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Fucking parents

So I had this work trial (which was possibly a work scam but that’s another story) at a kids play centre last weekend. You know those places that are basically like a giant indoor playground.
Now this wast first day on the two day trial and I had never worked before (aside from volunteer stuff). There had been some incident where two kids had a fight which escalated in to the parents screaming and swearing at each other.

One of the kids involved had a nerf gun which had been involved in the incident. I noticed him shooting it at some other kids so I said to him ‘hey do you wanna maybe put that on your parent’s table please?’ He walked off and I kind of forgot about it.
Next thing I know, this women is screaming at me. She was pissed that I had asked the kid to put the nerf gun away. She lost her fucking mind. She kept asking me if there was a no toys policy. I was just like ’???????? I literally haven’t even been here for a day, what the fuck do you want from me???????’

One of the other workers was super nice to me after though, and told me not to worry about it, people like her (she was one of those ‘speak to the manager’ types) have problems and are always storing shit, and I didn’t do anything wrong, ect.

Anyway I didn’t end up getting the job, because at this play centre they had rock climbing and a spinning tea cup ride, (which they expected me to man by myself on my second day). And APPARENTLY some kid got pushed over in the tea cup line (which didn’t happen, btw) and got hurt and the parent complained. I wasn’t told of this nor did I see any incident report, which if this had happened, I would have had to sign. That was the reason I didn’t get the job. Everyone I’ve told this has said it sounds like a scam where they get people in to work a 'trial’ and then don’t pay them.

Carnival Date with Monsta X


  • Pretty quiet and shy throughout the whole day
  • But he’ll do the little things like holding your hand, keeping your things (bag, jacket, etc)
  • Would probably take random, awkward selfies with you even if you’re not looking
  • Still holds your hand and stuff on the rides you go on
  • King of winning all the prizes, he’ll win you so many stuffed toys from the carnival games including a giant one or two
  • Heck parents might even ask him to win a toy for their kids and he totally would and it’s super cute to watch him so you don’t mind
  • So you might end up spending more time around the games and food
  • Buys tons of food and snacks for you guys but encourages you to eat well
  • “But Shownu, there are still more rides to go on?? And it’s not exactly eating well if we’re only eating junk food hehe”
  • Even if you have to do most of the talking, he’ll always listen and remember what you say regardless of what you’re telling him and how loud your surroundings may be


  • You’ll somehow manage to convince him to go on the highest rides (like the Hellevator, Drop Zone, Atmosfear) but when the ride starts to bring you guys up he’ll start crying
  • When the ride actually starts to move and such like dropping down he’ll probably be laughing and shouting really happily the shift is so quick
  • Totally tries to flex and such when you guys play the games (especially that strength testing game), might even flirt with a worker in attempt to get a discount or prize
  • He’ll make the biggest deal out of winning a prize, “Oh my GOSH look at this Eevee doll I just won!! It’s so CUTE and SMALL and FLUFFY!!!!!”
  • But if he’s playing one of those multiplayer games where only one player gets the prize, he’ll give his prize up to another kid that plays with him if he wins
  • Never lets go of your hand which is cute at first, but the moment he sees a ride he wants to go on the next thing you know you’re being pulled around at the speed of light
  • He’ll buy food “for you” but if you look back at him after 0.008 seconds he’s engulfing the cotton candy
  • If you go in the haunted house with him he’ll probably try and scare you from behind by poking you etc, but the moment he feels something or gets spooked he’ll actually run so fast and far (he’s still going to come back to you dw)
  • Will try to stay in the carnival for as long as you guys can, might hide behind rides and such even when all the guests are leaving and rides are being locked up for the day
  • But you guys would eventually get caught and… let’s just say you might not have any more dates at that carnival anymore


