tea cup puppies

Slytherin x Ravenclaw

- first of all, sytherin is absolutely adorable. like puppy-in-a-tea-cup adorable

- except the puppy is a pit bull and it’s angry 

- so like cute as hell and kind of terrifying 

- ravenclaw is weird; they spend more time in their own head than in the real world

- *stubs toe* “oh fudge

- has a weird fashion sense that they get bullied for

- until slytherin secretly took the bullies aside and threatened to shove their wands so far up their asses they sneeze splinters

- definitely partners in crime 

- like they would be notorious for their pranks, worse than Fred and George 

- slytherin would have sadistic glee in coming up with them

- ravenclaw figures out the logistics. nothing is more satisfying than seeing that marshmallow fluff land exactly where they wanted it to 

- most things they do are out of boredom 

- “hey so I found this in the potion stores the other day—" 

- "baneberry potion? dude, you could kill a city with that shit.”

- *smirks like the grinch* “I know." 

- they would skip a lot of class, but only because they know everything already 

- slytherin being protective of ravenclaw

- *hugs slytherin*

- “um”

- “..”

- “ok this can stop now”

- *hugs them tighter*

- “..ok”

- ravenclaw getting really excited about the nerdiest things, like figuring out a new potion or seeing a rare butterfly

- and slytherin just smiles and thinks they look so adorable

- not being very into PDA, but they always link pinkies whenever they’re next to each other

- braiding each other’s hair and taking it really seriously

- “I’m so glad we hate all the same people”

Crying in Front of Him


Very selfless and would do anything to make you feel better. Need a hug? No problem, need a kiss? He’d be honored to. He hates to see your beautiful face in tears. You’d be consoled all night in his arms.


   He might slightly feel like he is the reason why you’re in tears. He discovers that seeing you cry is something he never wants to see again and he holds you and says soothing words until you calmed down.


   He would be upset to see you cry. To make it up to you, he would give you things: a pillow, a cup of tea, a puppy if you wanted? You could have it all! Seeing you cry tore his heart to pieces.


     He would wipe the tears away and let his actions speak for him. Aragorn would hold you to his chest and hum an elvish tune. He would rock you back and forth until you fell asleep or stopped crying completely.

     Frodo would most likely grab a thick blanket and some tea before he hopped under the blanket and held you to him while you sobbed. He would stroke your hair and whisper sweet things.


     Selfless. Whatever you needed he would get it, whatever you wanted him to be, he would be it, if wanted him to leave you forever he found; as long as you were happy again.


Beorn would probably bring you to his animal- pelt-covered bed and cuddle you to him. If you were the only other skin changer in the world, you may be cuddling nude, but it does wonders at bringing you back to reality.

Sargent saw his first movie last night and he was so amazing! He didn’t make a peep, and besides occasionally standing up (but laying back down without a fight), he was a model citizen. Honestly, once he is more comfortable with new stairs, I’m ready to call him a service dog!

Ereri headcannon au #4

On the many occasions where Eren has triped over Levi like a tea cup puppy he has never once said sorry. Every time Eren does this it angers Levi just a little bit more. Eren knows he’s doing it. Levi can see it in Erens his eyes.
But one day Levi gets so annoyed that he decides to call eren out. As Levi sais this Eren profusely apologises explaining that he gets extremely nervous around the captain.