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Colds Tea Potion

This is a nice little potion to help you out when you have a cold. Now all the ingredients should be dried and ingestible. There are a couple of these actually, but this is the one I tried. 

Colds Tea Potion

  • 2 tsp. black tea
  • 1/8 tsp. ginger
  • 1 tsp. yarrow
  • 1 tsp. mint

Boil water and place ingredients in a tea strainer/diffuser. Place strainer/diffuser in a cup and pour boiling water in the cup. Let steep 3-5 minutes and ENJOY! Feel better soon! 

Edit: Please be careful with what dried herbs you ingest. These amounts are safe, but as always consult a doctor if you don’t know. Also don’t substitute magic for medical help! <3 Stay safe. 

Nighttime Sleepy Tea Potion

A simple spell potion for when you need to get some shut eye. 


  • moon water 
  • 1 part chamomile buds
  • 1 part catnip
  • optional: bag of passion flower tea
  • honey to taste

Bring the moon water to a boil, then add catnip, chamomile, and passion flower to a tea diffuser pour the moon water over the mixture into a cup. Steep for five minutes, then remove diffuser. Add at least one spoonful of honey to tea, then stir counterclockwise while visualizing the excess energy leaving your body. Sip before bed, breathing slowly and drinking in the moon’s calming energies. 

A New Creation

Text: Isaiah 63:15-19, Isaiah 64:1-12, Isaiah 65:1-25, Matthew 26:20-50

A few nights ago, I threw myself down in my big fluffy chair to read Isaiah 65. It had been a long week with things going “differently” than I’d expected—meaning, EVERYTHING FELL APART. When days like these come to an end, all I know to do is make myself a cup of chai tea with almond milk, diffuse some essential oil that promises to ease all my stress, and sit down, Bible open, to whatever passage someone has encouraged me to read, just hoping it might make a difference in my attitude.

Those nights. You know the ones I’m talking about? The nights when you start spinning, thinking about how things could be going better, how life seems harder than it should be and isn’t exactly what you thought you were signing up for. As I read from Isaiah that night, I talked to God about what I was seeing on the page and how I longed for Him to show up.

Honestly, it’s not that I need Him to fix everything that feels broken in my life. Sure, sometimes I want a quick, easy fix to my problems, but I know what planet I’m living on. I know things here are hardly ever easy and never ever perfect. Jesus said it would be hard, but that He had overcome (John 16:33). Why don’t I remember that verse more often?

Trust me: there are plenty of nights when I just want to turn on Netflix and let episodes of Friends run back-to-back until even the screen seems to ask, “Are you still watching?” But this night was different. I knew I needed the quiet, not the noise or some other distraction. I knew I needed to connect with God, not pull away from Him.

It was a forced behavior, to be sure, but that happens in all relationships, doesn’t it? Moments when you want to isolate, but then you remember the commitment you’ve made, and somehow love leads you back toward relationship instead of running away from it.

So I drank my tea and I read. And there it was: New heaven. New earth. New.

Yes, I thought, I want NEW. I want a world where destruction—of places, of culture, of dreams and hearts and hopes—is barely a distant memory. I don’t know if it was God’s Word, the diffusing oils, or a combination of the two, but my heart started to calm down.

I think that’s what these pages and stories from Scripture are meant to do for the people of God—to remind us of what God is actively doing today and what He’s promised to do when He makes all things new (Isaiah 65:17). He is the One who answers even before we call. He is the One who acts while I’m still asking. He is the One who promises He’s present in any and all circumstances.

On that Tuesday night, before I’d even finished calling on Him, God answered me with peace and connection—with His very presence.

I think that will be the best part of the “new” that’s to come: God’s palpable and pervasive presence, uninterrupted by my sin or attitude or even Netflix. There’s so much about our eternity that is going to be beyond good, but being face to face with the God who hears and sees and answers and loves me completely? That’s the part I look forward to the most.

- she reads truth

Witch Tip: tea strainer

If you have a tea diffuser like the classic ball kind on a chain, attach a crystal or significant jewelry charm to the end of the chain to strengthen your intent. A crystal pendant or necklace charm would be easiest but you can also wire wrap or macrame a crystal to make the charm for the end.
Happy tea drinking!

not to be a hippy and it could be a coincidence but for days, despite taking lots of meds, i was suffering from this head & chest cold so badly that i completely thought it was turning into another case of sinusitis or something until i put eucalyptus & tea tea oil in my diffuser & set it up next to my bed overnight…….it was like a near miracle when i woke up lol…..just sayin

anonymous asked:

Do you have any simple (less than 5 ingredients and 10 minutes b/c I have no executive function lol) spells for focus or grounding? Or like tips for focusing or grounding yourself? Thanks!