  • Vows that he’ll go on ALL the rides with you
  • And by all he means all, including the scariest rides and all of the children rides
  • So extra he probably screams on every ride regardless of the intensity etc (that moving tea cup ride meant for kids? He’ll still be screaming at the top of his lungs)
  • Makes faces at the camera if a ride has them
  • Will buy the prints of those photos taken on rides, especally if you look “funny”
  • Super good with time management so you guys will manage to go on the most popular rides early, before they have all of their huge line-ups (he probably did his research in advance!)
  • You’ll even manage to get those temporary tattoos and get cute and sparkly matching ones
  • Tries to win you prizes at games but wins exactly 0 stuffies
  • But he’s not discouraged about it, he’ll just say “I know a place where we can get guaranteed prizes!” and he’ll just take you to the little gatcha machines lol so you guys end up with a bunch of random but cute keychains and little toys
  • Buys food for you too but doesn’t get separate ones, he insists you share everything! So drinks, cotton candy, ice cream, fries etc


  • Will buy you tons of food to share, always in the largest sizes too
  • He’d ask which game you’d want to play and exactly which prize you want
  • Would even try and win a prize for you himself if you really wanted it
  • He’d be like “I got this” but he’d spend SO much money trying but to no avail,,,
  • So he’d just buy the prize for you instead
  • And he’d spend so much money overall for you but he doesn’t mind, he might make jokes about it (“my wallet’s going to be empty because of you!!!”) but he doesn’t mean it
  • When you guys are in line for a ride he’ll watch the batches that ride it before you guys and comment about it too (“Whoa that goes faster than I thought it would… does it really turn like that? Wait, don’t tell me it… yep… ah, it loops upside down…”
  • Cares about you lots he’ll always be checking in with you, asking if you’re hungry or if you need to use the washroom
  • He’ll ask you if you’re nervous or something when a ride starts, he’ll be super calm and reassuring when you are but the moment he hears the sound of the ride starting he’ll probably scream
  • Asks to play stuff like bumper cars because it’ll be a “cute couple experience”, but when you guys actually play he’s so aggressive and competitive


  • Accidentally falls asleep if a line up for a ride is too long
  • If it’s way too long, he’ll somehow convince you to bail no matter how far you are in the line
  • He’d say he has a “better alternative” but really he’d just take you to all the kiddie rides because they have no line ups
  • But it’s actually pretty fun, especially when you guys are the only ones on the ride
  • Other than those rides he would probably convince you to go to the magic mirror house or giant slides
  • He’d also encourage you to go to the arcade and play a bunch of games
  • Wants to gets stuffies but tells you that if you want one you have to win it yourself, says every stuffy he wins personally will be another addition to the collection on his bed
  • He’d win SO MANY but would still sacrifice a few for you later on
  • Would pick a fight either with a kid or a staff if he loses a game he thinks he won, “What do you mean that child won this round? I clearly got more points, I should be getting that stuffed bear not her??”
  • Claims he can even win something from the claw machine but won’t and will go on and on about how it’s rigged (it totally is though)


  • You’d have trouble choosing what rides to go on first, so he’d suggest to line up for the biggest and scariest ones
  • But even when you’re just in line he’ll probably watch what the ride and see what it actually does and will totally scream
  • “Jooheon that one is for little kids”
  • But he’ll probably do the biggest pouty face and throw in some aegyo to convince you
  • Goes on and on about how you two should make funny faces at the kiddie roller coaster’s camera
  • But when you two actually get to that point he’ll probably be too pre-occupied with screaming or covering his eyes because it’s at a drop
  • You guys keep sneaking pictures of eachother without the other knowing, like you’ll take a few of him while he’s focused on the fries he’s eating and he’ll take pics of you when you’re watching a ride
  • Plays a few of the carnival games too but when he wins a cute stuffed toy you’ll be like “thanks Jooheon!” but he’d be so confused at first,,, like he won it for himself but ok (he’d totally give it to you anyways)
  • It would take so much effort to convince him into going in the haunted house… and it’s really difficult to get through it with that scared little bean… “Jooheon what’s that sound?” “Oh sorry I was just rapping under my breath”


  • Thinks that “win a free iPad!” game is totally legit and will spend a good amount of time playing it
  • But will always follow what you say otherwise, you basically hold hands with him and lead him to wherever you want to go
  • Pretty playful and giggly when you guys wait to go on rides
  • But when you’re on a ride he’s somehow able to remain so emotionless and pokerfaced
  • Would play tons of games and have a little contest with you to see who can win the most prizes
  • Challenges you to every game in the arcade
  • “i can’t believe you beat me in my specialty… dance dance revolution… let’s settle this in streetfighter, my second specialty”
  • Wins so many tokens he basically has enough to buy a nerdy, expensive prize with them
  • Takes tons of pictures with you, getting that couple aesthetic™
  • But some of the pictures he takes of you will be super unflattering, especially if he sneaks pics of you when you guys are on a ride

I think Michael Latta, Tom Wilson, and Andre Burakovsky should go on a trip to Disneyland together, solely so I can get a picture of them in Mickey Mouse ears and justify calling their ship “Steamburk Willy.”

