tea djinn

Soo I just came around with THIS precious idea ( @ask-the-french-olive ‘s) of a new species of ponies and… this happened. I just wanted to make this cutie sooo bad!! (He’s almost as small as a child and yet is already adult lol)
‘Hope everything is as should be ^^

Plus note: Berry constantly talks about sweet things, berries and fruits, uses these kind of phrases, puns, etc.

Dear Peoples,

Well my Exhibition “Marvelous Misty Mystics” has come to an end. It has been a lovely adventure that started at the end of last year. In some ways though my life in many ways has been building up to this point. Ive had to learn alot during this time and im thankful for all those who have helped me out.

To celebrate the end ill be posting a picture from the exhibition here on my blog once a day… or every few days if I am busy.

Thank you to everyone who came down and saw my show, and those who didn’t… well I understand. But I will be making limited edition prints and framing them to put up in Bar Etiquette.

Id like to thank Eliza Zanuso for being a Tea master, Damian Cazaly for being a creative master, and my lovely Miss(soon to be Mrs) Benita Aaltonen, who is my ever shinning light and muse.

Big love to you all