Ooh good question! This is one I do for when I have to do something (usually study) but I can’t make myself do it. I use a lot of crystals in my magic, so I take a clear quartz point, an amethyst and a piece of flourite and I place them in a line so that they’re pointing towards me, usually somewhere on my laptop. Then I write down either an intention or some sigils (along the lines of motivation, concentration, etc.) and then stick it under the crystals on in my bra or something. Then I study! Other things I’d recommend are white tea, diffusing Rosemary or anise essential oils, meditating beforehand (yoga with adriene has a couple of good 10 minute meditations) or getting a Himalayan salt lamp (they tend to be cheaper at markets than online). Hope these help! Make sure you have some green plants in your room too, spider plants, peace lily’s and aloe vera help with keeping the air oxygen rich and free from toxins so that helps to create a good productive environment ♥

anonymous asked:

Prescription Zofran can kill nausea in like 10 minutes. :) Comes in 4mg and 8mg pills. I take it for migraine related nausea and it saves my life! Also, peppermint anything is always good (peppermints, peppermint tea, mint ice-cream, diffusing peppermint essential oil, etc.), and bland foods to not upset your stomach more. And heat can be nice! Like one of those microwaveable rice packs. And fresh air.

Thanks for this! I hope anon sees it.

- Lu

Betrayal- Part 2

Part 1

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1041

“Holy shit…”

Kyungsoo hastily pulled you inside and closed the door. He practically carried you to the couch and tried desperately to calm you down, but you weren’t having any of it. It was the most violent crying and screaming he had ever heard. He knew nothing of this level of pain and helplessly racked his brain for something, anything that could ease you out of your suffering. Your throat was raw and Kyungsoo could hear the deleterious effect on your voice.

“Please…” he pleaded quietly. “Please, what’s wrong? I want to help you.” He wrapped his arms around your shoulders, and your fingers desperately grasped his shirt as you sobbed into his chest. Acidic bubbling began foaming upwards, eating at your stomach, your chest, lungs, heart, and throat. The few moments of comfort shattered.

You frantically shoved Kyungsoo to the side and stumbled into the bathroom, collapsed in front of the toilet and vomited. Pitiful whimpers flitted through the house as your throat exploded with biting tongues of fire, the sour taste clouding whatever senses were left functioning. A strong but gentle hand eased itself onto your shoulders, pressing tight circles into your trembling muscles while the other carefully lifted the hair away from your face.

You were spent. Even after everything was thrown out of you and your body was too exhausted to even continue crying, you lay bonelessly over the now flushed bowl struggling to breathe. A final wave of dry heaving wrenched at your stomach, consuming you as you lay there in misery. But his hands still rubbed your back and ran comfortingly through your hair, soothing the flames down to ashes and weak glimmers of embers.

“Can I…Is it ok if I pick you up?” he asked carefully, voice barely over a whisper. You nodded feebly.

He wrapped one arm around your shoulders, fit the other under your knees and gently lifted you up. You pressed into him, resting your head over his shoulder because you were too weak to hold it up on your own. He lay you down on his bed, cautious of the growing child inside you, and pulled a warm blanket over you.

“Do you want tea?”

You nodded again, eyes fluttering shut. “Thank you.” It was a broken whisper. A breath. One that could only be heard by those who hoped for a sound, a sigh, or anything at all.

And to Kyungsoo, it was the still murmur that resounded the most.

Kyungsoo sat on the kitchen floor, hands folded over his knees, head bowed slightly, and eyes staring blankly at the cabinets in front of him. He had never seen someone so broken, so torn up, and so shattered. What happened? What could’ve been so agonizing? He pulled his phone out of his pocket and called Jongdae. He would know what happened. They were married after all.

No answer.

He tried again.


“I guess I’ll try later,” he sighed in disappointment. He had no idea what to do and was once again left to his jumbled thoughts.