(…no, I changed my mind, I want Ovi and Nicky to take the kids to Disney because you know Nicky is the one who makes sure everyone wears sunblock and has bottled water, while Ovi is all “IT’S TEN IN THE MORNING, LET’S GET ICE CREAM.”

Inevitably, someone will barf on the Tea Cups ride. Best family vacation ever.)

Thank you for the request! This was fun to write, I hope you enjoy it :) I love roller coasters myself huehuehue
Also note: I love Todoroki but this blog is kinda dominated by him atm - I’m gonna write some other people for now!

It was you who suggested going to the amusement park for your date, and Todoroki happily agreed. He hadn’t been to many throughout his childhood, thanks to the intense training his father insisted on, so he was really pleased to go now. After all, you promised to show him around and have a great time! It would be a great date, and a great way for him to indulge in something he was denied as a child.

“I’m so dizzy~” You moaned after the two of you got off the spinning tea-cups ride. Todoroki laughed as well, and you two leaned onto a nearby railing as you waited for your heads to stop spinning.

“That was fun,” the boy smiled, a genuine happy smile. So far Todoroki had enjoyed every ride you two had gone on, and you could see by the excitement gleaming in his eyes how much he loved the theme park. “Let’s go onto that roller coaster next!“

You paled when you saw the roller coaster your boyfriend was looking at. It was the scariest and tallest one in the entire theme park, with a huge drop and three loops. You felt sick just thinking about riding it! You never were good with roller coaster. Kiddy rides and spinning things were fine, but this? You were about to tell Todoroki you’d rather not go, but then you saw just how excited he was - and who were you to take this joy away from him? So, you swallowed your fears and nodded, “Sure.”

After standing in line for twenty minutes or so, the two of you finally boarded the ride. Your legs were shaky, but Todoroki was only excited. With everyone strapped securely into the cart, the ride began, slowly, slowly climbing up the peak.

You gripped the handles so tightly your knuckles turned white. This anticipation was almost as bad as the actual roller coaster! Todoroki turned his head to you, and his excitement was replaced with worry - “[___]? Are you alright?” He asked.

“Y-yeah,” You breathed in shakily, “Actually, I’m… I don’t really like roller coasters.”

You watched as a flash of confusion, guilt, and worry overcome him in that quiet way of his, but Todoroki knew as well as you did that there was no going back now. The cart was creeping up the rail at a constant pace, the peak getting ever closer. Instead, your boyfriend offered you a reassuring smile, and reached out his right hand to you, “It’ll be okay, I promise.”

You hesitantly unclutched the handle and took his hand. It was cool to the touch, due to his quirk, and you found it pleasant against your sweaty hand. Reassuring.

When the cart reached the top, Todoroki admired the view - and you kept your eyes on him, too frightened to look down. He smiled, and you found that even as the roller coaster plummeted down the rails, you felt at (relatively) at ease.

Squip Squad at the carnival

(So I’ve been thinking about this all day and had to write)

-The squip squad planned to attend one all summer, and they finally got to go on the week before school.

-Everyone put their money together to get a huge supply of tickets for rides and games.

-Jake and Rich are very competitive. They competed in almost every game they saw, no matter how stupid they may look.

-The two of them are always neck to neck on who wins each game, but Jake usually walked away with the prizes. He never made a big deal about it though.

-However, when Rich wins that’s a whole different story. He may be small, but he can shout really loud.

-”Did you thee that? I won sucka!”  

–Rich clings onto his prizes like it’s a lifeline. If you even do as much as bump into the plushies in his hands, he’ll glare at you with death in his eyes.

