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From “Odin” and “Laslow’s” A-level support

Sometimes it makes me mad that in Birthright, if you pick the family who insists you belong to them, that your entire Nohrian family falls apart without you, but if you choose Conquest and stay with your Nohrian family the Hoshidians manage just fine. They’re mad sure, but they don’t crumble like the Nohrians. They don’t need you the same.

But then I start to wonder if that’s because your Hoshidian family already fell apart when you were taken from them the first time.

Humans are shameless creatures that ignore any misfortune which does not befall them directly. They can-and often do-turn a blind eye to all manner of wickedness so long as it does not touch them or their kin. They will bow their heads, condemning those victims for bringing the calamity upon themselves and then they will cast their eyes toward heaven in thanks while their neighbors lay dying around them
—  Soren, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

anonymous asked:

Hi there! It's my birthday on the 24th of this month, so is it ok if I requested some Yen'Fay fluff or headcanons (anything romantic about him and f!MU really haha)? I can't get enough of my samurai husbando. ;v;

I’m sorry for having no idea when this was sent, I’m undoubtedly late, but I’ll still hope you enjoy what I’ve got for you! Since I couldn’t find a specific fluff headcanon list, I decided to just do a list of general fluffy Yen’fay headcanons. Samurai husbando is wonderful <3

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