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maplemadame  asked:

I recently have discovered a site where one can create their own tea blends, typically fandom based and such and put them into like tea collections and I was wondering if you minded if I made a collection of teas based off your posts?

That is such a ,, lovely ,, lovely ,, lovely ,, lovely ,, idea .

for my birthday last year my cousin got me a really cute mug with a tea infuser and a gift card to somewhere she described as “like Teavana but less expensive”. And then she forgot to print out the gift card. For four months.

anyway she finally got it to me last weekend and it turns out Less Expensive Teavana is also That Site That Lets You Make Fandom Tea Blends so I have samples of four different Dragon Age teas and Merrill’s smells amazing.

Cafe Nua!

Thanks to the new Pillars of Eternity Discord chat and a need to reorder some  Adagio tea blends, I’ve added a new project to my summer to-do list - there’s a shocking lack of PoE teas in the fandom blends at Adagio and I aim to fix that. :-D Someone in the Discord suggested calling them Cafe Nua and I think I may go with that. Aloth’s tea is up first - a blend of Earl Grey and Blueberry. Next step: Figure out names for these blends…just go with the character name? Or maybe class i.e. this is the Wizard tea? Or some clever wordplay? Decisions, decisions…

Starting to get hyped for Magic City Con!

Checking the tags and seeing everyone’s con prep is finally getting me in the con mood!

For cosplay, I’ll be bringing back Inquisitor Adaar this year because I love my horned wig so much, as well as Scout Jim. (Because I’m weird enough to cosplay a nameless NPC).

I’ll also be hosting a Fandom Tea Blending panel at 9:00am on Saturday, featuring free cups of tea and also door prize drawings for Adagio gift cards!

The PowerPoint for the Fandom Tea Blending panel is finalized!

Went through the presentation three times and it runs about 30 minutes, which is perfect.

I have an hour for the panel, so that gives us 10 minutes to get everyone settled with tea at the beginning and 10 minutes for the interactive blend-creation segment toward the end (if the laptop I’m using at the con connects ok to the WiFi).

Eep! It’s been a while since I did any public speaking, but I used to do pretty well in forensics back in the day… It’s like riding a bike, right?


Guys.  GUYS.   GUYS!!!

This beautiful lady makes Fandom inspired Tea blends and is struggling to expand her business. (Beastly Beverages)

The pictures above are of her Crowley, Destiel and Endverse Castiel inspired blends, but she has a fuck ton of other ones from Doctor Who, Sherlock and Hannibal!

As a tea lover, I nearly wet myself when I found her shop and just wanted to share with everyone!

I’ve never really tried cartoon style drawing, it’s new to me, at least with faces. I’m just terrible at faces. I’m trying to come up with a cohesive way to draw all the characters from The Office so I can make a fandom tea blend set at Adagio. I have sketchbooks FULL of just crazy ideas for things and graphic layouts and for these, I’m just lost. I don’t have any artistic friends to talk to about these things. I know they don’t really even matter, it’s just for fun, but it still makes me feel okay about myself when someone buys one or even when a little note pops up. Oh , I’m a rambler. I’m going to post it anyways. So here, if you read all that, congrats you’re awesome. Here is my cute Jimmy Halpert for all to seeeeeeeee.

fandom tea blends are possibly the most wanky thing ive ever seen mostly bc theyre never accurate

for instance they should all be about 99% Literal Dried Dogshit