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Motion Sickness

Bucky Barnes x Shy Reader

Summary: Bucky, reader, and the rest of the Avengers go to a carnival on their night off. 

Word Count: 1,998

Warnings: language, panic attack, carnival rides (?), and fluff. (Let me know if I missed any)

A/N: Hey guys, so this is my first fic lol. I was a little nervous to post it on here… I hope you guys like it. I’d love to hear what you have to say! Thanks for reading. :)

 P.s. this will probs be long bc I’m horrible with getting rid of words lol don’t hate me pls. 

It has been a while since you and the Avengers had a night out all together, so you guys decided to go somewhere. When out for their early morning run, Steve, Bucky, and Sam saw a poster for a carnival that was coming to town during the weekend. 

The three of them thought this would be a great thing to do to get their minds off of the stress works caused recently, with saving the world and all. Out of the three, Bucky was definitely jumping up and down on the inside. It’s been a while since he’s attended one, give or take 70 years. 

Once they shared the news with everyone else, they all agreed with the idea of going. You, on the other hand, were nervous to say the least. Being the one who only played the games in the booths rather than taking risks and trying the big rides, you wondered if this was really the best situation for you. You knew someone was going to drag you on a ride whether you liked it or not, so you really didn’t have a choice. 

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Prompt #11 - Disneyland Asks

- Who sneaks in dollar-store snacks because their wallet can’t handle spending on expensive food?
- Who gets on all the intense rides?
- Who gets sick on the tea-cup ride?
- Which Disney couple would they cosplay as?
- If not cosplay, would they wear those cliché personal-tees that show everyone they’re a couple? What design would they have?
- Who makes it their life’s mission to get an autograph and picture with all the Disney characters?
- Who cries at the fireworks show/parade?
- Who likes California Adventure more?
- Would they make a silly pose on the top of Splash Mountain? If so, what would it be? (Bonus Points if a marriage proposal happens.)
- What is each person’s favorite section of Disneyland?
- What merchandise would each person give the other as gifts?

Dean had a pretty good time drinking with his other self’s Castiel. The angel could certainly hold his liquor. Thankfully neither of them got trashed, just tipsy enough to have that mild spinning sensation you would get after going on the lame ass tea cup ride at Disney. It was a good thing too because the monitor drew his attention- Charles was just starting to wake up. Dean excused himself and ran all the way up the the second level where Charles’ nursery was set up. He made his way into the room just as his son dissolved into a fit of tears. The poor baby was probably starving. As far as Dean knew, Charlie wasn’t nursing as much as usual. Normally the little guy took down at least two bottles or five primary feathers worth, but for some reason Charlie just refused to eat likely he normally would. He was really smart because of his angelic genes so it was possible he understood that Daddy wasn’t doing so hot and Papa was scrambling to pick up the pieces. 

“Hey, baby bee, it’s alright,” Dean soothed, gently lifting his son from the crib. “Papa’s gotcha. Papa’s here. It’ll be okay.”

Charles quieted a bit and snuggled in his Papa’s arms, laying his head against Papa’s shoulder. Dean went about the usual routine. They had a mini fridge where they stored the pre-made bottles and a warmer sitting on top of it so Dean popped one on the warmer and retrieved a burp cloth before settling in the handmade rocking chair next to the mini fridge. Father and son rocked for a couple minutes before the warmer alerted Dean that it was done. After testing the temperature on his wrist to be safe, he shifted Charles to a reclined position in his arms. His baby boy latched on fast enough as Dean began to hum the melody of “Holy Water” by Big & Rich, a song he used to sing to husband whenever things just got to be too much. 