In the near silence as the water began to bubble, a thought took form in his mind. What if it had something to do with the baby? His heart clenched. That would be terrible. You were so excited about your daughter, always talking about how you hoped she would be able to sing like Jongdae. The loss of your child would definitely throw you into more than just harrowing grief.

His thought were interrupted by the whistling kettle.

Kyungsoo pushed himself off the floor and grabbed your favorite mug from his stash of cups. As he carefully poured the scalding water, he watched the steam rise and curl and vanish into the air. He held his hand over the water vapor, feeling the heated evaporation collect onto the palm of his hand.

He bobbed the bag a few times to evenly diffuse the tea and made his way back to the bedroom. He knocked quietly on the door and when he didn’t get an answer, he slowly pushed it open and peeked his head inside. You were on your side, hand draped over your stomach, eyes closed, and breathing slowly but evenly. Kyungsoo gently set the mug down on the nightstand and raked his fingers through his hair. If he wasn’t there when you were crying out your soul, he would’ve thought you were simply sleeping peacefully. But he could see the faint tear streaks running down your cheeks.

Was something wrong with the baby?

He cautiously approached you, a battle ensuing in his conscience. You were married, so was he allowed to touch you without your permission? But he wanted to know if something was wrong…

He sighed. He didn’t know what he was trying to accomplish with this, but he decided to do it. Just for a second.

He gently ghosted his hand over your stomach, thumb brushing against your fingers. In his concentration to make his presence as faint as possible, his breath hitched when he felt something. Or thought he felt something. His brows furrowed, and he pressed his hand a little closer.

He felt it again.

And again.

A small flutter inside your stomach.

He jerked his hand away, eyes wide and stared at his fingers. Was that really what he thought it was? He pressed his hand against you again.

It was stronger this time.

Was the baby…kicking? Doesn’t that mean she’s healthy? Isn’t that normal at five months?

Kyungsoo was confused. If the baby was ok, then what was wrong?

He felt another kick under his palm and his heart jumped. It felt so weird and he absent-mindedly speculated that it must be really unsettling for you too.

He looked up at your face and saw a tear slide across the bridge of your nose. He removed his hand from your stomach and gently wiped the drop away. Kyungsoo turned to leave the room with more questions than answers and sulked in his confusion. He reached the door and glanced back at your sleeping figure. The tea was going to get cold, but he didn’t want to wake you up, fearing that at the moment, consciousness would torture you.

He closed the door.

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Healing herbal tea for cold and flu


Lavender flowers (Lavendula agustifolia

Rosemary leaves (Rosemarinus officinalis

Peppermint leaves (Mentha piperita

Local honey (optional) 

Any combination of these three common household herbs can be used in this medicinal tea recipe. Simply place the ingredients into a tea diffuser, and steep in boiling water for five to ten minutes, depending on how strong you want the tea to be. Add honey to sweeten (Do NOT use regular sugar when brewing this tea to treat cold or flu). Drink several cups throughout the day. Avoid driving or operating machinery immediately after consumption until you know how the tea affects you; lavender can make you very sleepy!

Lavender, rosemary, and peppermint all have wonderful antiviral properties, and will aid the body in killing off viruses that cause cold and flu. Lavender also relaxes the body and the mind, and may help your body to rest during times of illness. I have found that this tea also helps to clear the nasal passages of mucus when consumed, especially when the steam from the tea is inhaled. 


Bekkathyst’s Autumn 2014 Giveaway

Yes! It’s time for another giveaway! This time it’s to celebrate my Etsy shop reaching 500 sales! Thank you all so much for your support! Please read this post thoroughly before entering. 

Winner Will Receive: 

  1. 5 wire wrapped pendants made by me! Rainbow moonstone, labradorite, smoky quartz, clear quartz and an amethyst with inclusions. 
  2. 13 different stones. Tumbled malachite, 2 tumbled fluorite, tumbled lapis lazuli, tumbled amethyst, 2 amethyst crystals, 2 spinel crystals, quartz crystal, polished labradorite, rose quartz chunk, and one dyed pink agate slice. 
  3. 2 packs of stick incense. Lavender and eucalyptus and green tea. 
  4. 2 packs of cone insence. Vanilla and eucalyptus and green tea. 
  5. 1 oil diffuser 
  6. 1 wooden incense burner 
  7. 3 tea light candles


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  5. Each entry will be assigned a number and the winner will be chosen by a random number generator. 
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  8. Please respect me and my rules, and have fun!