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Courting among hobbits is rather a simple matter. One of the things the suitor is supposed to do for their loved is to create a personal tea with a mixture of herbs and flowers carefully chosen, that would be offered to the courted one.
Thorin decides he wants to follow this tradition to properly court Bilbo. Bilbo is overjoyed and flattered by the attention, but can barely stifle his mirth at Thorin’s awkwardness.

Bagginshield Month is over but I still have to do most of the requests ; v ;

Anon said: sdjhgkdgl how about, for the bagginshield month, bilbo and thorin like, drinking tea, having a dinner, or just enjoying each others company in bag end?

and as usual I messed up things XP I hope I satisfied anon’s request ♥

“mmm It smells really good! What did you use?” *sips*
“Uh, ahem, this, that, that plant with tiny white flowers that look like a snowflake I found in the fields..”
“WHAT” *spurts the tea*

Hizashi: man. I just found out a whole page about tea, apparently, different types of tea can help realieve stress or help with a common cold. Heck, they even have tea that helps with sleep deprivation.

Aizawa: *looks through website. Soon leaving the room*

Hizashi: *follows Aizawa into the kitchen*

Hizashi: what th-

Aizawa: *grabs the biggest Pot and boils over 13 different types of tea bags*

Hizashi: that’s not healthy!

Aizawa: stfu! I can’t adult without tea

Hizashi: you literally just skimmed through the website. Do you even know what tea your using?

Aizawa: *looks at pot* its mainly Lemon balm tea and Chamomile tea… DONT JUDGE ME YA FOOL


Commission of John and Eos (mobile unit version) heading off to a morning lecture for @littlemissgeek8! She’s helping carry those notes I promise, she’s so very helpful hehehe John’s gonna have to stick his lecture notes on a holopad like a sensible person next time, who even uses paper anymore John I mean honestly ;) these dorks are the cutest <333

One of the features I thought about in the haven was the check feature! It contains the Chara’s nickname, their current arc, danger status and a general description. ( ᐛ )و

There are three types of arcs: Pacifist, Neutral and Genocidal. If the Chara is stuck in the void or something, it’s neutral. There are also three types of danger status: not dangerous, mildly dangerous and dangerous. Charas that have the “dangerous” status are rare to find since in most cases, they’re kicked out of the haven. (゜▽゜;)