“Somewhere there’s a stolen halo. I used to watch him wear it well. Everything would shine wherever he would go, but looking at him now you’d never tell. Someone ran away with his innocence, a memory he can’t get out of his head and I can only imagine what he’s feelin’ when he’s prayin’, kneeling at the edge of his bed,” Dean sang in a soft bass as he kept a slow rhythm with the rocking chair. “And he says take me away and take me farther. Surround me now and hold, hold me like holy water… Holy water… He wants someone to call him angel. Someone to put the light back in his eyes. He’s looking through the faces and unfamiliar places. He needs someone to hear him when he cries… And he says take me away then take me farther. Surround me now and hold, hold, hold me like holy water…. He just needs a little help to wash away the pain he’s felt. He just wants to feel the healin’ hands of someone who understands…”

Dean sighed, trying to fight the tears that were already streaming down his face. He adjusted Charles and burped him over his shoulder, wiping up the little bit of grace his son spit up. Castiel needed to be okay for their baby and for him. He knew it was selfish, but he didn’t care. He needed Castiel to be alive and his normal self. He couldn’t stand the husk of a person that sat in the living room downstairs. With Charles shifted back to a proper feeding position, Dean gave him the bottle back. The little guy was looking  up at him with the most stunning blue-green eyes. God, how he had missed this little miracle…

“If there’s one thing I can promise you from both Daddy and Papa, will be that you’re never alone…” Dean whispered, hoping his breath didn’t reek too horribly from the alcohol. “We love you so much, Charles Dean Winchester…”

LevYaku Amusement Park headcanons!

  • They get there and Lev immediately grabs Yaku’s hand because “You’re so short, I don’t want to lose you in the crowd!”
  • Yaku punches him, but allows the hand holding.
  • Lev drags Yaku to and fro around the amusement park, not really going in any order, and they seem to be running back and forth because “Oh no! We forgot to go on the log ride when we were over there. We have to go back!” 
  • Needless to say, Yaku’s arm is almost pulled off several times, but Yaku just sighs and smiles a bit in exasperated fondness.
  • On the log ride, they argue for the longest time about who should sit in front, and finally rock, paper, scissors it out. 
  • Lev sits in the front and Yaku doesn’t get a drop of water on him, because Lev is so big that the entire splash was blocked. 
  • When they get off, Yaku laughs for about 5 minutes because Lev is drenched.
  • He only stops when Lev gets fed up and pulls Yaku in for a kiss to get him to stop. 
  • A minute later Yaku is pushing away saying, “Eh! Lev, damn you, you got me all wet!” and Lev giggles with a bit of satisfaction. 
  • In the mirror house, “Yaku-san! In this mirror, you’re finally taller than me!” “Shut up, Lev.”
  • They get cotton candy, and as they eat it, Yaku can’t help thinking that Lev’s enthusiasm for the amusement park is almost as cute as his enthusiasm for volleyball. 
  • Then they see the clown. 
  • They give him a wide berth. “Yaku-san, what if he can smell our fear?” “Don’t make eye contact, Lev. Just keep walking.”
  • Obviously, they ride the rollercoasters, goading each other about being afraid. 
  • Obviously, they both scream their lungs out, gripping the other’s hands painfully. 
  • “Yaku-saan, I think you broke my left hand!” “Shut up, you idiot, you’re fine. You said that on the last ride.”
  • Lev is determined to ride the spinning tea cup ride, but Yaku says there’s no way in hell. 
  • Lev ends up riding alone, and comes back in a daze. “I told you it was a bad idea.” But Yaku buys him a water, and they sit on a bench and people watch for a while unitl Lev can see straight again. They agree that they’re done with rides for today. 
  • On their way back to the entrance/exit, they see an arcade, and agree to check it out. 
  • There’s lot of games, but Lev wants to try the one where you shoot baskets, and if you get over 100 points, you get a prize. 
  • “Lev, this is a waste of time. You’re still really dizzy.” “Eh! I can do it!” “Being tall doesn’t automatically make you good at basketball.” “Yaku-saaan, just let me try..” “Whatever.”
  • He doesn’t get it on the first try. Or the second. Or the third. 
  • “Let’s go, Lev.” “One more!”
  • He does get it on the fourth try, and grins so wide that Yaku grudgingly admits it was worth it to let him try if this is the outcome. 
  • Lev spends a bunch of time looking at the prizes. Then he sees the perfect one. It’s a small stuffed bear whose eyebrows appear to have been sewn on upside down, giving it a permanently irritated look. 
  • Yaku is baffled when Lev picks it, and then eyes Lev warily when he gives it to him with a mischievous look.
  • “It’s just like you, Yaku-san. Small and cute and annoyed.”
  • Yaku just blushes and grumbles about Lev giving him something he won himself, but then just walks away. 
  • Lev bounces along behind, grin on his face. 
  • They’re just about to walk out when Lev realizes they almost committed a sin. “We didn’t ride the ferris wheel!!”
  • They get on and start going up and up. When they stop of at the top, they both admire the view. 
  • “Wow. Yaku-san, you can see everything!” “Morisuke.” “What?” “You can call me Morisuke. We’ve been dating for 2 months, may as well act like it.”
  • Lev kisses him silly until they reach the bottom and are awkwardly told “Sirs…you have to get out now…”
  • “This was the best date ever, Ya- Morisuke!” “Yeah…It was, Lev.”

