase to met you.” she says smiling “Or did you not intend for it to be me?” she says the smile vanishing from her face.

“I set up that quest so only my perfect woman could complete.” he tells her.

“Oh I see, trying to replace me."she says sadly.

"No! trying to get you back! They told me what site you were using and I created a profile you could not resist.”

“For the record it was very resistible you got lucky.” she says still fiddling with her tea. “What would you have done if some other girl had completed the quest.”

“Improbable the clues were designed so only you could figure them out.” he tells her smugly.

“What if I was not the one who had messaged you?” she asks him.

“Then I would not have sent you the directions to complete the quest. Amy it is only you I want to be with.Only you I could ever be with. I wish you could see that.”

“I feel the same way.” She says looking down.

“Then why are you trying to leave me?” He asks the pain and hurt so palpable in his voice it makes her stomach twist.

“I just asked for a break.”

“Which I have given you.”

“Yes thank you.” She says uncomfortably. “I needed to know that the reason I was with you was not just because there was no one else like you loved to point out to me.”

“I was just scared you would leave me. That you would find out that their were men much better than me out there. Amy you are the only woman I have ever loved… that I could ever love… I hope you know that.”

“I do and my forray into the dating scene as taught me that you are the only one that I could ever want. The only one who could ever hold my interest.” She tells him shyly.

“I have always known that you are the only one for me. Everyone kept telling me that I needed to move on but I could never move on from you.” He tells he fidgeting with his cup.

“I don’t know where we go from here.” Amy tells him honestly.

“Do you remember what I told you the morning after you first kissed me?” He asks her.

“That we should reset our relationship, much like you would a computer to the last point we both agreed it worked.” She tells him.

“So let’s do that let’s set our watches back and erase all the pain and discomfort of the last few months.”

“But that is just putting a band aid on it and not fixing any of the problems.” Amy protests.

“We still need to talk about it obviously. I am just saying that we don’t have to be angry with each other anymore.” He says his voice soft and desperate.

“Agreed then we can reset our relationship to the night we broke up as long as you agree to discuss what went wrong leading to it in the first place.”

“Agreed.” Sheldon says eagerly desperate to fix what went wrong in their relationship.He looks at her expectantly as she takes her first sip of tea and winces at the cold temperature. “Do you want to come to my place and get a hot cup of tea and talk this over more?” He asks.

“I would love that.” she says.

EXO Scenario when they’re sick and their girlfriend is taking care of them

Hi Anon! Sorry if this took me ages to make. I don’t know but our school’s being active nowadays. Ugh. But anyways, here it is :)


Suho: I will. I promise. *Pouts*
You: I already told you never to go out on a rainy day without umbrella!
Suho: I understand already. *Sneezes and coughs*
See? Ugh. Babe you’re so stubborn.

Baekhyun: *Looks at you while you’re scooping some of the food from the plate*
What’s wrong?
Baekhyun: Nothing. You’re just so cute and adorable.

You: I’ll be back in a jiffy. I’ll just get you warm water and towel.
Chanyeol: Okay!
You: *After a moment, you entered the room* Okay, I’m ba-
Chanyeol: *Gif* YAAAAAAR~!
You: *Facepalm*

You: We’re going to eat. *Scoops spoonful of food* Okay, say “Ahh~”
D.O: *Embarrassed*
You: What’s the matter?
D.O: Don’t treat me like a baby. Come on, like I’m older than you.
You: *Chuckles* I’m your girlfriend, so don’t be shy.
D.O: But that’s- *Gif*
You: Whaaaat? *Chuckles*
D.O: It’s just- Corny and cringe-worthy~
You: *Laughs*

You: *Enters the room with the towel, warm water and new clothes for him*
Kai: What are you waiting for? You. In. Bed. Undressing. Me. Now.

You: What else do you want ? *Groans*
Oh, and can you please bake me 12 cupcakes. Make it quick. And don’t forget to buy chocolate-favored bubble tea. Now go.


You: *Checks his temperature* It’s really high! We really need to go to the hospital.
Xiumin: I don’t want to, Jagi. *Gif*
You: Why?
Xiumin: I only want Jagi to take care of me. (D’aww~)

Luhan: *Picks up phone*
You: *Snatches the phone*
You’re not allowed to radiation!
Luhan : *Gif*

You: It’s hard to remove your jacket-
Lay: Let me help you with that. *Gif*
You: *Hyperventilates*

Chen: I can’t even get up. I’m too weak.
You: It’s okay. I’ll be back. I’m going to get your meal.
Chen: Okay.
You: *After awhile* *Enters the room* Here’s your- O___O
Chen: *Gif* PARTEEH~
(Lmao look at Luhan and Kris’ shocked and judging look)

You: Here’s your food, babe. *Carries the plate to his lap*
Tao: I’m fine, I can eat it myself.
You: Sure?
Tao: Yes. *Gets food* *Tastes it*
You: Is it good?
Tao: Yes, totally. *Grabs another one and bites* Mm.. This is really- *Sees insect* *Gif*

eruri, 2.9k, post-canon.

since mary @erurisms wrote me the most beautiful fan fiction of all time for my birthday a few weeks ago, i wanted to do something in return for her. here’s some schmoopy plotless domestic fluff nonsense. feliz cumpleaños you wonderful demon!

also on ao3.

It begins at the end. Years later Levi supposes it was the only way it could have ever happened.

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