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name: Imogen

nicknames: Ims

zodiac sign: Sagittarius

height: 1m76 / 5′9 1/2″ (?)

nationality: British

favorite fruit: Apples (but I love all my fruit and veg)

favorite season: Spring

favorite book:  Completely impossible to choose!

favorite flower:  Ditto! (I hate being asked my favourite of a lot of things to be honest)

favorite color: Blue

favorite animal: No idea.  Every living creature is a wonder of evolution!

coffee/tea/hot cocoa: Tea, herbal tea and black coffee are all good. 

average sleep hours: Averaging 7 hours at the moment.

cat or dog person:  Both.  Both is good.

favorite fictional character:  I’m going to have to give you a list, sorry!  Breq, Horatio Hornblower, Harth Rem ir Estraven, Elnora Comstock, Ruby Thewes, Nikeratos the Athenian, Jyn Erso and her Rogue One team.

number of blankets you sleep with: 1 duvet, plus a blanket on top in really cold weather

blog created: euh, my first tumblr was about 2012, that died in the Great Password Purge of 2014, made this one about a year later at a guess. 

number of followers: 207, good heavens, hello everyone!

random fact: The Trinity House Daymark on Gribben Head in Cornwall is painted in red-and-white stripes and is fenced to stop the cows rubbing the paint off by scratching themselves on it.

tag 20 users: I don’t think I will, thanks!

Signs as Starbucks Drinks
  • Aries: Espresso Frappuccino
  • Taurus: S'mores Frappuccino
  • Gemini: Dark Roast Coffee
  • Cancer: Iced Coffee with Milk
  • Leo: Mocha Frappuccino
  • Virgo: Teavanna Shaken Iced Green Tea
  • Libra: Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
  • Scorpio: Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers Beverage
  • Sagittarius: Double Chocolaty Chip Créme Frappuccino
  • Capricorn: Teavanna Shaken Black Tea
  • Aquarius: Evolution Fresh Strawberry Smoothie
  • Pisces: Flavored Steamed Milk
  • {Owen}

What Happened to Tea?

What is Boba Tea?  A drink called tea but is made up mostly of syrups, powders, water, and Tapioca Pearls.

After centuries of tradition, then commercialization, Boba Tea is one of the evolutionary products of tea.  In the early years of the 21st century, a Boba Tea craze swept the States, where hundreds of franchises bloomed to satiate the need for this “tea” drink. There are quite a few Boba Tea drinks that are actually tea-based, but many of these drinks are popular for their fruit slushy flavors, and more prominently their Tapioca Pearls.  

In Little Saigon (the area of SoCal with the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam), this Boba Tea craze inducted hundreds of companies into the “tea” business.  Perhaps this has something to do with the prominence of tea in Vietnamese dietary and ritual traditions.  Yet, these Boba Tea “cafes” soon grew to the site of popular late-night hangouts for young adults, contrary to the old notion of sophisticated tea.  Now, after drinks and bar-hopping, many recoup from their nighttime adventures with a Boba tea drink.  Rarely does anyone actually order hot or iced tea from one of these venues.  

This is yet another interesting example of low tea- the diminution of cultural and traditional tea drinking to feed the market demand for tea products.