anonymous asked:

So, the ask about the over protective dads. I was wondering if you could maybe do some traits/qualities/characteristics or maybe a scene of Yuma or Azusa being an over protective dad, maybe? Or both. It's fine if you don't want to or can't.

I’ll do the M brothers being overprotective Dads for now, is that alright?

  • Ruki: 

Your daughter was up in a nearby tree at the park where you and Ruki had taken her. 

“Mom, look!” You sat with Ruki on a park bench, he was reading and you were watching the other children play. Your daughter was only eight years old, but she didn’t do what other kids did due to the fact she was part vampire. She had climbed a 40ft tree and sat at the top, waving and giggling. You smiled and nodded at her, waving back. Ruki however, put down his book and looked up to see his baby’s life hanging by a thread in his eyes. His eyes widened and before you could blink, he had flashed up there and grabbed her ad gotten back to the ground within a few seconds. 

“Dad!? What the heck..?” She pouted and got down from Ruki’s grip. 

“I don’t like you climbing that high, you know that. Please find something safer to do.” He cleared his throat, not wanting to come off as ‘not cool’ to his daughter and then he sat down and continued to read his book. 

  • Kou: 

His little girl was running around outside in the garden chasing a rabbit, when suddenly she fell. 

“Ow…” She muttered. You looked up to see her knees were bleeding. 

“Are you alright honey..?” You asked, she nodded. As normal, you walked inside to get her some bandages and a cloth to clean her cuts with. 

“What are you doing?” You saw your husband walk through the front door, he smiled at you. You greeted him with a kiss and continue on your way.

“I’m going to get some bandages, (insert daughters names here) fell.” You muttered and walked into the bathroom where the bandages were. You got the bandages and walked back outside and heard a high pitch scream, you panicked realizing it was your daughter, and ran  to where she had fallen, and then smiled. Kou was on the ground holding your sixteen year old daughter like a baby and cuddling her as she flailed.

“MOM- GET HIM OFF!” She laughed as she squirmed, “I’m find Dad! I swear!” 

Kou hugged her, “No you aren’t, you’re bleeding! From now on you have to either have me or your mom around if you’re going to be so…reckless.” 

“I said I was okay, I just tripped. Happens to everyone.” Your daughter took the bandages and began to clean and wrap her cuts

“Are you sure you don’t want me or your mom to do that..?” Kou asked, his voice straining. 

“I’m fine dad…I promise.” She smiled. 

  • Yuma: 

“Piglet…? Piglet come out to Papa please.” Yuma’s daughter had a habit of playing hide and seek. Problem? She never told you or Yuma when the game started, she would just vanish. 

“Relax Yuma, she’s somewhere around here.” You patted him on the back and looked behind the bookshelf, helping him search for her. 

“Oh yeah? Sow it’s been three hours we have been looking for her! I even threatened to punish her and she still didn’t make a peep.”  Yuma had yelled and punched items earlier during the search, you thought this would bring a five year old out of hiding- but not your little girl. 

“Yuma…” You whispered lightly, he swung his head around. 

“Did you find her?” He smiled widely. You nodded and put a finger up to your lips and pointed behind the bookshelf. Your little girl had curled up behind the bookshelf, asleep in a little ball with one of Yuma’s sweaters.

That’s where all my sweaters are going.” Yuma gently moved the shelf enough and picked his sleeping daughter up. 

“See? I told you she would be around here somewhere.” You smiled at him, he smiled back. 

  • Azusa: 

“Dad- let go.”




