tea draws things

so i’ve been sliding steadily further into hq!! hell, as you do, and found not alone by saigennaku and needed to try drawing out this scene because it’s absolutely amazing. (and kageyama with tattoos?? yes please)


Lost my sketch pen and finding a new one is trying so I drew some silly doodles during my quest. There has been no good finds so far.

Also, Naga’s Tears was originally Hoshido Tears but it was too potent so Robin had to change the ingredients so that he could keep his customers lol


Sean and Dove, because I’m pleased with them so far and my linework will wind up illegible when I start coloring in earnest. If I start coloring; this has so many large flat areas that I may just give up once the lines are done. Large flat color fields are The Enemy.

Need to do more work on Corr and Puck (they don’t look right yet) but I’m satisfied enough to sleep without springing out of bed and screaming at the computer, so I’ll take it.

Inktober #11