“Azusa- honey. Let her go, she’s eighteen.” 

“No…it’s too dangerous.” Azusa had his iron love grip on your daughter who was trying to pry him off to get on a roller coaster. 

“Dad, it’s not that bad.” She tried to wiggle out of his hug.

“Mmmm…it is very bad…we can ride the chair…swings…or…the tea cups…just please…don’t ride the roller coaster…” Azusa whimpered. 

What the signs remind me of (as of 2015):

Aries: An Inferno, Walking in the wind, dark and bold lipstick, autumn leaves, sculptures, starbucks coffee, scented candles

Taurus; innocent looks, walking your best friends to their classes, watching room decor videos, white walls with bright furniture, body mists, teddy bears

Gemini: Social media, stress, huge discussions, hot pink colours, tumblr aesthetics cuddling, bright hair, diy shirts, triple scoop icecreams, star wars, glow sticks

Cancer: lavender things, cute cats, giving compliments, small cozy houses, a cup of tea, boat rides, marking dates on a calendar, crabs, flower necklaces

Leo: blonde hair, huge chandeliers, manicured hands, royal treatment, leopard print, winning an argument, expensive decorations, standing up for someone

Virgo: reading books by the fireplace, cute spectacles, organised study tables, neat handwriting, rock bands, fish bowls, balconies, awkward conversations

Libra: art, abstract paintings, beauty pageants, doing homework with music, cute stationary, designer brands, girl talks, giving advice, being independent, indie music

Scorpio; black magic, mysterious people, charming smirks, riding motorbikes, the feeling when someone opens up to you, hard rock bands, studded converse shoes, leather shoes, running away

Sagittarius: being free, loving yourself, punk fashion, getting tattoos when drunk, coca cola, giving smart comebacks, ripped shorts

Capricorn: beautiful poetry, Christmas cards, thanksgiving dinners, cuddling with your dog, minimalist, futuristic world, urban outfitters, thriller movies

Aquarius: Sea food, mermaids, dying your hair, horoscopes, Hogwarts, a sky full of stars, horizons, thinking about bae at midnight, walk in closets

Pisces; daydreaming, floral things, sunshine, love letters, heart necklaces, loafers, nikes, huge buildings, fishes, saving wildlife, dressing up

daisycandy1025  asked:

What are your headcanon ideas for if the hosts went to Disneyworld? What would they do?

•Definitely are the ones to get there before the park even opens. (Much to Kyoya’s dismay)

•Soon after entering Kyoya gets left behind, Honey drags Haruhi to a candy shop while Mori dutifully follows and Tamaki and the twins run off to get a charicature together.

•Tamaki throws up after riding rides at least twice.

•Honey over doses on sugar and passes out on a bench for about two hours. (Mori stayed and insisted the others could go and they would meet up later)

•Fighting all throughout the day about who gets to ride with Haruhi.

•The twins refuse to not ride together however so they’re out for two-seaters.

•At one point Mori gets lost and just hangs out at space mountain.

•It takes the hosts about an hour to realize Mori is not with them.

•They then realize Kyoya also is not with them and hasn’t contacted them all day.

•When everyone finally gets back together for lunch Kyoya surprises them all with fast passes.

•The twins ride tower of terror at least four times.

•Honeyand Tamaki adore the tea cup ride but after too much spinning they get sick and pass out on a bench together.

•Everyone but Haruhi and Mori get a sunburn.

•Haruhi drags them all into at least three shows.

•Tamaki and the twins take pictures with every face character they see and go on a mini adventure with Peter Pan.

•Hikaru hits on the princesses ALL DAY.

•Tamaki and Gaston have a flirt off.

•Tamaki wouldn’t stop taking pictures, Most of which were off gaurd.

•Kaoru has a video of Hikaru, Tamaki and Mori dramatically singing “I’ll make a man out of you”.

•The disney princes officially made Tamaki one of them.

•Peter Pan made the twins honorary lost boys after getting into mischief with them.

•Mori met his childhood hero Mulan and couldn’t stop smiling. (He thought it was so cool)

•They all watch the parade and take blurry selfies and short videos of the cast waving and blowing them kisses.

•On the way home everyone passes out on each other from exhaustion.